This is the revision history for ouims in <>

14781 ouims is <+Ouims> 10€ and i'll give you the shortest :: <+Ouims> sorry i accidentally forked the regex digitok
14757 ouims is <Ouims> 10€ and I'll give you the shortest. digitok
14023 ouims is <+Ouims> now i'm confused digitok
13981 ouims is <+Ouims> you're going to say i'm annoying but.. digitok
12276 ouims is (*F) digitok
12275 ouims is (*F) digitok
12242 ouims is digitok
12240 ouims is (*F) digitok
12239 ouims is (*F) digitok
12212 ouims is (*SUCCESS) ouims
11941 ouims is Ouims(*SKIP)(*F) digitok