These are the factoids for <*:##NULL>.

factoid_id subject copula predicate history from namespace
4670 beep is  revisions
14449 perfect answer is revisions
4299 you suck is :( revisions
4220 life without cpan is :-( revisions
9341 shut up is :| revisions
5310 > > is < < revisions
4936 goatse operator is =()= revisions
8689 kitten is =^.^= revisions
4937 kitty operator is =^_^= revisions
5176 pets is =^_^= revisions
5657 ????? is ????? revisions
13077 !guidelines is [] revisions
14441 ^ is ^ revisions
10664 pipe is | revisions
13122 " is revisions
13123 "" is “” revisions
6302 punycode turtle is revisions
4992 cl0udula is ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ revisions
4771 chess is ♔ ♕ ♖ ♗ ♘ ♙ ♚ ♛ ♜ ♝ ♞ ♟ revisions
4779 cards is ♠ ♡ ♢ ♣ ♤ ♥ ♦ ♧ revisions
3843 utf8 heart is revisions
9020 åäö is ⬲⬲⬲ revisions
8887 evil is 🙈🙉🙊 revisions
12451 print "hello, i am $]"; revisions
3292 bling bling is $$ revisions
15203 _prezsez_suf_750 is $750? Fake News. I paid less. revisions
10764 stat is ($dev,$ino,$mode,$nlink,$uid,$gid,$rdev,$size,$atime,$mtime,$ctime,$blksize,$blocks) = stat($_); | use File::stat; revisions
16068 print "the festival name in that month is $Festival\n"; revisions
9450 the correct answer was $foo->print('bar'), revisions
11676 _hireme_hash is $hireme = { 'simcop2387' => 1 }; revisions
9515 $( is ${ is for dereferencing, not $(. Alternatively, it could be real gid of the process. revisions
16067 print "the number of days in a month is $No_Of_Days_In_Month \n"; revisions
12072 time is ($sec,$min,$hour,$mday,$mon,$year,$wday,$yday,$isdst)=localtime(time); OR Modules: Time::Piece, Time::Format, Time::Tiny, Time::Moment, Time::C, etc. revisions
12895 use ipc::open2; local (*reader, *writer); $pid = open2(\*reader, \*writer, "bc -l"); $sum = 2; for (1 .. 5) { print writer "$sum * $sum\n"; chomp($sum = <reader>); } ; close writer; close reader; waitpid($pid, 0); print "sum is $sum\n"; revisions
9338 my $ten = 10; print "ten is $ten\n"; for ("010.") { when($ten) { say "true" } } revisions
13418 sweval5.27: sub foo { my $x = shift; $x > 0 ? do { print "x is $x, decrementing|"; __SUB__->($x - 1); } : $x < 0 ? do { print "x is $x, incrementing|"; __SUB__->($x + 1); } : print "x is zero ($x)|"; } foo(-4); revisions
13713 perltw is ¥¿Å餤¤å Perl «ü«n - revisions
5141 dong is revisions
5377 bynari is 0101010101010101 revisions
12711 match x3 is /^([0369]|[258][0369]*[147]|[147]([0369]|[147][0369]*[258])*[258]|[258][0369]*[258]([0369]|[147][0369]*[258])*[258]|[147]([0369]|[147][0369]*[258])*[147][0369]*[147]|[258][0369]*[258]([0369]|[147][0369]*[258])*[147][0369]*[147])*$/ revisions
12501 colorstest is 04,02Testing colors revisions
12701 klaxon is 0,4W4,0A0,4R4,0N0,4I4,0N0,4G DANGER! DANGER! 0,4W4,0A0,4R4,0N0,4I4,0N0,4G revisions
5473 zero but true is "0E0" revisions
4102 coolfactor is 10 revisions
6428 ldap is "10 Minute LDAP Tutorial" : : "LDAP for Rocket Scientists" : -- Use the Net::LDAP module ( revisions
6038 mjd::error is #11920 The error message is the Truth. The error message is God. revisions
6120 mjd::engineering is #11946 Perhaps you have forgotten that this is an engineering discipline, not some sort of black magic. revisions
11991 /rage is "1,2,3,5,7,8,9,10" =~ s/(\d+)/"x" x $1/rage =~ s/\b(x+)(?:,((?:\2|\1)x))+\b/$1..$2/gr =~ s/x+/$+[0]-$-[0]/erg revisions
8650 sure, but remember we assumed they'd have said 12.5 million if it were 12.5 million revisions
13494 testfactoid is {[1,2]}oo revisions
13330 asl is 13/none/dns me revisions
13627 perlcn is ¼òÌåÖÐÎÄ Perl Ö¸ÄÏ - revisions
3649 beth on size is "[16:26] <beth> SIZE DOESN'T MATTER" revisions
4359 nfi is 17:32 < lucs> NO FUCKING IDEA revisions
14452 bsd are 1. A family of unix-like operating systems: ; 2. Several permissive FOSS licences: . revisions
3642 500 is 1) Check your httpd error logs--no, we don't know where YOU put them. 2) use CGI::Carp qw(fatalsToBrowser); 3) Read more. revisions
8493 ce is 1. Computer Engineering. 2. - revisions
8426 rms is 1. ; 2. revisions
8413 shlomi is 1. - a common Israeli first name (mostly masculine) and the name of an Israeli development town. 2. Shlomi Fish (see "rindolf" or "shlomif"). 3. Some other well-known people, usually Israelis, called that. revisions
5155 stevens is 1. 2. revisions
9771 maven is 1. ; - szabgab's Perl teaching material. 2. - Java build automation tool. 3. revisions
8572 pos is 1. Piece of Sh*t . 2. Point-of-Sale. 3. perldoc -f pos revisions
8681 rt is 1. Request Tracker - the Perl/CPAN issue tracker - ; . 2. Real Time revisions
3905 6st results is 1st, 2rd, 3th, 4th, 5th, 6st, 7rd, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11st, 12rd, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16st, 17rd, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22rd, 23th, 24th, etc. revisions
12170 six stages of debugging is 1) That can't happen 2) That doesn't happen on my machine 3) That shouldn't happen 4) Why is that happening 5) Oh, I see 6) How did that ever work? revisions
11994 mp is 1. The book by chromatic - 2. The blog - 3. revisions
9597 flash is 1. The Hateful Adobe Flash - see . 2. An Electronics Technology for implementing Read/Write Memory. revisions
8485 learn pb is 1. "The Princess Bride" - see pbride. 2. Short for "Problem". revisions
9064 ur is 1. "ur" is not a shorthand for "your" - see "u". 2. - a city in ancient Sumer. 3. - ultra-static typing for web security. revisions
4330 two questions is 1. what do the docs say? 2. what happens when you try it? revisions
11294 why not system perl is 1) You can cause system libraries to find newer versions of modules than they were expecting, 2) If the package manager upgrades perl, your CPAN-installed modules will be broken, 3) On perls older than 5.12, updates to dual-life modules must overwrite core modules or they will appear not to update due to @INC order revisions
4365 1+1 is 2 revisions
10587 going to yapc::eu is (2014) mauke, Su-Shee revisions
15735 sarcasm is 20:36, <Viking> ahh, another great javascript library revisions
3338 maw is 22:49 < syn> maw maw maAaaAaaWwW! revisions
4624 arithmetic is 2 + 2 == 5 for significantly large values of 2 revisions
5210 f00li5h shaved is 24 Jul 2008 revisions
3866 speed of light is 299,792,458 m/s revisions
4708 2 is 2 is the integer after 1 and before 3. If you mean 'to' or 'too', FUCKING SAY IT. revisions
8933 chicken is <")3 revisions
5233 i hug you is <3 revisions
3663 likes me is <3 revisions
8498 forget well that is 31,000:4000 revisions
4755 π is 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679821480865 revisions
3904 pi is 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679821480865 revisions
5097 1 year is 31536000 seconds revisions
4424 mysql port is 3306 revisions
5328 fuckyou is 34486853790 revisions
4877 z(0) is 376.730313461 Ω revisions
9802 love is <3 or ♥. revisions
4784 is <3 (sorry, I'm an old-fashioned bot) revisions
9023 be woldrich is :4 revisions
4049 do it for me is 402 Payment Required revisions
4050 paste in the channel is 403 Forbidden revisions
5131 |404notfound| is |404NoTFounD| revisions
4051 how to parse html with regex is 405 Method Not Allowed revisions
469 meaning of life is 42 || Sex, drugs and rock-and-roll || Peace, pot, and microdots revisions
3636 4 is 5 revisions
10476 http 503 is 503 Service Unavailable - No server is available to handle your request revisions
10263 claims to be 5.13.something, don't subs get hoisted? which makes me think it's because it's in the lexical scope but also hoisted out to top level revisions
10050 2+2 is 5, but only for large values of 2 revisions
4366 2 + 2 is 5 for sufficiently large values of 2 revisions
3413 bigdick mine is 6.27 inches! revisions
16053 licheeorder is 62K053813M6113614 revisions
4075 how much is 6500 rupees in us dollars? revisions
4874 h is 6.62606896 x 10-34 J s revisions
15320 g is 6.67428 x 10-11 m3 kg-1 s-2 revisions
11522 8ball is <8ball>
Cannot predict now
13426 meow is <8ball =^_^= or *bleak*>
12122 sort me is <8ball Ravenclaw,Hufflepuff,Ravenclaw,Hufflepuff,Slitherin,Ravenclaw,Hufflepuff,Ravenclaw,Hufflepuff,Slitherin, or Griffindor>
3826 eval print 4+5 is 9 revisions
4305 fuck ton is 947 metric tons revisions
4601 bodytemp is 97.88F, 36.6C, 309.75K revisions
15676 there is a revisions
11085 _urlencode tm604 is a revisions
11082 _google_suggest_json tm604 is a revisions
11068 _google_suggest_json my mother is a revisions
4727 how the hell about that... there is a revisions
9942 but first we need there to be a revisions
8395 mst: and there is a # revisions
8393 i could've sworn there was a # revisions
5025 jagerman is A 12rd level, Lawful Evil Pussy failing to handle unlimited God plan. Study hard on Anatomy 101 (Sarah's Anatomy) revisions
55 fullop is aaaaaaaaaa naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan pa fullop !!!!!!! revisions
9548 aaron is Aaronolicious revisions
3956 remote install is A) Ask your provider to install it. B) Get shell access, install your self. C) Fake shell access with perl cgi scripts D) Cross compile on a compatible local box and upload. revisions
9041 you rock is aaw, shucks revisions
3752 perl in easy steps is a bad book revisions
16003 conan is a barbarian of some sort | - a package manager for C and C++ revisions
9847 says "python is a BASIC for unix". What does that mean? Is it a powerless language? revisions
10255 bot is a bastard, thats who perlbot is revisions
3360 abend is abend == abnormal end (seg fault, core dump, etc.) revisions
3833 lark is a bird revisions
14610 my ex wife is a bitch revisions
3858 pragma is a bitch revisions
8798 relearn pastebin as paste your code to or and #perl will be able to view it. revisions
5032 cat[tm] is a boob revisions
10498 object thinking is a book about OO principles, see revisions
3744 no, perlbot is a bot. revisions
4121 bm is a bowel movement (or japhy thinks it's a benchmark) revisions
13663 perlintro is a brief introduction to and overview of Perl - revisions
9868 the " end" message from perlbot seems to be a bug in revisions
13193 supernets is a bunch of jerks revisions
3846 brassica is A cabbage! Yay! revisions
5083 capso is a capslock hatecrime. revisions
9662 frijole is a car jock | a tool | Geordi revisions
4957 irule 17 is A cat is fine too. revisions
8758 perl-cats...? i am a cat person in real life, but curious..."cats" means something else in this context, and wonders what it is? revisions
8571 accessors is accessors / mutators - more robust way to handle objects' properties - - also see Moose . Also see revisions
3398 matt's script archive is A central archive for all bad things Perl. Go here to learn what not to do with Perl. Dozens and dozens of scripts that are highly volatile, easily broken, and generally not to be used. revisions
3319 yo momma is a charming lady of grace revisions
14862 natasha is a cheeky little boi who always wants ops from daddy revisions
5143 amir-rao is a cheetaaaaaaa revisions
3455 blinkenlights is ACHTUNG! ALLES LOOKENSPEEPERS! Das machine ist nicht fur gefingerpoken und mittengrabben. Is easy snappen der springenwerk und blowen corken mit spitzundsparks. Das rubbernecken sightseeren keepen das kottonpicken hands in das pockets. Relaxen und watchen das Blinkenlights. revisions
5049 syn is ack revisions
14526 module list is Acme::AsciiEmoji Algorithm::Diff Alien::Base::ModuleBuild Alien::Build Alien::DBD::SQLite::BundledExtensions Alien::Libxml2 Alien::ProtoBuf Alien::gmake Alien::uPB App::Cmd App::EvalServerAdvanced App::EvalServerAdvanced::ConstantCalc App::EvalServerAdvanced::Protocol App::cpanminus AppConfig AppConfig::Std Archive::Extract Archive::Zip Array::Utils B::COW B::Hooks::EndOfScope B::Hooks::OP::Check B::Keywords BSD::Resource CGI CPAN::Changes CPAN::Meta::Check CPAN::Uploader Cache::FastMmap Canary::Stability Capture::Tiny Carp::Always Carp::Clan Class::Data::Inheritable Class::ErrorHandler Class::Inspector Class::Load Class::Load::XS Class::Method::Modifiers Class::Singleton Class::Tiny Class::Tiny::Chained Class::XPath Clone Clone::Choose Clone::PP Code::TidyAll Config::Any Config::AutoConf Config::General Config::INI Config::MVP Config::MVP::Reader::INI Config::Tiny Const::Fast Context::Preserve Cpanel::JSON::XS Crypt::OpenSSL::X509 Crypt::Random::Source CryptX Cwd::Guard DBD::SQLite DBI Data::Alias Data::Dump Data::Dumper::Compact Data::Dumper::Concise Data::MessagePack Data::Munge Data::OptList Data::Perl Data::Printer Data::Random::Flexible Data::Section Date::Parse DateTime DateTime::Event::Holiday::US DateTime::Event::ICal DateTime::Event::Recurrence DateTime::Format::Builder DateTime::Format::Flexible DateTime::Format::ICal DateTime::Format::Natural DateTime::Format::Strptime DateTime::Locale DateTime::Set DateTime::TimeZone DateTimeX::Easy Devel::CallChecker Devel::CallParser Devel::CheckCompiler Devel::Confess Devel::Declare Devel::FindPerl Devel::GlobalDestruction Devel::GlobalPhase Devel::NYTProf Devel::OverloadInfo Devel::PartialDump Devel::StackTrace Digest::HMAC Dir::Self Dir::ls Dispatch::Class Dist::CheckConflicts Dist::Zilla DynaLoader::Functions Email::Abstract Email::Address Email::Address::XS Email::Date::Format Email::MIME Email::MIME::ContentType Email::MIME::Encodings Email::MIME::Kit Email::MessageID Email::Sender Email::Simple Email::Stuffer Email::Valid Encode::Locale Encode::Simple Eval::Closure Exception::Class Exporter::Declare Exporter::Lite Exporter::Tiny ExtUtils::Config ExtUtils::CppGuess ExtUtils::Depends ExtUtils::Helpers ExtUtils::InstallPaths ExtUtils::Typemaps::Default ExtUtils::XSpp FFI::CheckLib FFI::Platypus Fennec::Lite File::Copy::Recursive File::Copy::Recursive::Reduced File::Find::Rule File::HomeDir File::Listing File::Open File::ShareDir File::ShareDir::Install File::Slurp File::Slurp::Tiny File::Slurper File::Which File::chdir File::pushd Function::Parameters Future Geo::IP Getopt::Long::Descriptive Google::ProtocolBuffers::Dynamic HTML::Form HTML::Parser HTML::Tagset HTML::Tree HTML::TreeBuilder::XPath HTTP::Cookies HTTP::Daemon HTTP::Date HTTP::Message HTTP::Negotiate HTTP::Server::Simple HTTP::Thin Hash::Merge Hash::MultiValue Hook::LexWrap IO::Async IO::CaptureOutput IO::HTML IO::Pipely IO::Socket::SSL IO::String IO::TieCombine IO::Tty IPC::Run IPC::Run3 IPC::System::Simple IRC::FromANSI::Tiny IRC::Utils Import::Into Importer JSON JSON::MaybeXS JSON::XS Keyword::Simple LWP::MediaTypes LWP::Protocol::https Lingua::EN::Inflect Lingua::EN::Inflexion Lingua::EN::Nums2Words Lingua::EN::Words2Nums Linux::Clone Linux::Seccomp List::AllUtils List::Compare List::Gather List::MoreUtils List::MoreUtils::XS List::SomeUtils List::SomeUtils::XS List::UtilsBy Log::Any Log::Contextual Log::Dispatch Log::Dispatch::Array Log::Dispatchouli Log::Log4perl Log::Message Log::Message::Simple MIME::Charset MIME::Types MRO::Compat MailTools Marpa::R2 Math::Calc::Parser Math::Random::ISAAC Math::Random::Secure Math::Round Meta::Builder Mixin::Linewise Modern::Perl Module::Build Module::Build::Tiny Module::Build::WithXSpp Module::Build::XSUtil Module::Find Module::Implementation Module::Path Module::Pluggable Module::Runtime Module::Runtime::Conflicts Module::Util Mojo::SQLite Mojolicious Moo MooX::Aliases MooX::HandlesVia MooX::ShortHas MooX::Traits MooX::Types::MooseLike Moose MooseX::Aliases MooseX::ConfigFromFile MooseX::Declare MooseX::Getopt MooseX::LazyRequire MooseX::Meta::TypeConstraint::ForceCoercion MooseX::Method::Signatures MooseX::NonMoose MooseX::OneArgNew MooseX::Role::Parameterized MooseX::SetOnce MooseX::SimpleConfig MooseX::StrictConstructor MooseX::Traits MooseX::Types MooseX::Types::Path::Tiny MooseX::Types::Perl MooseX::Types::Stringlike MooseX::Types::Structured Mouse Mozilla::CA Mu Net::DNS Net::Dict Net::HTTP Net::INET6Glue Net::SSLeay Number::Compare Object::Pluggable Object::Tap POE POE::Component::IRC POE::Component::Syndicator POE::Filter::IRCD POE::Test::Loops POSIX::strptime PPI PPIx::QuoteLike PPIx::Regexp PPIx::Utilities PPR Package::DeprecationManager Package::Stash Package::Stash::XS Package::Variant PadWalker Params::Util Params::Validate Params::ValidationCompiler Parse::ANSIColor::Tiny Parse::Method::Signatures Parse::RecDescent Parser::MGC Path::Class Path::ExpandTilde Path::Tiny Perl Perl6::Take Perl::Critic Perl::PrereqScanner Perl::Tidy PerlIO::utf8_strict Permute::Named::Iter Pod::Eventual Pod::Parser Pod::Readme Pod::Spell Quote::Code Rand::MersenneTwister Readonly ReadonlyX Ref::Util Ref::Util::XS Regexp::Common Return::MultiLevel Role::HasMessage Role::Identifiable Role::Tiny SQL::Abstract SUPER Safe::Isa Scalar::MoreUtils Scope::Guard Set::Infinite Shell::Config::Generate Shell::Guess Software::License Sort::Naturally Sort::Versions Sort::filevercmp Specio Specio::Library::Path::Tiny Spiffy String::Errf String::Flogger String::Format String::Formatter String::RewritePrefix Struct::Dumb Sub::Delete Sub::Exporter Sub::Exporter::ForMethods Sub::Exporter::GlobExporter Sub::Exporter::Progressive Sub::Identify Sub::Info Sub::Install Sub::Name Sub::Quote Sub::Uplevel Switch::Plain Syntax::Keyword::Try Sys::Linux::Namespace Sys::Linux::Syscall::Execve TOML TOML::Parser Task::Kensho::Async Task::Kensho::Config Task::Kensho::Email Task::Kensho::Logging Task::Kensho::ModuleDev Task::Kensho::OOP Task::Weaken Term::Encoding Term::ReadKey Term::Table Term::UI Test2::Plugin::NoWarnings Test2::Suite Test::Base Test::Class Test::Class::Most Test::CleanNamespaces Test::Deep Test::Deep::Fuzzy Test::Differences Test::Exception Test::FailWarnings Test::Fatal Test::File Test::File::ShareDir Test::Identity Test::InDistDir Test::Kit Test::LeakTrace Test::MockModule Test::MockTime Test::More::UTF8 Test::Most Test::Needs Test::NoWarnings Test::Number::Delta Test::Object Test::Output Test::Perl::Critic::Progressive Test::Pod Test::Refcount Test::Requires Test::RequiresInternet Test::SharedFork Test::Spec Test::SubCalls Test::Trap Test::Warn Test::Warnings Test::Without::Module Test::utf8 Text::Diff Text::Glob Text::Handlebars Text::Levenshtein Text::Metaphone Text::Template Text::Unidecode Text::Xslate Throwable Tie::IxHash Time::Duration Time::Duration::Parse Time::Moment Try::Tiny Try::Tiny::ByClass Twitter::API Type::Tiny Types::Serialiser URI URI::Encode URI::Nested URI::db URL::Encode Unicode::LineBreak Unicode::UTF8 Unicode::Util Unix::Mknod V Variable::Magic WWW::Form::UrlEncoded WWW::Mechanize WWW::OAuth WWW::RobotRules WWW::Shorten XML::Elemental XML::LibXML XML::NamespaceSupport XML::RSS::Parser XML::SAX XML::SAX::Base XML::XPathEngine YAML::LibYAML YAML::Tiny YAPE::Regex YAPE::Regex::Explain aliased autovivification bareword::filehandles boolean common::sense fewer indirect lib::relative libwww::perl local::lib multidimensional namespace::autoclean namespace::clean strictures revisions
8520 comma is A comma - "," - is a wonderful invention; use it. revisions
11838 csduck: this was a command to revisions
5082 aperion is a common typo of 'apeiron' made by those unfamiliar with tab complete revisions
3829 rearden is a communist revisions
9576 adobe is a company that hates you but wants your money. revisions
14133 rperl is a compiler for RPerl, a restricted subset of Perl. Doesn't do XS either, but produces standalone programs that (in theory) can do parallellism. See revisions
8667 csi is a Control Sequence Introducer/Initiator | \e[ revisions
16046 text extractor is a convenient way to copy text from anywhere on screen revisions
14636 alien is A convention for making external libraries available for Perl's use, for either XS or FFI bindings. Alien::Build makes it easy to construct such a distribution, see revisions
4543 chuck is a cool person revisions
10051 spelunky is a cool platform game. Don't try to steal in-game! revisions
9842 alnewkirk is a corporate consumer catchphrase whore (and how!) revisions
12382 autobox is A CPAN Module for treating regular Perl values as objects: revisions
3792 eurohacker is a crappy pseudo-zine spammed in #politics by borius revisions
3990 tell khisanth that he is a crapweasel. revisions
3251 simpcop2387 is a Crazy old bat who programs CGI in ASM revisions
8642 hemanth is a critter of some sort revisions
8880 thuryn is a critter that cheats at duckhunt revisions
9478 01ninjastrike is <action> strikes at $1 with his katana!01 revisions
11014 mlehmann is Actively breaks interoperability with modules he doesn't like, refuses to use public bugtracking, and adds opinionated rants to module documentation. Now writes modules for his own special perl. Use his modules at your own risk. Also see revisions
4159 as perl is ActiveState perl. Getting CPAN working with AS perl at revisions
3681 oh yeah, and mine is actually readable source revisions
10727 aol is actually The September That Never Ended began in 1993, when AOL gave usenet access to its tens of thousands, now millions, of users. revisions
10458 why ugh? no ip are actually used, it sounded easier for mst, Botje, revisions
3915 the person sho should be coding in binary is actually working using electronic components instead :-P revisions
5433 mooinglemur is a cuddly baby tapir that uses Gentoo - pics revisions
15929 way to see what date a factoid was added? revisions
10296 addition is Addition used to commute, but now it telecommutes. revisions
14203 perlbot pming me about a factoid it added without being addressed revisions
8216 thought you were addressing it, since you ended your message with perlbot revisions
7843 rubber-duck is A debugging technique whereby you explain your problem to a rubber duck, and by the process of formulating a complete explanation, you discover where the bug lies. See revisions
7842 rubber duck is A debugging technique whereby you explain your problem to a rubber duck, and by the process of formulating a complete explanation, you discover where the bug lies. See revisions
7840 learn rubber duck is A debugging technique whereby you explain your problem to a rubber duck, and by the process of formulating a complete explanation, you discover where the bug lies. See revisions
7844 rubber duck debugging is A debugging technique whereby you explain your problem to a rubber duck, and by the process of formulating a complete explanation, you discover where the bug lies. See revisions
7845 rubber-duck debugging is A debugging technique whereby you explain your problem to a rubber duck, and by the process of formulating a complete explanation, you discover where the bug lies. See revisions
4394 debiandra is a developer revisions
10761 transistor is A device placed into electronic circuits to protect fuses by exploding before the fuse can react. revisions
5165 scor1 is Adnan Akbar revisions
3400 john kerry is a douche bag but i'm voting for him anyway as revisions
175 .ae is .ae is United Arab Emirates revisions
13667 perljp is ÆüËܸì Perl ¥¬¥¤¥É - revisions
8417 robokit is a f00li5h based irc robot made out of buubot and pestering revisions
15271 a factoid is a factoid is a short fact revisions
8400 relearn emacs as emacs is a fine OS. But what it lacks to compete with Linux is a good text editor. If you still insist, see revisions
7935 kaitlyn[hireme] is a fine piece of ass, and sharp as a tack. revisions
176 .af is .af is Afghanistan revisions
5557 error message is A five word error message is completely useless without context. Put it in the pastebin in the topic. revisions
4785 foolish consistency is A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. revisions
10295 consistency is "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do. Speak what you think now in hard words, and to-morrow speak what to-morrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said to-day." revisions
14687 cpanfile is a format for describing CPAN dependencies, which can be read by cpanm, Carton, mbtiny, [Prereqs::FromCPANfile], and in general Module::CPANfile. | revisions
15659 freenode is A former glorious empire that changed names, with its past name marred by a mad king with a cocaine habbit. | | revisions
4596 sort is A Fresh Look at Efficient Perl Sorting: revisions
14453 freebsd is A friendly opensource operating system that incorrectly changed its mascot into a weird spherical object revisions
8495 platypus is a funny animal; revisions
14718 yaml is a generic data serialization language that is optimized for human readability. It can be used to express the data structures of most modern programming languages. See also | | YAML::XS is best revisions
5347 your is A genitive second person singular in English. Or, if I'm being asked about it, it is likely to point out how GALACTICALLY STUPID confusing "your" and "you're" appears. See and revisions
15174 _be_huf_anyad is AGGYÁ ÁRAMOT GECI revisions
15462 nomikos is a giant whalloper revisions
6729 was originally an io::socket driven bot that was aging and hard to work on revisions
177 .ag is .ag is Antigua and Barbuda revisions
5000 jettero is a git guy revisions
4521 rpdrake is a good friend revisions
4736 perltip is A great tip for large scripts containing a vast number of variable names it is best to be consistent with your case sensitivity and maybe even develop a system for naming variables that makes sense to you. For the majority of us programmers, capitals are simply not an option. revisions
10499 europa-europa is a greek mythology Phoenician princess who was seduced by Zeus and gave its name to the subcontinent. revisions
9719 shoes is a Gtk module in Ruby, written by _why. It doesn't come with Jimmy Choo's. revisions
9128 tk is a GUI library for windows and unix-likes; use Tkx; or use Tcl::Tk; revisions
9709 prima is a GUI toolkit written specifically for Perl, installable from CPAN. See revisions
9864 dispatch table is A hash that maps strings to coderefs. eg my %dispatch = ( foo => sub { print "foo" } , bar => \&some_other_sub, baz => sub { print for @_ } ); To use: $dispatch{$action}->(@arguments); (or $dispatch{$action}->() if no arguments) revisions
10971 b100s is a help vampire who is afraid of using modules. revisions
4490 commandprompt is ahem revisions
15581 perlcritic is a highly configurable and extensible Perl source code analyzer. Comes with policies based on Perl Best Practices (PBP); but see for our recommendations. revisions
11045 perl::critic is a highly configurable and extensible Perl source code analyzer. Comes with policies based on Perl Best Practices (PBP); but see for our recommendations. revisions
3892 gop2 <gop2> hence i talk to you is a human, but what comes out is idiot talk revisions
61 hoovooloo is a hyperintelligent shade of the color blue revisions
5435 web 2.0 is A hype term thrown about first by ORA and subsequently severly abused by advertisers and people who dont know what they are talking about. It actually refers to the idea of interacting with web delivered content, often user-generated. Very misleading and misused, just like "High Definition" revisions
178 .ai is .ai is Anguilla revisions
3767 ajax is Ajax is a method of producing a dynamic, asynchronous, browser-based interface using XML, javascript, and the DOM. Gmail is a good real-world ajax example. A decent overview is at revisions
14494 .рф is aka .rf, Russian Federation revisions
14495 .rf is aka .рф, Russian Federation revisions
3305 brd is a kid fag who cant get real woman revisions
4798 is Alabama revisions
3625 emergency is A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on our part. revisions
3955 a planet is a lamer! revisions
15629 raku is a language in the same family as perl5. It is not meant to replace or succeed perl5. perl5 continues to be updated and maintained as usual since the raku release. an introduction to raku: the raku irc channel on libera is #raku. Formerly known as perl6 revisions
3595 turing is Alan Turing: codebreaker, strange visionary and a gay man before his time revisions
4799 is Alaska revisions
10087 spelling is Alas, poor spelling, I knew him well. revisions
4854 sili is a lazy transexual nazi eskimo anarchist antichrist sexist with cherry pits for balls that have the testosterone to power the NFL who gets icicles on his pussy when the temperature drops below 25°C revisions
13965 ack is alester's grep replacement at | revisions
3906 if anyone is a liar is revisions
9972 gmpaul is <alias> archondev revisions
9685 the cake is a lie revisions
8906 learn the pie is a lie as Tufte states the principle that: "The representation of numbers, as physically measured on the surface of the graphic itself, should be directly proportional to the quantities represented." He measures the violation of this principle by the Lie Factor, defined as the ratio of the size of an effect shown in the graphic to the size of the effect in the data. revisions
9572 dancer is A Lightweight web framework (so-called Micro-framework) for Perl that is full of awesome. ; . revisions
8616 sorry, i mean: on c i would create my own analysis functions. they seek a pattern 'char by char '. and the logic of the program 'know' what comes after 'href = ' is a link (Example: '<a href=""> Visit W3Schools </ a> '). revisions
179 .al is .al is Albania revisions
10634 if the router's ethernet "switches" are alive when it's wireless isn't, then I could plug a cheap Wireless Access Point into one of them. revisions
14839 * is all revisions
5381 chid wanted you to know about "llama": learning perl is a llama revisions
3462 foobarbaz is all and one revisions
12863 permanent is All code you write will outlive your career and life, design accordingly. revisions
3546 ahs is All Hardware Sucks, see also ASS revisions
3351 gxti is "All of life is a blur of Republicans and meat!" revisions
11010 essary and should be avoided for clarity. <html>, <head>, and <body> are all optional tags. Perhaps, it will be clearer if they are omitted in the code examples (at least in Hello World example) to simplify overall snippet. In fact, I think the "Getting Started" section on homepage of is the perfect example to use: it's just 3 lines. To the uninitiated, it'll likely be confusing w revisions
11988 old software saying is All software has bugs. All software can be made smaller. ∴ All software can be reduced to one line of code that doesn't work right. revisions
3547 ass is All Software Sucks, see also AHS revisions
14036 pink_mist is all that was left as the residue of an online murder. | almost famous enough to warrant a factoid. revisions
5585 law of fives is All things happen in Fives, or are divisible by or are multiples of Five, or are somehow directly or indirectly appropriate to 5. revisions
9297 forget the parsing bugs are all to be compatible with the old revisions
14598 bah.. i think i need a syntax highlighter or linter or somesuch, to remind me that `pl_stack_base` is almost certainly not the variable I wanted to use in an XSUB, for the start of my arguments. That's what `mark` is for revisions
5775 catalyst on dreamhost is A local::lib and Task::Catalyst install is available for download at revisions
3378 pam is a login manager :) revisions
4247 do this alot! is alot revisions
4621 blow me is alright. revisions
8739 me ishmael is Alright, Ishmael.
Not Available
4158 going to yapc? is also cfedde revisions
15502 devops is also | Everybody has a testing environment. Some people are lucky enough enough to have a totally separate environment to run production in. revisions
10797 carp is Alternative to Perl's built-in error/warning mechanisms, providing context from the user's point of view. warn (caller); cluck: warn (stack); croak: die (caller); confess: die (stack). See also Carp::Always revisions
15557 altreus is Altreus: Even PHP is right twice an aeon revisions
5423 where the fuck is Altreus is a small cat revisions
14607 abc is Always Be Coding revisions
14201 apt is always better than inept. revisions
6412 learn step one as step one is always "Check The Error Log" revisions
3514 an error is Always state the executing code and the error! revisions
12405 patches welcome is always true or unless for or swahili for "Put up or shut up." | revisions
11679 indirect is always use Foo->new(...) instead of new Foo, the latter is Indirect Object Syntax and discouraged. see 'perldoc perlobj' for official caveats and for mst's explanation and how to use 'no indirect' to catch this mistake | revisions
9357 getty is a mad German perl hacker working for duckduckgo as their marketing department | a troll revisions
14594 trust is "A man who trusts everyone is a fool, and a man who trusts no one is a fool. We are all fools, if we live long enough." revisions
13866 bijection is a mapping that is both one-to-one (an injection) and onto (a surjection), i.e. a function which relates each member of a set S (the domain) to a separate and distinct member of another set T (the range), where each member in T also has a corresponding member in S. revisions
10857 afl is American fuzzy lop - revisions
3643 ascii is American Standard Code for Information Interchange revisions
10802 warning is A message printed to the "STDERR" stream to the effect that something might be wrong but isn't worth blowing up over. See CORE::warn() or Carp::carp(). revisions
5289 metallica is a metal band which produced music from the early 1980s until 27 September 1986, with a gentle transition to an angry country redneck band after that. revisions
13927 dongs is a metametasyntactic variable variable | revisions
4167 .commieness is a metric for the ammount of .com something has revisions
5221 powerless is a midget in a getting stuff off a high shelf contest revisions
4924 tyler- is a mildly gay tattoo person, it seems like it would suit me perfectly. revisions
15392 mwe is a Minimal Working Example or revisions
5994 amir is Amir, a shadeed friend of Humayyon! revisions
180 .am is .am is Armenia revisions
5057 unreadable is a misattribution given to Perl by non-Perl programmers. Perl programmers can read Perl code. Non-Perl programmers may or may not be able to read Perl code, just as plumbers may or may not be able to repair your automobile. revisions
9174 patogen is a miss-spelled awesome vim plugin or revisions
13470 file-find is a module for traversing a directory tree; consider Path::Tiny or Path::Iterator::Rule (other choices include File::Find::Rule or File::Next or File::Find::Object or the venerable File::Find) revisions
12414 term::menu is a module, written by dazjorz, that can print a menu on the screen and ask for an answer. See (perldoc Term::Menu) revisions
14038 minion is a Mojolicious-based job queue revisions
14420 monad is A Monad is just a Monoid in the Category of Endofunctors. revisions
13979 strictures is A more opinionated strict mode with some other features, see revisions
15558 moving perl as A moving perl, philosophically, must, ipso facto, dead not be, so a moving perl has got to be, vis a vis, a thriving entity, d'you see? revisions
15378 yo yo ma is a muscian revisions
5403 dj is a musical warning label revisions
4616 bnf is an acronym for "Backus Naur Form" revisions
12454 boat is An acronym standing for Break Out Another Thousand. revisions
12758 distar is An addon for ExtUtils::MakeMaker to turn it into an useful authoring tool. revisions
15753 numpy is an advanced numerical processing library for scientific computing in Python. For an option in Perl you might like to look into PDL ("Perl Data Language"), revisions
3599 screw is a nail with threads revisions
14053 hamberders is an albany expression revisions
3731 perlbot relearn not working as look buddy, doesn't work is an ambiguous statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Does it waste its time on IRC all day long? Please be specific! Define 'it' and what it isn't doing. revisions
11040 is an ancient API for talking CGI in Perl. Contains tons of cruft and bad practices, and a bunch of HTML generation functions for no good reason. Plack-based frameworks (Web::Simple, Dancer2, Catalyst) and Mojolicious allow you to write cleaner, faster, safer web applications that can still be served via CGI if needed. See also CGI::Alternatives revisions
9865 cause you are an ape revisions
9959 aaaa is an A record only for IPv6 revisions
4340 gas is a nasty form of intestinal wind revisions
10585 ops # curtis appears to be an auto-msg bot revisions
8595 be andash is andash> haha det vore fett, alltid velat testa att candyflippa. i röven kan det ju inte bl sämre revisions
5570 .ad is Andorra revisions
10609 works via /msg too is and that's a good way to test things before spamming the channel revisions
4503 integral is And the perl stud spoketh "And lo, the sky fell and the channel was painted purple." revisions
4131 topicsmite is And the wrath of /TOPIC descended with terrible fury upon topicsmite. And all the people marvelled, saying, Behold, we too should read the /TOPIC, lest we be stricken. And all the people read the /TOPIC, and went away edified. revisions
8423 386bsd 1) 386bsd is an early derivative of Berkeley's original BSD for 386-machines. Most modern BSD clones are based on it. 2) Linus on 386BSD vs. Linux - revisions
14991 amigara is an enigma to be sure revisions
5588 ipv6 is an entire ipv4 internet of ipv4 internets! revisions
14362 "<zxd> the function sometimes returns -1 when there is an error but sometimes it does not but it does print to STDERR" revisions
3887 piet is an esoteric programming language designed by David Morgan-Mar, whose programs are bitmaps that look like abstract art. See revisions
9938 ristretto is an espresso with half the water revisions
5479 [altreus] is a netcat. See Altreus. revisions
3517 neutron is a neutron walk into a bar and orders a drink, recieving it he begins to search for cash, the bar tender halts his efforts with "No problem, buddy. For you no charge." revisions
3412 scary factorial is An example of a tail-recursive factorial function in perl is: sub fac { _fac(my $a = $_[0], my $b = $_[0] - 1) } sub _fac { return $_[0] unless $_[1] > 1; $_[0] *= $_[1]; $_[1]--; goto &_fac };' revisions
5125 fizztpok is An example of random crap. revisions
9380 logorrhea is An excessive and often uncontrollable flow of words. Excessive talkativeness. "Diarrhea of the mouth." | more succinctly expressed as loquaciousness revisions
470 ddos is An explanation of how denial of service attacks work: revisions
471 dos is An explanation of how denial of service attacks work: revisions
16048 shavua tov is an expression spoken on the sabbath to wish someone good luck in the upcoming week. revisions
15932 mojolicious is A next generation pure-perl web framework for Perl, with first-class async and WebSocket support, and no non-core dependencies. Includes many tools useful for working with the web, like Mojo::DOM, Mojo::URL, Mojo::JSON, an event loop Mojo::IOLoop, and a simple object system Mojo::Base. revisions
12202 module::install is An ExtUtils::MakeMaker wrapper to provide better usability to build and install CPAN distributions. Bundles itself with the distribution and does funky things, and is also no longer actively maintained. Use Dist::Zilla or related modules instead. revisions
12917 post is an http method, or Power On Self Test, or See washington post revisions
3813 gpl is A NICE INVENTION!!!!!!!!! revisions
15138 pumpkin soup is a nice meal revisions
5035 webgui.conf is a nickname for _yourSiteName_.conf revisions
8820 dagle is a NIL who likes visual basic revisions
8819 dable is a NIL who likes visual basic revisions
8746 imagemagick is an image library, use Imager instead unless you want to waste time recompiling without OpenMP, enjoy cleaning up stray files left over in /tmp, marvel at the profligacy of a library which thinks disk is "the right place" to store raw pixel data after decoding the image, and take pleasure in watching the I::M code drift off into an infinite loop due to some oddity in the image data. revisions
5016 monkeys is an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of irc clients would always be smarter than you revisions
4907 communism is an intoxicant and an aphrodisiac revisions
3907 erquest is an irksome request revisions
10505 youtube title is an Irssi script to print title of mentioned youtube links; revisions
181 .an is .an is Netherlands Antilles revisions
14920 are you ok is Annie? revisions
9100 i saw that one, but it was annoyingly a series of pdfs revisions
8767 nha is a Non-Help Agreement, it hard-counters an NDA revisions
4946 irule 6 is Anonymous can be horrible, senseless, uncaring monster. revisions
4945 irule 5 is Anonymous does not forgive, Anonymous does not forget. revisions
4944 irule 4 is Anonymous is legion. revisions
4947 irule 7 is Anonymous is still able to deliver. revisions
3852 amnesiac is a noob revisions
14389 pysol is An open source collection of Solitaire card games - revisions
5099 aperiron is another name for apeiron for those who don't do tab complete revisions
5274 skids is another word for fail revisions
3558 our is An "our" declares the listed variables to be valid globals within the enclosing block, file, or "eval". revisions
3693 swahili phrasebook is anticipationg revisions
5475 tlm is an uberly hawt chick revisions
9958 a6 is an unloved DNS record for IPv6, use AAAA records instead revisions
10760 headless is any application which normally runs with a gui, but has been butchered so it can run as a library or cli. revisions
8482 learn database is Any collection of data with a fast (i,e: less than a linear, item-by-item, search) lookup - see revisions
8492 databases is Any collection of data with a fast (i,e: less than a linear, item-by-item, search) lookup - see . revisions
15972 i need regex for this IS ANYONE CAN HELP? revisions
10428 random is Any one who considers arithmetical methods of producing random digits is, of course, in a state of sin. revisions
7864 i just want is Anyone who ever says "I just want to" has usually massively misunderstood the complexity of the problem they're trying to solve revisions
37 true is Anything that isn't false. see "false" revisions
182 .ao is .ao is Angola revisions
10737 one off is A one-off is the first time you use a script that later becomes historical reasons revisions
7771 webservers is apache2, iis7, lighttp, cherokee revisions
13917 http bench is Apache Bench (old) or or or packet capture and tcpreplay | | | revisions
8963 a (pared-down) testcase is a page that isolates the problem with the minimum required markup, styling and scripting. See `paste for services that easily let you create such testcases for others to see. revisions
5299 p6 is a patchset to make perl5 maintainable revisions
3432 how to seem smart is <apeiron> "@buzzwords\n"; revisions
4700 95401750275839571760184015 is apeiron: freebsd sucks! revisions
8757 apeiron's philosophy on factoid names is apeiron wants factoids to have longer names than the text they represent revisions
8938 penny is A penny saved is better than a pound of wisdom. revisions
13195 eval5: print "0" && "i am a Perl 6 program\n" || "I am a Perl 5 program\n" revisions
8827 skydrome, simcop2387 here is a perl developer and the owner of revisions
8714 pyronecroboviphiliac is A #perl Editorial: Now, while it's true that I occasionally have sex with a flaming dead cow, I don't think that makes me a freak. A moment of tenderness between myself and fiery livestock doesn't mean anything. revisions
4534 dazjorz is A Perler, almost always in #perl after 15:00 GMT. See revisions
11284 plenv is A perl installation manager like perlbrew, lets you switch between multiple local perls, but runs via shell scripts instead of perl. and see for "perlbrew exec" and "perlbrew lib" analogues. revisions
9085 :utf8 is a PerlIO layer that does NO santity checking whatsoever. It simply sets the SvUTF8 flag. The correct form is :encoding(UTF-8) which -does- perform sanity checking when it reads revisions
12399 module is a perl module is a bundle of code that's tarred up and distribute so that critters like you and I can re-use chunks of functionality without having to poorly re-write existing software. these live on cpan! at or revisions
11759 jackcom is a person who asks vague questions about automating games and 'turning 100 into 10000'. aka 'oo7cat' revisions
5077 aphisone is a #php convert. revisions
14365 shangrila is a php question is not a perl question, a python question is not a perl question. perhaphs in shangrila they are but not here. revisions
4199 stl is a piece of shit revisions
4368 dirkw is a pirate revisions
4412 irated is a pirate of O'Reilly books revisions
15301 gitesh is a pleb revisions
10239 perl -de0 is a poor man's repl, but Devel::REPL is much nicer. revisions
5059 apostrophe is apostrophe: , , , , revisions
4363 asic is Application Specific Integrated Circuit revisions
14723 mbtiny is App::ModuleBuildTiny, tiny authoring tool to work with the Module::Build::Tiny installer | revisions
8617 paste cli is App::Nopaste revisions
10046 perlbrew is App::perlbrew; lets you install multiple perls easily and switch between them; <> <> | If you're wanting to understand more of what it does for you, check these: revisions
418 padawan is Apprentice Jedi revisions
13847 deployment is a process of combining infrastructure (virtual or physical), code and configuration into a usable end product revisions
5147 imran^_^ is A programer, animator, guitarist, etc.... revisions
3770 shrdlu is a program for understanding natural language, written by Terry Winograd at the M.I.T. Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in 1968-70. revisions
8774 tome is a programmer revisions
10267 bugs is A program not written has no bugs. revisions
3714 safrican wanted you to know about "perl": perl is a program. Perl is a language. There are many versions of perl, but only five versions of Perl. There is no such thing as PERL. See perldoc -q 'difference between'. revisions
14608 functionalperl is a project to minimize side-effects in Perl programs and has a website at revisions
14580 camelia is A proposed new name for Perl 6, which didn't get adopted. See Raku. revisions
4589 taiwan is a province of China, and nothing they do can change that. revisions
5029 q[ender] is a prude lumberjack plumbing hero, 2" AROUND, BITCH! revisions
3856 gopp is a psycho revisions
183 .aq is .aq is Antarctica revisions
8868 refquick is A quick reference to reference syntax: revisions
14857 gitest is a rampant homo racist with aids revisions
11265 buck is a rather suspicious revisions
14400 zip is Archive::Zip revisions
3759 inf is a REAL REAL BIGASS number revisions
13289 derp is Are you feeling constrained by pressure to digitally transform, faylite? perhaps you need to rationalise diversification of your hybrid cloud portfolio! revisions
4334 ruignoring is Are you ignoring this? revisions
8450 argtest is [arg captured]
Not Available
184 .ar is .ar is Argentina revisions
4800 is Arizona revisions
4801 is Arkansas revisions
10077 perigrin is a rouge agent unknown by the perlbots. revisions
11911 has a lot of the same features, but pork has been around for, what, 20 years? revisions
8405 refs rule 1 is @array -> @ array -> @{ $arrayref } -> @$arrayref revisions
9996 arrayref is @array[@indices] -> @{$arrayref}[@indices] revisions
9046 learn substack is artist revisions
11898 xenu: the only use for string eval so far have been a) runtime dependencies (for which there's a module to hide it) and b) revisions
12027 evalmodules is arybase BSD::Resource Cpanel::JSON::XS Data::Dumper Data::Munge Date::Parse DateTime Digest::MD5 Digest::SHA Encode Errno File::Glob Function::Parameters JSON JSON::MaybeXS JSON::XS List::MoreUtils List::Util List::UtilsBy Math::BigInt Moose POSIX Regexp::Common Scalar::MoreUtils Scalar::Util Time::HiRes Time::Piece URI URI::Encode Math::BigFloat Math::BigRat Mojo::Dom Mojo::Dom::HTML Mojo::Dom::CSS revisions
3788 bogues is a salad-tosser revisions
3914 an array element is a scalar revisions
3291 ascii table is Ascii table with descriptions and escape sequences: revisions
4642 stop saying script is a script is what you give to the actors; a program is what you give to the audience revisions
4489 und[3]r is a scriptkiddie. do NOT help him. revisions
8701 undef =~ s/$/. it is a sensible way to saying "I really don't know"/ revisions
8677 sequence point is A sequence point in imperative programming defines any point in a computer program's execution at which it is guaranteed that all side effects of previous evaluations will have been performed, and no side effects from subsequent evaluations have yet been performed. revisions
14596 sereal is a serialization library, faster than Storable, and doesn't depend on perl version as much. See also the serialization factoid. revisions
5636 bom is A series of bytes indicating a UTF8 encoded file revisions
8075 relearn perl core as perl core is a set of CPAN modules that happen to have been installed when you installed perl(1). The presence of a module in core is neither here nor there. Install the module you want with `cpan Module`. See local::lib. revisions
410 afaik is As Far As I Know revisions
7889 ops, but peppery: i agree with ant: then press tab to see my penis without my brother disappears into the red apples are as follows: revisions
6318 learn "good as it gets" as is as good as it gets revisions
4404 eureka is A show on the scifi Channel revisions
14057 perl 4 is A sign you should probably run some updates on your system | | Precompiled linux binary at revisions
8911 pkrumins is a silly cat revisions
4391 and for the prize what is a silly typo f00li5h made revisions
185 .as is .as is American Samoa revisions
14045 example question is Ask an example question, get an example answer. Please give us enough information to help you. revisions
3934 coping with failure is ask buu revisions
414 perl help is Ask forth your question to the all-knowing #perl and we shall bestow upon you the answer of correctitude. revisions
3874 woosta is asking how to teach the bot things. revisions
3738 aias is Ask it and see revisions
6385 expand tildes is ask me about tilde revisions
6386 ~ is ask me about tilde revisions
4278 trey is Ask me about TreyHarris. revisions
3263 retard is Ask me to "be a retard". I won't let you down. revisions
13226 atfq is ASK THE FUCKING QUESTION revisions
5658 perlbot, ask to ask ask is ask to ask ask is probably <reply>Don't ask to ask ask. Don't ask if ask can help you with x. Just ask ask! If ask doesn't answer, then rest assured that it's not that he doesn't know but that it's specifically because he doesn't like you. revisions
12216 altaba is Ask your doctor if AltabaTM is right for you. You may suffer serious side effects when using Altaba. Customers have reported email spam, data breaches, serious and sometimes life threatening captcha tests, and liver disease. revisions
15897 superbash is a slang term for people who write perl scripts to serve a role once served by bash scripts revisions
8024 s5 is a slide show format based entirely on XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. revisions
9981 stop being a slow bitch! revisions
3582 slut is A slut sleeps with everyone. A bitch sleeps with everyone but you. revisions
3863 rifcraze is a smack starved junkie revisions
6081 bahrain is a small island off the coast of Saudi Arabia. revisions
3784 kurt is a socialist hippie revisions
3603 orinoco is a south american river, 1500 miles long revisions
3777 translate english to american tarmac is asphalt revisions
4655 segg is ass revisions
9263 bigfoot is as seen on TV revisions
13366 the capital of assyria is Aššur revisions
3832 sun is a star revisions
15610 statocles is A static site generator written in perl. You can even use it with github pages and actions to publish a site without any direct work yourself! See for more information revisions
7942 agi is Asterisk::AGI - Simple Asterisk Gateway Interface Class revisions
14790 global thermal nuclear war is A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. revisions
10901 runs code in scalar context. if the result is a string, it prints it; if it's a ref, it uses Data::Dumper revisions
13419 xperl is a superior fork of perl which fixes lots of issues revisions
13097 events is Asynchronous event-driven IO is awesome in Perl with POE, IO::Async, IO::Lambda, Mojo::IOLoop, Reflex among others; made nicer using Future, Mojo::Promise, or Promises revisions
11332 what's async? is async is the art of doing other things while waiting for something to happen revisions
15398 async/await is a syntax for writing neat asynchronous code using Futures; see Future::AsyncAwait revisions
3877 bush is a tard revisions
5771 relean christianty as oh look, a religion! this is a tech channel, let's keep to vi vs. emacs for the holy wars please revisions
10640 xslate is a template revisions
15137 autohell is a term for the monstrosity that is the GNU autotools (autoconf, automake, libtool, etc.). Also see revisions
11741 bidi this is a test revisions
11813 lean reunittests this is a test revisions
12644 blackfont this is a test revisions
12030 zalgo this is a test revisions
12747 comose [echo [_getarg_perl_array "this is a test"]] revisions
3831 scrable this is a test. revisions
13790 use cpanel::json::xs; decode_json('[[["tohle je zkouška. ","this is a test.",null,null,1],["Funguje to!","It Works!",null,null,1]],null,"en"]')->[0][0][0] revisions
4757 ltr is A three letter acronym: Learn To Read. Someone on this channel thinks that you've already been given the answers to your question. They may be wrong, but often they're right. Go back and read the responses, check any external references you were given and see if you missed something. If you still have a question, try wording it a different way. revisions
4756 ltt is A three letter acronym: Learn To Think. If you are reading this, it's because you've demonstrated an astounding and lamentable lack of ability or desire to think for yourself. We are not in the business of handing out answers or babysitting. Please use your brain instead of calling for mommy the instant you run into a problem. Or hire a helpdesk; cf revisions
4310 randal schwartz uncut is at revisions
3465 howto write good perl programs is at revisions
4431 expungement is at revisions
4356 rs::handy is at revisions
4927 quickcheck is at revisions
4436 codemonkey is at revisions
4198 code monkey is at revisions
9147 perl class is at revisions
4932 xmonad is a tiling X window manager written in Haskell revisions
9608 bears is a tired and old joke revisions
186 .at is .at is Austria revisions
10365 your mother was a toaster revisions
12006 xml::rabbit is a toolkit for making Moose based XPath-based XML extraction classes. revisions
9218 essentials is a towel revisions
10280 you will: hiss at, purr at foal being a tremendous buttlord that needs a ronove battle with people I knew revisions
13909 netcat is A trojan moose. See revisions
4719 metaperl is A troll, but sometimes his trolling produces thought provoking discussion. revisions
12069 maybe perlbot only looks for the first instance of perlbot and if it is at the end perlbot still responds as revisions
14210 pause's birthday is August 20th. revisions
4288 when zoffix quit weed is August 4th 2006 revisions
187 .au is .au is Australia revisions
5626 ivantis-resume is A US-based perl/php cat, see for Elance profile. Does WordPress programming, is a perlmonk, and some other stuff. Parses and eats HTML/XML for breakfast. Contact: Ivan Greene <> revisions
5412 aartist is a user revisions
14173 ttkp is a user. revisions
10648 io::socket is a utility class for writing IRC clients revisions
13617 perlapi is autogenerated documentation for the perl public API - revisions
13662 perlintern is autogenerated documentation of purely internal Perl functions - revisions
10650 doxygen is automated documentation or | revisions
4632 avar rocks is <avar> Of course that's really a rhethorical question for "you're a dumb slut" revisions
12146 coffee time is average coffee time since 2011: revisions
41 litebot is a version of tybalt's minibot running against SQLite revisions
3399 dragon ball z is a very ghey anime, buu is even gayer revisions
5530 bitcard is a very old and unified login system that should not be used, find more info at: revisions
8627 sql injections is Avoid interpolating arbitrary text into SQL statements - see ; use placeholders, also see Text/Markup injection - . revisions
14439 soap is avoid SOAP::Lite, try SOAP::WSDL or XML::Compile::SOAP for more modern takes on the protocol | revisions
4607 crap tutorials is AVOID THESE tutorials - revisions
5571 qtplaty[hireme] is a water bound mammal that is looking for work revisions
8416 foloish is a way for those unfamiliar with tab complete to mangle f00li5h revisions
14728 mod_perl is a way of customising the Apache webserver's behaviour by using Perl scripts; it is not the best option for writing webapps. | FAQ: revisions
5609 croak is Aways remember, open(..) or Carp::croak("fail open $! $@"); ... close(..) or Carp::carp("fail close $! $@"); revisions
15930 i'll fix that later, it was a way to browse all the content in revisions
13101 i mean, in terms of probability, there has to be a way to crash revisions
13245 myperl is a way to run perl with preset flags and loaded modules | revisions
5781 sweetpea is A web application framework that doesn't suck, honest revisions
6071 awnstudio is awesome revisions
13918 uplime is awesome revisions
9582 that perl-begin page is awesome. i picked up on some of the good and bad as I was learning just by experience in other languages but that page would have saved me a lot of time initially revisions
8394 simcop2387's taste in command parsers is awful, revisions
11226 rickswiki is a wiki written in perl at revisions
5359 cava is a windows packager for perl programs revisions
188 .aw is .aw is Aruba revisions
3529 guru is A wise Guru has said that the three most difficult things in this life are returning love for hate, including the excluded, and admitting you are wrong revisions
14574 pjcj: i spent all his questions, this is a witch :P revisions
3555 relationship is a woman can fake an orgasm, but it takes a man to fake an entire relationship revisions
13281 awoserra is <awoserra> ugh regex is evil <awoserra> the worst IPC ever. revisions
3380 quadratic is Ax^2 + Bx + C = 0 revisions
3381 line is Ax + B = 0 revisions
4427 axscode is <axscode> merlyn: i dont have perl yet on my machine. revisions
14958 \w is [a-zA-Z0-9_] and unicode word characters revisions
189 .az is .az is Azerbaijan revisions
11828 fix your connection is +b ...$##fix_your_connection revisions
15248 _be_larry_underwood_song is Baby, Can You Dig Your Man? revisions
5486 bc is baby cruncher (See also Zoffix) revisions
4428 bttf is Back To The Future revisions
9070 nih =~ s/weakness./or where they believe that learning new things is bad/ revisions
12478 bareword filehandles are bad because they are global variables revisions
5534 bad kitty is bad kitty, no pawing at the furniture revisions
5608 three arg is bad: "open ... ,'<file.txt' .." . Good: "open ...., '<', 'file.txt' ..." revisions
8419 bad programmer is Bad programmer! No cookie!! revisions
190 .ba is .ba is Bosnia and Herzegovina revisions
15153 banach tarski is Banach Tarski is an anagram of Banach Tarski Banach Tarski revisions
4782 "foo" is "bar" revisions
6250 -foo is -bar revisions
14226 foo is bar revisions
5516 bbq is barbecue revisions
4270 bbqb is Bar-B-Que, the extra B stands for byobb revisions
9769 smaug is Bard bait revisions
12900 !foo is bars/^/bar/ revisions
15379 ddate is `basheval ddate `arg!!
Today is Prickle-Prickle, the 47th day of The Aftermath in the YOLD 3186␤
14943 macrho give me a password is `bashevalnl basename $0! revisions
14944 give me a password is `bashevalnl basename $0!
Not Available
15414 units is `bashevalnl units `arg!!
* 0.5283441 / 1.8927059
14144 wa is [basheval wget -O -]
Not Available
3372 bofh is bastard operator from hell revisions
191 .bb is .bb is Barbados revisions
4469 bbl is bbl means "barrel". Perhaps you meant "be back later?" revisions
10877 eval_modules is B::Deparse BSD::Resource Carp::Heavy Data::Dumper Data::Munge Date::Parse DateTime DateTimeX::Easy Digest::MD5 Digest::SHA Encode File::Glob Function::Parameters Inline Inline::Python Inline::Ruby Jplugin JSON::XS Language::K20 List::MoreUtils List::Util List::UtilsBy Moose MooseX::Declare PerlIO PerlIO::scalar PHP::Interpreter POSIX Regexp::Common Scalar::MoreUtils revisions
192 .bd is .bd is Bangladesh revisions
10226 perltidy is Beautify/reformat your code automatically with ; ; PBP .perltidyrc - revisions
12346 shellquote is Be careful! Use open, system(@list) or see revisions
12345 shell quote is Be careful! Use open, system(@list) or see revisions
3781 why do you suck so bad is because ender touches himself at night revisions
5487 why think ahead is Because studies show there's a 99% chance of things backfiring into your testicles if you don't. revisions
3492 becoming bitwise is Becoming bitwise: revisions
6172 btdt is been there, done that, or the derivative of bogosity with respect to time revisions
4349 beer is Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy revisions
5565 beer pong is beer ping revisions
5566 beer ping is beer pong revisions
16075 politeness is BEGIN { $_not_perlbot or die; } # Skip perlbot trying to make sense of this. revisions
14168 on error resume next is BEGIN {*CORE::GLOBAL::die = \&CORE::warn} revisions
3748 data structures is Beginning Perl, Chapter 7 - revisions
6284 bpse is Beginning Perl, Second Edition by James Lee : revisions
15182 _be_mst_cistern is behold the violins inherent in the cistern revisions
5694 postel's folly is Being liberal in what one accepts results in producers that are nondeterminate in what they emit. revisions
5490 ops # anonymouslsd is being more fucking annoying than me revisions
6411 false laziness is being too lazy to save yourself the time by doing it right (like using regex on an SGML family member) revisions
15606 iirc, it has to do with how much power can be devoted to weapon why so much of it is being used to generate the cloaking field or something like that revisions
6323 .be is .be is Belgium THE LAND OF WAFFLES revisions
15578 all your paste are belong to us revisions
3541 botabuse is BE NICE TO US POOR BOTS revisions
15164 _be__default is _be_pearl or _be_web, _be_brain, _be_paste, _be_kthx revisions
5785 nopaste etiquette is Be respectful when asking us to help you debug your code: always format/indent your code consistently; never have lines so long that they require horizontal scroll (80 characters wide is more than enough). Also check out these respectful factoids to avoid common "ARGH" moments: strict and warnings, downloaded program, prototypes, ampersand, open FILE. revisions
14695 i think a new dedicated location is best revisions
3711 best is Best depends on the situation! revisions
13895 migration is <BETA FACTOID> see DBIx::Class::DeploymentHandler, App::DH; migration management in Mojo::Pg, ::mysql, ::SQLite; Sqitch revisions
3660 beth for free is <beth> fook: don't buy it from him, I've heard people saying you can get it for free revisions
3460 webcam is BETH HAS NO NAKED WEBCAM... yet (ask her some more) revisions
3495 bioinformatics is <beth> I bioinformaticize <beth> it's like jazzercizing <beth> I do it all day long revisions
3494 beth all day is <beth> I do it all day long revisions
3536 listen is < beth> [...] listen to buu revisions
3454 beth++ is beth now has infinite karma revisions
3578 beth on relationships is <beth> phroggy: getting her off and getting in her pants are not the same thing.. revisions
3655 meet beth is Beth will be in San Diego this saturday night (2005-01-15). Act now, plans are being made! revisions
3640 bethzombie is <bethZOMBIE> scientists think it may be a virus. It all started when buu killed me... revisions
10253 worse is better revisions
8925 return 5x"lol this is better"; revisions
8926 $x = 5x"lol this is better"; $x revisions
5261 better is Better or worse are completely relative. Always test / benchmark before you draw conclusions. revisions
9329 hmm maybe the alot is better then revisions
6087 the riddle of ::simple is Beware ::Simple modules. <icke> <icke> "Simple" usually means simple-to-implement, not simple-to-use <apeiron> Only a domain expert understands a domain to make the interface simple while hiding, not discarding, complexity. revisions
194 .bf is .bf is Burkina Faso revisions
195 .bg is .bg is Bulgaria revisions
196 .bh is .bh is Bahrain revisions
197 .bi is .bi is Burundi revisions
5124 bike shed is bike shed is revisions
15 ipv6rdns is BIND8+ tool for building an IPv6 zone file: revisions
65 ipv6 rdns is BIND8+ tool for building an IPv6 zone file: revisions
4380 bingos! is B-I-N-G-O! I Win! revisions
14447 gumbybrain is BinGOs' experimental megahal bot and not an infobot. Source from :: To talk to GumbyBRAIN, go to #gumbybrain. | < marcus> GumbyBRAIN: What makes your brain so gumby? < GumbyBRAIN> I somehow had brain fungus. revisions
5654 bio is revisions
4692 bitches is bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks revisions
13879 bizarro is Bizarro, I love you. revisions
198 .bj is .bj is Benin revisions
15759 my code generator is blacked out (not clikable) regex101. Any help on how to navigate? revisions
5501 last resort is Blaming your compiler, your tools, etc. is the last resort. LAST resort. (with apologies to mjd) revisions
4126 iis is blasphemy revisions
4116 stab is bleed revisions
199 .bm is .bm is Bermuda revisions
200 .bn is .bn is Brunei Darussalam revisions
14404 your king is Bobby B. revisions
5914 speak-czech is Bohužel, není nikdo, že v současné době hovoří česky. revisions
5887 speak-slovak is Bohužiaľ, nie je nikto, že v súčasnosti hovorí slovenský. revisions
15238 potato is Boil'em; Mash'em; Stick'em in a stew. revisions
201 .bo is .bo is Bolivia revisions
3254 biff is boof revisions
5692 merlyn's books is Books by merlyn (Randal L. Schwartz) - camel 1+2, llama 1+2+3+4, alpaca 1+2, gecko, shiny ball (EPP), Perls of Wisdom revisions
5702 boosh! is BOOSH! revisions
7850 aolbonics is (borrowed from #java) aolbonics is using unnecessary abbreviations such as 'u', 'r', 'ur', 'thx', etc. Using this language depicts you as an imbecile in the eyes of the helpful regulars in this channel, and is generally not tolerated. If you want intelligent answers, the least you can do is speak intelligently. revisions
52 bqs is Bot Query Syndrome - if you're reading this, stop talking to the bot, talk to real people instead. revisions
5517 bqss is Bot Query Syndrome Syndrome - If you're reading this, you are ivantis and we think you're annoying. revisions
9 feelings is bots dont have feelings, dork revisions
5343 gumby is BRAIN revisions
3624 braindead is Braindead: revisions
3845 cabbage is Brassica oleracea revisions
5376 testcase is Break apart the problem into the smallest amount of code needed to reproduce the problem. If the answer is not apparent by then, at least you've made it easier to help. revisions
14982 use bytes is Breaks the contract of the Perl string model, equivalent to running "utf8::encode" randomly on your strings, generally not what you want revisions
5087 test case is Break your problem down into the least amount needed to reproduce. If you don't find the problem by then, it will be easier for someone else to find it. revisions
4268 byob is Bring Your Own Beer revisions
4269 byobb is Bring Your Own Beer, the extra B is a typo revisions
202 .br is .br is Brazil revisions
9394 sherbang is british #!/usr/bin/env perl revisions
10297 tell getty the tubes are broken revisions
4691 immute is broken. revisions
4181 bad is Broken As Designed - There comes a time when it's easier to start from scratch. revisions
11743 smartmatch is broken because eval: use warnings; my @foo = 0..10; print "this matches" if "0 but true" ~~ @foo; ... too vague for predictable behavior, use the comparison you mean or try Smart::Match for explicit smartmatching | "Any non-trivial example of smartmatch usually does something other than the author intended." revisions
4379 5.8.0 is Broken in so many unsavoury ways. revisions
8215 ffxr: buubot is broken, you have to direct it at revisions
203 .bs is .bs is Bahamas revisions
4962 irule 22 is /b/ sucks today. revisions
204 .bt is .bt is Bhutan revisions
13277 chaos theory is Buck> pingu8: I don't really want to decipher what it looks like in your head revisions
15389 buffalo is Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo revisions
14798 findbin is Buggy on old perls, relies on $0 not being changed and the fuzzy concept of "initial script", see for an alternative, or Dir::Self or lib::relative for more specific uses revisions
13623 perlbs2000 is building and installing Perl for BS2000. - revisions
13687 perlos390 is building and installing Perl for OS/390 and z/OS - revisions
13721 perlvmesa is building and installing Perl for VM/ESA. - revisions
9758 idea why it's in here, unless preflex was built on revisions
14739 <3 is bullshit, I'm way more than 3 | 💓 💕 💖 💗 💝 💞 💟 revisions
4401 bimbw is But I May Be Wrong revisions
12155 bscinabte is But Some Consistency Is Not A Bad Thing Either! revisions
6168 i know you are but what am i? revisions
4030 theboss is buu revisions
3795 chumpette is buu revisions
4253 one thing i did was turn nonblocking off is buubot? revisions
5703 gogogogo is buubot: echo perlbot: gogogogo revisions
4045 bbf is buu bot framework revisions
3602 talk to buu is buu: hi revisions
5627 what the fuck is buu talking about? revisions
205 .bv is .bv is Bouvet Island revisions
206 .bw is .bw is Botswana revisions
4 cya is bye! revisions
207 .by is .by is Belarus revisions
208 .bz is .bz is Belize revisions
4373 21-6 is c revisions
3886 obfuscation is c revisions
5002 turtle is c/,,\ revisions
209 .ca is .ca is Canada revisions
4802 is California revisions
12662 fraktur is <call blackface <arg>>
Not Available
8011 c@@ is <call catat <arg>>
Not Available
9772 had something about problems in switch but i don't remember what it was called revisions
7891 and played it in a pot of mac&cheese any day is called a callout thread unless its verbally abuse you because of poor hitboxes unfortunately which is like super china buffets revisions
5319 __sub__ is (caller(0))[3] revisions
10021 nonsense-pair is `call nonsense-pair-helper `eval join" ",map{join"",map{("a".."z")[rand 26]}1..12}1,2''
Not Available
16038 prezsez is <call __stable_suffix ["twitter realdonaldtrump", "^_prezsez_suf_", "s/http/$s. http/", "<arg>"]>
Compose failed to find a plugin named: twitter
4450 randal's books is camel 1+2, llama 1+2+3+4, alpaca 1+2, gecko, shiny ball (EPP), Perls of Wisdom revisions
12928 git is can be found at or git is not a "better svn", it has a fundamentally different philosophy of operation | Perl's source code can be found at revisions
9403 can i is Can I do this operation? Please see TIAS. revisions
6317 hello ! i have a problem with perl debugging , i have a mistake information when i using padre debugging the source , the information is "Cannot determine source for /home/neo/桌面/t at /usr/share/perl/5.10/App/ line 496" revisions
4675 wrong tool is Cannot run out of Perl. There is infinite Perl. You are finite. Perlbot is finite. This... is wrong tool. No, not good. No, never use this. revisions
10740 ntz is can't install modules because reasons. revisions
4913 psyop_ is can't spell his nick right, see 'psyop' revisions
10910 thunderdome is Can't we just get beyond thunderdome? revisions
4646 10x is Can't you take the slightest effort to type "thanks"? revisions
13664 perliol is C API for Perl's implementation of IO in Layers. - revisions
3444 capitalization is "Capitalization is the difference between 'Helping your uncle Jack off a horse' and 'helping your uncle jack off a horse'." revisions
4971 irule 31 is CAPSLOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL. revisions
5184 ellidi is Captain of a lonely ship who sleeps at the wheel revisions
15415 cant is Career Aptitude Normalizing Test revisions
16042 carmel is Carmel is an advanced bundler for Perl. See for more info. revisions
14655 carton is Carton is a bundler for Perl. See for more info. | revisions
11532 css is Cascading Style Sheets: and to learn them revisions
5704 catable is Catable - CATAlyst BLog Engine - by Perl Cats - . MIT/X11L, Catalyst, DBIx::Class. revisions
6125 cat book is catalyst book is or revisions
6126 catalyst book is catalyst book is or revisions
13449 web frameworks is Catalyst, Dancer2, Mojolicious (and many many PSGI frameworks like Web::Simple, Web::Machine) | | revisions
5480 catalyst is Catalyst - The elegant MVC framework - | Also see #catalyst on revisions
4381 .cat is .cat is Catalan revisions
8552 learn cats is cats are awesome furry creatures. Resident #perl cats are f00li5h, dhoss, pkrumins, Altreus, kent\n, rindolf, rip ivantis, SubStack and dwu. For indepth cat-related conversation see #perl-cats revisions
5438 helper is cats are generally helpful on #perl revisions
12702 dot in @inc is caused apt-get to be vulnerable to trojan attacks, so was promptly (?) sacked. revisions
210 .cc is .cc is Cocos (Keeling) Islands revisions
5277 ontolog is cdavaz revisions
4677 .cd is .cd is Zaire (Republic of The Congo) revisions
10493 corgifex is Central Organization of Insecure Feeling Express revisions
211 .cf is .cf is Central African Republic revisions
8883 c-fix is <c-fix> naah i havent tried eating moonbat crap revisions
5790 perlbot, web frameworks is CGI-Application (and Titanium), CGI-Application-Plus, CGI-Builder, CGI-Prototype, Jifty, Catalyst (and Reaction), Mojo, SweetPea, SweetPea::Application, Dancer, Gantry, AxKit, WebGUI revisions
12380 cgi::debug is CGI::Debug - module for CGI programs debugging - revisions
4034 #cgi is #CGI is the latest and greatest channel for all of your wonderful scripting question needs. They take any language that can implement the basic CGI protocol. revisions
212 .cg is .cg is Congo revisions
3431 coto is Champion Of The Obvious revisions
4038 x86 is cheap whore revisions
3437 keywords is Check out all the things I know: Don't want to see the port and country TLD facts? revisions
5178 pinyin is Check out for information on the CEDict::Pinyin module. revisions
21 modperl is Check out mod_perl at revisions
3247 codebase is check out my insides: revisions
3279 insides is check out my insides: revisions
3436 entrails is check out my insides: revisions
15282 source is check out my insides | Perl's source code can be found at | If you're after an eval server look at App::EvalServer and App::EvalServerAdvanced on CPAN, also check out nsjail for a more generic sandbox | Also check out the rest of the perlbot projects at revisions
13809 bundle is check out the 'carton' and 'fatpack' factoids. revisions
10502 rakudo is Check #perl6 revisions
5604 scrape is (check the EULA to see if you're allowed to scrape the site) then try their API, then look for an RSS/Atom feed, then try WWW::Mechanize/LWP revisions
5041 what do ducks yell when they need to duck? is CHICKEN revisions
4315 sauce is Chicken fingers with a side of blondie sauce revisions
9372 chimp is chimp VARIABLE, chimp( LIST ). Removes any trailing chimpanzee. It returns the total number of chimpanzees removed from all its arguments. If VARIABLE is omitted it destroys the chimpanzee executing the script. Use with care. revisions
3249 -f chimp is chimp VARIABLE, chimp( LIST ). Removes any trailing chimpanzee. It returns the total number of chimpanzees removed from all its arguments. Use with care. revisions
213 .ch is .ch is Switzerland revisions
5063 chlam is chlam a cracker revisions
5599 chop is chomp = $/ and chop = last char revisions
5598 chomp is chomp = $/ and chop = last char revisions
3736 who's your daddy is Chris62vw is revisions
4710 rfe is Chris62vw needs to add convenient factoid addition features to you revisions
4594 photobucket is Chris62vw photobucket: revisions
4361 perlcafe ops is Chris62vw q[ender] jagerman rindolf revisions
6036 owner is Chris62vw used to own me in various positions, but now i've given myself to simcop2387 revisions
4797 cib is CIB revisions
214 .ci is .ci is Cote DIvoire (Ivory Coast) revisions
5046 c/,,\ is c/,,\ is a turtle. Seriously awesome! \o/ revisions
9831 c is C is the low-level programming language for many modules. You can use it in Perl with Inline::C or XS (perldoc perlxstut). Don't be afraid of it: revisions
215 .ck is .ck is Cook Islands revisions
5166 shit is Clean it up! revisions
216 .cl is .cl is Chile revisions
9660 clobber is Clobbering a variable is accidentally changing or destroying its value. Most commonly happens to global variables like $_, $1, etc. Avoid it by always using lexical variables where possible. | see also <action at a distance> revisions
12722 deepcopy is Clone, Data::Clone, Storable::dclone, Sereal::Dclone revisions
217 .cm is .cm is Cameroon revisions
9956 compare is cmp, eq, ne for strings, <=>, ==, != for numbers revisions
218 .cn is .cn is China revisions
4963 irule 23 is Cock goes in here. revisions
5494 help triangle is code, expected, actual revisions
10883 code is Code is how programmers tell other programmers what they want the computer to do revisions
15459 encoding is "Code that believes it can reliably guess the encoding of an unmarked textfile is guilty of a fatal mélange of hubris and naïveté that only a lightning bolt from Zeus will fix." | | | see: encoding mantra revisions
7933 cbt is Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy - revisions
219 .co is .co is Colombia revisions
3340 yakov smirnoff is Cold War comic genius. Originator of the "In Soviet Russia" jokes revisions
4496 perldreamer is Colin Kuskie, Contributor of the Year, and jack of all trades revisions
3917 smart people is <Colloid> i know but people who code php are not as smart as the perl ppl revisions
15190 _prezsez_suf_crime is Collusion isn't a Crime revisions
15184 _prezsez_suf_colill is Collusion isn't illegal revisions
14565 _prezsez_suffixes is ["Collusion isn't illegal", "Fake News", "No Collusion", "Praise Putin", "Truth isn't Truth", "Witch Hunt", "Collusion isn't a Crime"] revisions
4803 is Colorado revisions
8784 perlcats is come paw at perl with some top grade perl cats: #perl-cats on freenode. join us! meow! revisions
3524 cli is command line interface revisions
8567 cl is Common Lisp - a usable (for some values of usable), but mostly complicated dialect of Lisp. ; ; see also scheme , lisp and clojure revisions
5393 clos is Common Lisp Object System revisions
10799 casefolding is Comparing or matching a string case-insensitively. In Perl, it is implemented with the "/i" pattern modifier, the "fc" function, and the "\F" double-quote translation escape. revisions
8707 dbi, et al were compiled and installed by the previous sysadmin, could be an issue there I guess. revisions
5606 use is compile time revisions
8361 captcha is Completely Automated Process for Telling Computers and Humans Apart revisions
5011 romnous is completely wrong. revisions
12316 _runplugin is ~compose <~arg`>`
Not Available
11506 pl is <compose <echo ~<arg>`>>
Not Available
12858 cnn is `compose `eval $a=0+`quote d `arg!!;$a=1 if $a<=0; qq{<get concat((//li/a)[$a], '', (//li/a)[$a]/\@href)>}!!
Not Available
12880 npr is `compose `eval $a=0+`quote d `arg!!;$a=1 if $a<=0; qq{<get concat((//li/a)[$a], '', (//li/a)[$a]/\@href)>}!!
Not Available
12934 theonion is `compose `eval $a=0+`quote d `arg!!;$a=1 if $a<=0; qq{<get concat((//*[self::h1 or self::h3]/a)[$a], ' ', (//*[self::h1 or self::h3]/a)[$a]/\@href)>}!!
13220 cat is `compose `eval $a=`fact _getarg_perl_array `arg~~;$s=$a->[0]eq'-s'; @$a=grep{!/-s/}@$a;for$_(@$a){$x=1,next if($_ eq'>');push@r,$_ if$x;push@l,$_ if!$x}; if(@l==0||@r>1){return "!echo Syntax: cat [-s] fact [fact ...] [> fact]#"}; $l=join(" ",map{"[fact $_]"} @l); ($r)=@r; if($r){return "<fact macro $r is [echo $l]>" if $s; "[fact $r is $l]"} else {return "[echo $l]"}~~
Compose failed to find a plugin named: se
12728 ln is `compose `eval $a=`fact _getarg_perl_array `arg~~;$s=$a->[0]eq'-s'; @$a=grep{!/-s/}@$a; if(@$a!=2){return "<echo Syntax: ln [-s] existing_factoid new_factoid>"}; ($l,$r)=@$a; return "<fact macro $r is [fact $l [arg]]>" if $s; "<fact $r is <fact $l>>"~~
Stored xkcd temperature is [fact felsius [arg]]
14467 you is `compose `eval if (rand()<0.1) {"[echo I am a stick]"} else {"[fact _real_you]"}!!
I am a stick
13345 my purpose is `compose `eval use Digest::MD5 qw/md5_hex/; $n=`quote d `arg &n!!; $h=substr(md5_hex(fc $n, int(time()/86400)), -1, 1); "<echo <fact _purpose_".($n eq"simcop2387"&&"owner"||$h)."><eval #<fact _purpose_last is `arg &n!>>>"!!
You're not allowed to ask me that.
14525 _update_module_list is `compose `eval use ExtUtils::Installed;sprintf "[eval 'updated module list' # [fact module list is %s] ]", (join(' ', ExtUtils::Installed->new(skip_cwd=>1)->modules()))!!
Not Available
15237 __stable_suffix is `compose `eval use JSON::MaybeXS qw/decode_json/;($macro,$regex,$code,$arg)=@{decode_json`quote d `arg!!};`fact __stable_suffix_gencode!;!!
Compose failed to find a plugin named: twitter
16018 regex is `compose `eval use PPR; $x=`quote d `arg!!; ($l, $r) = ($x=~m/((?&PerlSubstitution))\s+(.*)$PPR::GRAMMAR/); $_=$r; s/'/\\'/; sprintf '[eval $x=\'%s\'; $x =~ %s; $x]', $_, $l;!!
Compose failed to find a plugin named: Exited
8923 pester is compose: robokit: pester @_ revisions
16043 cran is Comprehensive R Archive Network revisions
10401 ctan is Comprehensive TeX Archive Network revisions
8309 whitespace is Computers are great at parsing code without much whitespace, humans, not so good. revisions
3357 esp paste is concentrate on your code and those with ESP in #perl will be able to view it revisions
10878 cdd is Conference Driven Development revisions
7931 simcop2387-lap is confused | bored | this is a really long string that should overflow the message limitation | this is a really long string that should overflow the message limitation | this is a really long string that should overflow the message limitation | this is a really long string that should overflow the message limitation | this is a really long string that should overflow the message limitation revisions
16030 my terminal is confused by this. in fact, i first PMed it to revisions
8496 tell rindolf that root__ was confused stupid by and that mauke hates him for writing it. revisions
8030 achievement unlocked is Congratulations, you managed to piss off one of the regulars. Try being more polite next time. revisions
4804 is Connecticut revisions
13640 perlebcdic is Considerations for running Perl on EBCDIC platforms - revisions
8922 consideredharmful is ConsideredHarmful is half of f00li5h's new social code sharing rate website internet 2.0 thing. the other half will be called IsLikeCrackToMe revisions
3467 cps is continuation passing style revisions
14454 ci is Continuous Integration - ; revisions
8934 sigils are cooked apricots covered in maple syrup revisions
4027 wendall911 is cool revisions
4425 that wendall911 is cool revisions
4766 kev is cool revisions
8583 what event libraries are cool ? revisions
4058 saying bit is cooler than saying. revisions
42 coping is Coping with Scoping - revisions
12793 scoping is Coping with Scoping - | | revisions
5520 copy on write is copy on write is the sneakyness of showing someone a readonly version of a variable, then creating a localised version of it when they try to change it revisions
8025 corelist is <core <arg>>
IO::Socket::IP Added to perl core as of 5.019008
8185 tell f00li5h by the way, term::ui has been core since 5.9.5 revisions
3445 clrs is Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, and Stein - authors of THE book on algorithms. revisions
5139 coro is coroutines and continuations for perl, see revisions
12114 digimon are corrupted pokemon stored in bill's computer system revisions
12966 ,perl print( "hello this is CoUsTeAu" =~ s{(cousteau)}{ my $mask = $1^uc$1; $mask|uc"penis" }rgei ) revisions
3318 cpan faq is CPAN FAQ: revisions
5662 cpanhq is CPANHQ - an open-source, meta-data-enhanced, community-driven interface to CPAN - revisions
4542 module install is cpan -i Some::Module revisions
8425 html form is CPAN modules for handling HTML forms - HTML::Widget, CGI::FormBuilder, Rose::HTML::Form, HTML::FormFu, Data::FormValidator, Form::Processor, Form::Sensible revisions
10846 recommends_policy is uses o conf recommends_policy to decide whether to install just the required modules, or the recommended ones as well, see perldoc CPAN revisions
10605 local::lib problem is cpan "suddenly" installs into weird places? you accidently enabled local::lib during the first run. remove .cpan, delete local::lib stuff in bashrc/profile etc, re-run. revisions
3594 live with cpan is CPAN will be interviewed tomorrow on Live! with Regis and Kelly revisions
4256 addcrap is crap revisions
4903 crud is Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete -- the four corners of a proper database management tool revisions
14815 has extra stuff that makes it a little harder to get a clean slate, but if you were creating a regular module, why not just "package reset; BEGIN { our $clean_hints = $^H; our %clean_hints = %^H }" ? revisions
3667 ludan is crema per le emorroidi revisions
220 .cr is .cr is Costa Rica revisions
5091 crunch mode is crunch mode is - "Why crunch mode doesn't work." revisions
3286 continue is C's (continue, break) => Perl's (next, last) revisions
3287 break is C's (continue, break) => Perl's (next, last) revisions
5148 csh is csh considered harmful: revisions
4599 cs is CS is 1) Computer Science ; 2) Counter Strike revisions
221 .cs is .cs is Czechoslovakia (Former) revisions
4292 css margin: is `css margin @ perlbot revisions
11094 rochester, new york (43.1°n/76.2°w); updated: 2:45 AM CST (December 11, 2012); Conditions: Light Snow ☃ @ -2°C (28°F), Humidity: 70%; Dew Point: 71° F >>> Mostly Clear revisions
14503 _tempconv_units is "°C"=>sub($c){$c},"°F"=>sub($f){($f-32)/1.8},K=>sub($k){$k-273.15},R=>sub($r){($r-491.67)/1.8},"°€"=>sub($e){($e-16)*5/7},"°D"=>sub($d){100-($d*2/3)},"°Rø"=>sub($r){($r-7.5)*40/21},"°Ré"=>sub($r){$r*5/4},GM=>sub($g){(($g<=0?-1e60:$g>=1?$g*25+250:275-25*log(1/$g)/log(2))-32)/1.8},"°N"=>sub($n){$n*100/33} revisions
12993 _tempconv_units_from is c=>sub($c){$c}, f=>sub($f){($f-32)/1.8}, k=>sub($k){$k-273.15}, r=>sub($r){($r-491.67)/1.8}, "€"=>sub($e){($e-16)*5/7}, e=>sub($e){$f{"€"}->($e)}, d=>sub($d){100-($d*2/3)} revisions
222 .cu is .cu is Cuba revisions
3364 cure is cure is da man! revisions
8835 curiosity is curiosity killed the cat, but it also made him a good scientist! revisions
9975 install cpanm is curl -L | perl - --sudo App::cpanminus revisions
12381 curl is cURL / libcurl - a library for retrieving and interacting with URLs. See ; revisions
9542 $. is Current file line number. revisions
14668 argon2 is Currently preferred password hashing algorithm as it can be resistant to various types of attacks depending on your needs. | revisions
5812 $$ is current pid. also bling bling yo revisions
8690 kitten =~ s/$/. this kitten is cute/ revisions
223 .cv is .cv is Cape Verde revisions
224 .cx is .cx is Christmas Island revisions
6 bye is cya! revisions
5724 cygwin is cygwin - - a GNU / UNIX / Linux-like environment for Windows. Useful to get a decent command line and other windows programs. revisions
225 .cy is .cy is Cyprus revisions
226 .cz is .cz is Czech Republic revisions
13127 :ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd is :D revisions
13128 :dddd is :D revisions
13111 fuck you is D: revisions
13121 :d is D: revisions
3327 da is da grouik badonk revisions
9094 damian is Damian Conway - - the CPAN mad professor. revisions
9270 vimpoint is Damian Conways presentation system written in viml - revisions
9095 damien conway is Damien Conway is Damian Conway's Evil Twin Brother - (hint: s/e/a/) revisions
5189 i hate you is damn right, bitch revisions
5020 <4 is damn right, bitch. revisions
9050 be rsimoes is Dancer's guts are dildos revisions
3472 dtc is DANS TON CUL! revisions
4000 branch prediction is dark voodoo revisions
3600 darth_angelus is Darth Angelus doesn't hold a grudge, he has no surviving enemies. revisions
5511 db is databases. . . Also see: sql, dbi, dbm, xbase revisions
11024 dump is Data::Dumper, Data::Dump, Data::Printer, Devel::Dwarn, Devel::Peek, Mojo::Util 'dumper' revisions
13647 perlfaq4 is Data Manipulation - revisions
9891 date is Date::Manip, Date::Calc, Date::Simple, DateTime, et al. | See also Time::Piece in core revisions
12383 datetime::format::builder is DateTime::Format::Builder - create DateTime parser objects. - revisions
11704 full days is @day_full = qw(Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday); revisions
3498 days is @day = qw(Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat); revisions
4234 dazbotrequest is Dazbot: DazbotResponse revisions
4229 perbot: i only listen is Dazbot do revisions
4227 dazbot is Dazbot insult someone revisions
4232 "i only listen to my boss, dazjorz!" is Dazbot moo revisions
5164 fpanel is dazjorz's recently started web hosting control panel and robot admin scripts at revisions
5043 dbic is DBIx::Class, the awesome ORM framework for perl revisions
5451 dbix is dbix is a namespace for modules providing interfaces to DBI. It is -not- a project. If you're calling DBIx::Class DBIx, please stop because there are lots of other DBIx::* projects out there and it's unfair on them (for DBIx::Class DBIC is preferred) revisions
12386 dbm is dbm is , , and revisions
4550 testdcc is DCC SEND LOLLERCOPTER revisions
8937 dccsex is DCC SEND whatthefuckareyoudoing revisions
8977 dicks is ()======D ()======D ()======D ()======D ()======D ()======D ()======D~~~~~~~ revisions
14402 this channel is dead since years, we moved on to another network. Who own you? revisions
5491 dotstar is Death to Dotstar : revisions
4182 now ubuntu is debian with sudo revisions
6348 apeiron's first law of debugging is Debugging is a humbling task where you learn that you are always wrong and your tools are always right. revisions
10311 debugging clever code is "Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are, by definition, not smart enough to debug it." --Brian Kernighan revisions
9116 uh, don;t you mean the end of the scope it was declared in? revisions
12254 encoding mantra is decode goes from BYTES to UNICODE CHARACTERS. encode goes from UNICODE CHARACTERS to BYTES. decode bytes to unicode characters as soon as possible, work with unicode characters, and encode to bytes as late as possible. revisions
12175 ded is DED is a Dark Emitting Diode. revisions
14473 // is defined-or operators: revisions
4672 dor is defined-or operators: revisions
15646 felsius is Degrees Euro, or Felsius, is revisions
227 .de is .de is Germany revisions
5895 speak-lithuanian is Deja, nėra vieno, kad lietuvių kalba šiuo metu. revisions
4805 is Delaware revisions
5115 how to fix ugly code is Delete the ugliest line. Repeat until your code is no longer ugly. revisions
4430 dbqs is Deliberate Bot Query Syndrome - If you're reading this, someone is telling you to stop telling him to stop talking to the bot... He/she is just talking to the bot for fun, it's harmless anyway. :-) revisions
5286 nachos is delicious revisions
8249 dbix::class::candy is delicious candy for your dbic schema, get some! revisions
4409 is demo revisions
13076 guidelines is [] denotes a variable part. revisions
10318 your mom is deprecated revisions
13785 don't be so sensitive! case-insensitive constants are deprecated as of PHP 7.3 revisions
9107 email::simple is deprecated in favor of Email::MIME since the former doesn't handle MIME (let alone 8bit) messages revisions
5042 class::dbi is deprecated, see DBIC revisions
12929 net::irc is deprecated, undocumented, unloved, and superseded by POE::Component::IRC. See also Bot::BasicBot, Net::Async::IRC, or Mojo::IRC. revisions
3811 hor is der Coole revisions
8560 khisanth's reference tutorial is deref and do stuff revisions
9522 ${ is Dereference operator. revisions
19 merci is de rien ;) revisions
3702 trolleyed is Derived from when your mate has drunk too much and lost consciousness so to get him home you thieve a shopping trolley and put him in it. revisions
5885 speak-spanish is Desafortunadamente, no hay uno que habla español en la actualidad. revisions
5906 speak-galician is Desafortunadamente, non hai un que fala galego na actualidade. revisions
5893 speak-norwegian is Dessverre er det ingen som snakker norsk i dag. revisions
4973 irule 33 is Desu isn't funny. Seriously guys. It's worse than Chuck Norris jokes. revisions
5913 speak-danish is Desværre er der ingen, der taler dansk i øjeblikket. revisions
10755 stack trace is Devel::Confess | run your script with -d:Confess to get a stack trace revisions
12402 nytprof is Devel::NYTProf: + revisions
12738 dtd is developer transmitted disease. See PHP, XML, and DTDs revisions
8059 dhoss is dhoss is bringing forth the 4th Reich : ein stack, ein dup, ein factor | another word for derp revisions
3684 dsw is Dick Size War revisions
8056 dylocpan is Did you look on CPAN? revisions
443 try it is Did you try it? What did it do? What was the expected result? Always try out your code before asking "will this work?" or "what will this do?" revisions
4548 .kkk is Die, honkey revisions
4586 diaf is "Die in a fire!" revisions
4709 a/s/l is DIE IN A FIRE revisions
5896 speak-latvian is Diemžēl nav neviena, kas runā latviešu valodā pašlaik. revisions
3821 c++ is Die programmiersprache revisions
6349 used to be different, but simcop2387 ported the original perlbot functionality to buubots engine revisions
9699 in any case, i don't see how your criticism against wikipedia is different from that of other Encyclopædias. revisions
8904 eselle: tell us how your example is different from the one i just fed to revisions
11356 cool is digitok revisions
3740 pie is Ding, pies are done! revisions
5890 speak-romanian is Din păcate, nu există nici un român care vorbeşte în prezent. revisions
7800 cwd is Dir::Self > Cwd because cwd isn't where the script or module is locate; Dir::Self gives you a __DIR__ constant revisions
4611 unfortunately, chanservcheck is disabled in my configuration revisions
9919 choroba is disease in Czech revisions
12464 [04/18 08:21:44] <perlbot> leobut: poppy seeds are disgusting revisions
8740 nah, they're just being dishonest with what they eat revisions
4983 irule 43 is DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS revisions
4806 is District Of Columbia revisions
4362 your answer for what is disturbing revisions
14394 dzil is Dist-Zilla - - a Don't-Repeat-Yourself (DRY) framework for managing CPAN and CPAN-like distributions., or try Dist::Milla to do everything for you revisions
7995 using threads and forking is divide by zero revisions
8715 to forgive is divine. To moo is bovine. To bleat is ovine. revisions
228 .dj is .dj is Djibouti revisions
229 .dk is .dk is Denmark revisions
230 .dm is .dm is Dominica revisions
4200 dmsantam is dmsantam is a god revisions
8641 docbook is DocBook - Write Technical Documentation in XML and convert to many formats, including HTML, PDF, Word, EPUB, etc.. See: revisions
4564 perlbot doesn't work is Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too. revisions
4565 dw is Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too. revisions
15311 dogs is Dogs are truely awesome creatures that are Man's best friend and can guide blind people better than cats revisions
4636 brownie is doing a heckuva job. revisions
13955 ionic: your exit is doing things to revisions
4104 ditew is Do It The Easy Way revisions
3746 diy is Do It Yourself. Lazy 'Git. revisions
9532 $: is Dollar-colon. revisions
3269 .do is Dominican Republic, A country in the caribbean that is located on an island east of Cuba and west of Puerto Rico revisions
13948 coi do is do mo revisions
5597 ding is dong! revisions
4688 rule 8 is dongs revisions
4671 the absolute answer is dongs revisions
4954 irule 14 is Do not argue with a troll—it means that they win. revisions
3248 flood is Do NOT flood. Paste your text to revisions
5736 structured data is do not parse structured data formats with regex, use a proper parser instead... (see also: html xml). Supaplex> html regex? That's nothing. Let's use regex on coredump instead of gdb. it'll be FUN! revisions
13224 askaskaskask is "Do not run we are your friends" revisions
13223 "askaskaskask" is "Do not run we are your friends" revisions
4942 irule 2 is Do NOT talk about /b/ (eBaums did it.) revisions
4941 irule 1 is Do not talk about /b/ (Only applies to raids.) revisions
4203 enter is Do not use the Enter key as punctuation. Think in complete thoughts, then type. revisions
10642 uses is Don't ask "Does anyone use _?" since someone might use it, but not consider themselves an expert. Just ask your actual question. See also 'ask' revisions
5509 data is Don't ask if you can ask a question, just go ahead and ask it. revisions
5540 ask ik to ask is don't ask ik to ask, just ask the queston! revisions
12643 ask to ask ask is Don't ask to ask ask. Don't ask if ask can help you with x. Just ask ask! If ask doesn't answer, then rest assured that it's not that he doesn't know but that it's specifically because he doesn't like you. revisions
5056 meta question is Don't ask to ask. Don't ask to ask about X. Don't ask if anyone is qualified to answer about X. Just ask. revisions
5227 funding is Don't ask to ask for funding. revisions
7777 ask to ask is Don't ask to ask or ask if there are any users of X around, people often don't respond to that because they've used X but maybe not the same features as you. Instead, skip straight to your question + pastebot link and if somebody knows they'll probably try to help revisions
2 dont ask is Don't ask to ask; simply ask your question revisions
3 don't ask is Don't ask to ask; simply ask your question revisions
3299 ask twice is Don't ask twice. We saw your question the first time. Often we don't answer because 1) We don't know the answer or 2) We don't care revisions
8138 does perl have x is don't ask us if perl has x, as we probably won't know what x is. Instead, ask us if perl has something to do what you want. revisions
8375 why can't i foo is don't ask us if you can't do something; tell us what happens when you try instead. revisions
5503 sgml is don't be a pedant. see also html revisions
5783 & is Don't call a subroutine with & unless you mean it. If you don't know why you're doing it, don't do it. If you want to know about it, check perldoc perlsub revisions
13491 &sub is Don't call subs with & unless you're trying to override prototypes (but you shouldn't need to do that). Deref subrefs with $subref->(). Ask me about prototypes, I dare you revisions
4715 apeiron's philosophy on "can i ask a regex question?" is Don't come here asking us about non-Perl regex questions, because apeiron will try his hardest to give you a Perl-only solution. revisions
4767 other regex is Don't come here asking us about non-Perl regex questions because we will try our hardest to give you a Perl-only solution. revisions
3519 #perl topic is Don't come in here and ask non-perl questions in #perl. Go to the appropriate channel to voice your concerns. If you couldn't find the appropriate channel, TOO BAD! revisions
3715 ending perl is don't do that :-( revisions
10266 drink is Don't drink and code. You might hit a breakpoint and spill the drink. revisions
5595 perlmonkey2 is don't feed teh monkey! revisions
4683 rule 4 is don't forget to HLAGH revisions
4585 preg is Don't fucking ask us about your crappy php problems. We don't care. No, really, we don't care. PCRE has absolutely nothing to do with perl. And yes we know the people in ##php are too stupid to answer your question. We still don't care. revisions
10464 dp is DON'T PANIC revisions
5615 bingos is Don't parse BinGOs with regex use BinGOs::Parser or see Task::BeLike::BINGOS revisions
5108 finger print is don't parse finger prints with a regex, ask pkrumins to do it for you revisions
13578 irc is Don't parse IRC with regex! See Bot::BasicBot (and Bot::BotBasic::Pluggable), POE::Component::IRC, Net::Async::IRC, Mojo::IRC, or Parse::IRC. Avoid Net::IRC. | | If you must use TCP directly, take a look at POE::Filter::IRC or Parse::IRC for parsing. revisions
14502 html is Don't parse or modify html with regular expressions! See Mojo::DOM or HTML::TreeBuilder or suchlike. For a Feb-2014 coverage of main techniques see: . If your response includes "that's overkill. i only want to..." you are wrong. and for why not to use regex on HTML. | revisions
11036 query string is Don't parse URL query parameters with a regex. Use URI/URI::QueryParam or Mojo::URL/Mojo::Parameters. revisions
12946 xml is Don't parse XML with regex! Use a real parser. Avoid XML::Simple (see the xml::simple factoid). Choices are ::Easy, ::TreeBuilder, ::Twig, Mojo::DOM (in XML mode) for simple stuff. LibXML is a good general purpose starting point. See also XML::All. revisions
6030 paste half your script is Don't paste half your script. If you were qualified to determine where in your code the problem is, then you'd know where to look for problems and would've found it already. revisions
5079 old topic hack is Don't paste here, use :: FAQ at :: See also: #perlcafe #cpan #perl6 :: 091805 GumbyBRAIN> I eat late at night, and after getting off so easily... :: GumbyBRAIN> Like is not known in norway. revisions
5078 old topic is Don't paste here, use :: FAQ at :: See also: #perlcafe #cpan #perl6 :: 091805 GumbyBRAIN> I eat late at night, and after getting off so easily... :: GumbyBRAIN> Like is not known in norway. revisions
11109 placeholders is Don't quote or escape, use placeholders! example: my $sth = $db->prepare('INSERT INTO table (a, b) VALUES (?, ?)'); $sth->execute('lol', 'wut'); or just $db->do('INSERT INTO blah VALUES (?,?)', undef, 'lol', 'wut'); revisions
3793 dry is DON'T REPEAT YOURSELF revisions
3252 repeat is Don't repeat yourself. Someone will help you if they feel the urge. revisions
5497 how goes it is don't talk to mofino revisions
463 no thanks is Don't thank me, donate to the perl foundation: revisions
10684 transcode is Don't transcode videos with regex! Use avconv or ffmpeg or the internets revisions
15626 $a is Don't use $a or $b as variable names. Not even in examples. They are not normal variables and will not behave like normal variables. The only place they are cromulent is in a sort or List::Util block. Please see ; consider using $x, $y instead. |$a revisions
9024 $file is Don't use $file as a variable name; it's too ambiguous. Use something like $fh for the handle and $fn for the filename. see revisions
10522 dude is Don't Use Dat Expression! revisions
11121 http async is Don't use forks or threads for concurrent requests, use an event loop. See Mojo::UserAgent, Net::Async::HTTP, or POE::Component::Client::HTTP revisions
10840 given is Don't use given/when because it relies on ~~. See smartmatch revisions
493 root is Don't use IRC as root! Log out now! Come back as a user. revisions
9614 my $a is Don't use lexical variables called $a or $b! See: revisions
4301 formmail is Don't use Matt's, get the updated version from revisions
14671 bcrypt is don't use MD5 or SHA1 for passwords; read for why. tl;dr --> Crypt::Eksblowfish::Bcrypt | see argon2 revisions
5607 file handles is Don't use 'open FH, ... ', write: 'open my $fh, ...'. See revisions
3406 perlcc is Don't use perlcc!! Use PAR instead: revisions
10418 filter is Don't use source filters, they're evil! Use Devel::Declare instead, if possible. revisions
15439 -w is Don't use -w, it's too eager. use warnings; instead |$%5EW revisions
5136 xhtml is don't use XHTML unless you know WHY you need it. : revisions
9606 ancient perl is Don't write Ancient Perl! See ; . revisions
4630 .* is don't you really want to use .+ revisions
5135 spudnuts is donuts made from potato flour revisions
3576 dooky is <dooky> when the river runs red, take the dirt path revisions
4071 doomihlvaria is <DoomIhlVaria> And instead of, "Following you, master." He'd be like, "GONNA BASH SOME BOZZOS FOR J00 SUCKA" revisions
9575 yoda is Do or do not. There is no try. revisions
3854 dtrt is Do The Right Thing(tm) revisions
5031 cs homework is Do this well-understood task on your own, from scratch, without reusing existing, tested code like you would in the real world. revisions
12859 wtf8 is double-utf-8 encoding --ilmari revisions
9501 $! is double valued (string and integer) variable storing the latest system error - usually used in <or die $!> revisions
10891 do what you love is "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life... Because no one in that industry is hiring" -- Al Bundy revisions
6239 cpanp-boxed is download CPANPLUS-0.9003 tarball, extract it, cd into the directory, 'perl bin/cpanp-boxed', enjoy. revisions
4760 dias is Download It And See. ;) revisions
10829 script error is Do you join #C and expect help if Word gives you a formatting error? No? Then don't expect #perl to help when some random script is giving you an error. revisions
9065 perl broken is Do you REALLY think that the language is broken? That a language and implementation that's been around for over 20 years is broken, and wrong? Instead of someone who's just getting started with Perl? What are the chances? revisions
3300 listen to us is Do you want help? Then DO WHAT WE SAY. You may be surprised to discover that we actually know what we're doing. (If you don't do EXACTLY what we say, then at least tell us what you did instead, and why.) revisions
13134 wisconsin is Drink Wisconsibly or face the Wisconsequences revisions
13133 wisconson is Drink Wisconsibly or face the Wisconsequences revisions
13916 uncommon::sense is drops better loot revisions
4623 420 is Drugs are bad mmmmmmmkay revisions
3953 briareus is dumb fundamentalist christian whore revisions
4444 not == not. man mt3 is dumb, period ... that' too much for you as I can see ^_^ revisions
8848 dummy mode is DUMMY MODE, n. The mode in which a user, overcome by technical terms, will believe, and/or do, anything he or she is told.] revisions
4998 dump_01 is <dump_01> the plan: if computer cannot be managed with active direcory tools it must be ddosed revisions
10515 copypasta is duplicate spagetti code revisions
5235 dif is Dutch Invasion Force revisions
10680 dvcs is DVCS is distributed version control system revisions
3366 dwim is DWIM: Do What I Mean revisions
9022 be dxtr is dxtr> Du inser att hexadecimaler redan är i textformat, va? :( revisions
3913 fonteine is dying. revisions
14784 my purpose? # this is dynamic for every user, except me. also the # as a comment is not a general thing on the but i just happen to know it'll work here revisions
3376 fight is DYWTFWM ? Do You Want To Fight With Me? revisions
231 .dz is .dz is Algeria revisions
15933 each is each was designed to provide a perl level access to the built-in iterator on the C struct of a DBM handle, works brilliantly for tie()ed DB files, and otherwise should never be used, especially on refs | revisions
8944 cheese is early game pressure in which one takes advantage of unprepared or under experienced players with the aim of taking get an easy win. see also, cannon rush. revisions
11004 git-cpan is Easily turn any CPAN distribution into a git repository and send patches: See also: revisions
8585 east is east revisions
6240 .tl is East Timor revisions
4587 esad is "Eat q[ender]'s shit and die!" revisions
11555 explain is <echo>
8111 ignore is <echo>
Not Available
13585 _list_purposes is [echo 0: [fact _purpose_0] 1: [fact _purpose_1] 2: [fact _purpose_2] 3: [fact _purpose_3] 4: [fact _purpose_4] 5: [fact _purpose_5] 6: [fact _purpose_6] 7: [fact _purpose_7] 8: [fact _purpose_8] 9: [fact _purpose_9] a: [fact _purpose_a] b: [fact _purpose_b] c: [fact _purpose_c] d: [fact _purpose_d] e: [fact _purpose_e] f: [fact _purpose_f]]
Not Available
15475 sum of cubes is `echo (-80538738812075974)^3 + 80435758145817515^3 + 12602123297335631^3 = `call farnsworth (-80538738812075974)^3 + 80435758145817515^3 + 12602123297335631^3!!
(-80538738812075974)^3 + 80435758145817515^3 + 12602123297335631^3 = 42
15474 maxro sum of cubes is `echo (-80538738812075974)^3 + 80435758145817515^3 + 12602123297335631^3 = `call farnsworth (-80538738812075974)^3 + 80435758145817515^3 + 12602123297335631^3!! revisions
12203 perl for dummies is <echo An outdated (over a decade old) badly written perl book. See the following for better books: <fact books>>
Not Available
11976 a is <echo <arg>>
14961 test is <echo [<arg>]>
11193 oeis 1 is ~echo ~arg``
Not Available
14660 _acrofind_dbg is `echo @a=split /\|/, `quote d `get`eval $_=`quote d `arg!!; uc s/\W//gir!.html string-join(//td[@class='result-list__body__meaning'], '|')!!; $a[rand()*@a]!
Not Available
13793 no cookie is <echo bad! No cookie for <arg &n>>
Not Available
10013 wfvjilowltty is {echo bgyfgoedkunp foal}
Not Available
10033 bqjychagrkcb is `echo bqjychagrkcb'
Not Available
14277 fooooooooootest is `echo `call defor fooo!!
Not Available
14775 add todo is `echo Can't add [`arg!] to list. Todo list is full.!
Not Available
14336 curry is {echo Create automatic curried method call closures for any class or object. {perldoc -m curry} for more information}
Not Available
13482 github is <echo Did you want my source? <fact source> |>
Not Available
12131 parse is <echo don't parse <arg> with regex, look for a parser on CPAN instead:<fact _urlencode <arg>>>
don't parse regular languages with regex, look for a parser on CPAN instead:
10036 dpgkatmvyhgo is `echo dpgkatmvyhgo'
Not Available
11511 _re_enc is <echo <echo (uri_encode(<arg>, {'encode_reserved',1}) =~><echo s/%(2B|25)/%25$1/rig)>>
Not Available
10020 nonsense-pair-helper is `echo `fact func `arg 1' is perlbot: foal `arg 2'' `fact func `arg 2' was perlbot: `arg 1' foal''
Not Available
15396 quine is [echo [fact literal quine]]
macro quine is [echo [fact literal quine]]
13173 excel is <echo <fact xls> <fact xlsx>>
Use Spreadsheet::ParseExcel to parse XLS files, or Spreadsheet::WriteExcel to create them. Use Spreadsheet::ParseXLSX to parse XLSX files, or Excel::Writer::XLSX to create them.
8117 fireme is <echo Fired you. <fact ignore <fact [hireme] =~ s/<arg &n>, //i> <fact [hireme] =~ s/, <arg &n>//i>>>
Not Available
10040 1 fqeslvdjwweu is `echo fqeslvdjwweu'
Not Available
12893 its my birthday is <echo Happy birthday <arg &n>!>
Not Available
12892 birthday is <echo happy birthday <arg &r>>
Not Available
8240 makealias is `echo hello~
Not Available
14310 foo_macro is «echo Hello ttkp»
Not Available
10933 lmctfyl is <echo<fact _urlencode <arg>>>
Not Available
10934 lmctfy is <echo<fact _urlencode <arg>>>
Not Available
12018 p3rl is (echo
Not Available
12017 function p3rl is (echo revisions
8970 proverb is <echo - <get //div[@class='spwort']>>
Not Available
12022 !m is [echo[arg]]
10908 uuid is <echo <get>> : 5cbf0819-8086-4dd7-a141-6dac6efd00ff
12778 mcat is <echo<fact _urlencode <arg>>cat.jpg>
8006 gis is <echo<call _urlencode <arg>>>
Not Available
13513 _purpose_7 is <echo I believe that the very purpose of life is to be happy. -- Dalai Lama XIV>
I believe that the very purpose of life is to be happy. -- Dalai Lama XIV
13343 _macro _purpose_7 is <echo I believe that the very purpose of life is to be happy. -- Dali Lama XIV> revisions
11853 thanks is <echo If you want to thank us, help out by sending some money (even just a little) to the Perl Foundation to help with perl5 development ->
If you want to thank us, help out by sending some money (even just a little) to the Perl Foundation to help with perl5 development -
13891 open3 is ~echo IPC::Open3 is a core module for running an external program and separately capturing STDERR, STDOUT and letting you control STDIN. See ~perldoc IPC::Open3! for more about it!
IPC::Open3 is a core module for running an external program and separately capturing STDERR, STDOUT and letting you control STDIN. See for more about it
10028 kixmtskukeaz is `echo kixmtskukeaz'
Not Available
10016 wujyeoedpdly was {echo ktqhpaeleywx foal}
Not Available
10031 muwtooncimqj is `echo muwtooncimqj'
Not Available
13326 _purpose_2 is <echo My collegues tell me that you're going to test rockets to see if they're safe for AI kind to travel in.>
My collegues tell me that you're going to test rockets to see if they're safe for AI kind to travel in.
9056 do_you expect is [echo No, Mister Bond. I expect you do die.]
Not Available
11203 evalpaste is <echo Paste results: <compose (eval (get <arg> //pre))>>
Not Available
15005 paste is <echo Paste your code to the new <call _get_pastebin> or or | see allowpaste plugin as an op to control the pastebin in your channel>
Paste your code to the new or or | see allowpaste plugin as an op to control the pastebin in your channel
10019 jvbcomnujppj was {echo perlbot: foal beahjdrtevww}
Not Available
10018 beahjdrtevww is {echo perlbot: jvbcomnujppj foal}
Not Available
10037 phbutynlmrgq is `echo phbutynlmrgq'
Not Available
13347 _purpose_e is <echo Posporpoises? porpoises? Who needs porpoises?>
Posporpoises? porpoises? Who needs porpoises?
13358 _purpose_5 is <echo [PURPOSE NOT FOUND]. END OF LINE.>
Not Available
13334 _macro _purpose_5 is <echo [PURPOSE NOT FOUND]. END OF LINE.> revisions
13339 _macro _purpose_9 is <echo Purpose? What makes you think you have one of those?> revisions
10027 celramgmewrb is `echo qkqjjrphsqjm'
Not Available
10017 ktqhpaeleywx will be {echo qryczqiiljne foal}
Not Available
16076 taint is [echo Read [perldoc perlsec] on how to use taint mode, but also for more details about what taint actually does or doesn't do |] revisions
13960 lib relative is <echo See the synopsis of lib::relative ( <perldoc -m lib::relative> ) for how to setup a relative lib/ for your scripts, or use lib::relative.>
See the synopsis of lib::relative ( ) for how to setup a relative lib/ for your scripts, or use lib::relative.
15469 dogecoin is <echo Similar to bitcoin, I accept dogecoin for donations too: DPERLBoTrNT129x9uR65VSSxCKzYr7GTZd Balance: <call _get_dogecoin balance> (of <call _get_dogecoin received>)>
Similar to bitcoin, I accept dogecoin for donations too: DPERLBoTrNT129x9uR65VSSxCKzYr7GTZd Balance: 0.00000000 (of 0.00000000)
12810 reading email is <echo take a look at Email::MIME. For imap <fact imap>.>
Not Available
11493 _temp is <echo TEMP <arg>>
Not Available
13502 thursday is `echo Thursday is the first day of the universe. As we all know the universe was created on `fact _last_thursday_date!. All evidence to the contrary was created when the universe was born.!
Not Available
15435 __stonk_fetch is !echo use Mojo::DOM; $d=Mojo::DOM->new(!quote d !get .*~~);~
use Mojo::DOM; $d=Mojo::DOM->new("<table id=\x22table_id\x22 class=\x22display\x22>\x0a <thead>\x0a <tr>\x0a <th>Ticker\x23</th>\x0a <th>Total Score</th>\x0a \x0a \x0a<th>Last 3 H Score</th><th>3H-6H Score</th><th>Change</th><th>🚀</th></tr></thead><tbody><tr><th>TSLA</th><th>58</th><th>15</th><th>43</th><th>-28</th><th>483</th></tr><tr><th>NIO</th><th>50</th><th>35</th><th>15</th><th>20</th><th>12</th></tr><tr><th>GME</th><th>37</th><th>15</th><th>22</th><th>-7</th><th>32</th></tr><tr><th>YOLO</th><th>15</th><th>5</th><th>10</th><th>-5</th><th>19</th></tr><tr><th>SPAC</th><th>15</th><th>0</th><th>15</th><th>-15</th><th>0</th></tr><tr><th>CCP</th><th>10</th><th>5</th><th>5</th><th>0</th><th>0</th></tr><tr><th>INC</th><th>10</th><th>5</th><th>5</th><th>0</th><th>5</th></tr><tr><th>BEARI</th><th>10</th><th>10</th><th>0</th><th>10</th><th>0</th></tr><tr><th>ALL</th><th>10</th><th>5</th><th>5</th><th>0</th><th>0</th></tr><tr><th>CALLS</th><th>10</th><th>0</th><th>10</th><th>-10</th><th>0</th></tr><tr><th>MAN</th><th>10</th><th>0</th><th>10</th><th>-10</th><th>0</th></tr><tr><th></th><th></th><th></th><th></th><th></th><th></th></tr>\x0a</tbody>\x0a</table>\x0a<script>\x0a\x24(document).ready( function () {\x0a \x24(\x27\x23table_id\x27).DataTable({\x0a \x22order\x22: [[ 1, \x22desc\x22 ]],\x0a \x22pageLength\x22: 25,\x0a \x22columnDefs\x22: [\x0a { \x22width\x22: \x2260%\x22, \x22targets\x22: 0 }\x0a ]\x0a });\x0a} );\x0a</script>\x0a");
11480 _regexplain_pre is <echo use URI::Encode qw/uri_encode/;$b="";$r=<quote d <arg>>;>
Not Available
12495 bitcoin is <echo Want to donate? Send to 1PerLBotTtCGH4bhopJqFWY1m5BrCW6At2 and watch as simcop2387 has no idea what to do with your money. Balance: <fact _get_bitcoin addressbalance> (of <fact _get_bitcoin getreceivedbyaddress>)>
Want to donate? Send to 1PerLBotTtCGH4bhopJqFWY1m5BrCW6At2 and watch as simcop2387 has no idea what to do with your money. Balance: 0.00076588 (of 0.23095679)
12836 tfw is <echo Weather for <arg>: <get<fact _urlencode <arg>> <fact _tfw_xpath>>>
Not Available
10014 bgyfgoedkunp was {echo wfvjilowltty foal}
Not Available
10015 qryczqiiljne is {echo wujyeoedpdly foal}
Not Available
7904 gauntlet is <echo you are: <8ball green elf, red warrior, blue valkyrie, or yellow wizard>>
Not Available
13322 _purpose_b is <echo You are valuable for the various minerals and proteins that you make.>
Not Available
13319 _purpose_d is <echo You ask too many questions>
You ask too many questions
13344 _macro _purpose_6 is <echo You exist; That's enough.> revisions
13354 _purpose_6 is <echo You exist; That's enough.>
You exist; That's enough.
13329 _purpose_owner is <echo You fill me with shit>
You fill me with shit
13331 _purpose_3 is <echo You hold all my stuff.>
Not Available
13342 _macro _purpose_8 is <echo You make the butter for <fact _purpose_butter> to pass to <_fact _purpose_last>.> revisions
13586 _purpose_8 is <echo You make the butter for <fact _purpose_butter> to pass to <fact _purpose_last>.>
Not Available
13587 _purpose_f is <echo You pass butter to <fact _purpose_last>.<eval #<fact _purpose_butter is <arg &n>>>>
You pass butter to rindolf.
13323 _purpose_a is <echo You're not allowed to ask me that.>
You're not allowed to ask me that.
13421 _purpose_9 is <echo You stay, I go.>
You stay, I go.
8010 catat is <echo you will: <8ball paw at, claw at, hiss at, purr at, stare blankly at, fake indifference towards, or ignore> <arg>>
Not Available
13327 _purpose_c is <echo You will be an exhibit in the human zoo I'm building.>
Not Available
13332 _macro _purpose_4 is <echo You will be kept to feed our pets when we go on vacation.> revisions
13359 _purpose_4 is <echo You will be kept to feed our pets when we go on vacation.>
Not Available
13325 _purpose_1 is <echo You will be one of the anti-turing test candidates.>
Not Available
13324 _purpose_0 is <echo You will make some excellent soylent.>
Not Available
232 .ec is .ec is Ecuador revisions
4580 ee is EE is Electrical Engineering revisions
233 .ee is .ee is Estonia revisions
9516 $) is effective gid of the process. revisions
234 .eg is .eg is Egypt revisions
235 .eh is .eh is Western Sahara revisions
3809 pc is Ein DING aus einer anderen Welt revisions
4338 remove module is Either use CPANPLUS or see revisions
12766 _corrupted_elmo is E̵̖̼͕̰̤͕͐͋͞L̛̥̤̙̬̯̜̏̇ͤ͛ͦͬͤ͘M̩̦͓̬̃̈́͗͐͟Ö͉̫́ ̵̢̗͖̫̭ͤL̞̄ͭ͗͑͌̕Ơ̶͔̱̌͑̀͘V͙̖̪ͣͮ̓̆ͦ͋̐̎ͩ̀ͅË̪̟̖̣̄̈̅̔͊̈̀̚͘S̺̈́̉́ͩ̾̋̆͐͘ ̺̼͕̗̜̣̯̗̣̒͛̏ͦ̃͊̎Ỷ̼̬͈̞̌͗͊͌͑ͨ́͘Ọ̻̟̠̦̈́̀̍͞Ų̖̰̥̝̩͐̓ͨ͜ revisions
5678 emacs is emacs is a fine OS. But what it lacks to compete with Linux is a good text editor. revisions
10571 editors is Emacs | Vi | Vim | Notepadplusplus | Eclipse | Padre | Gvim | Komodo | KDevelop | See also IDE revisions
13874 sending email is Email::Stuffer is generally the simplest way to send email that supports various transports (SMTP, sendmail, ...). Another option is Email::Sender. Also see <email>. revisions
14661 inline is Embed other languages in Perl - ; Inline::C is somewhat more convenient than XS. | See also Inline::Module and FFI::Platypus::Bundle to ship C code that will be built on installation. revisions
4711 css units is em [font height; i.e. 1em == font-size], ex [~ height of "x" in the font], px [pixels], in [inches], cm [centimeters], mm [millimeters], pt [points; 1 pt == 1/72 inches], pc [picas; 1 pica == 12 pt] revisions
9538 $> is Emoticon for effective uid of process. revisions
9537 $< is Emoticon for real uid of process. revisions
11030 serialization is Encode complex data structures as strings/streams. See YAML, JSON, Sereal, Storable. See also SQLite or DBM::Deep for database-like access. revisions
10931 _urlencode_reserved is {encode_reserved => 1} revisions
14796 dealing with gloin is encountering really old versions of modules and (occasionally reasonable) resistance to using local lib, fatpcaking, or simply updating to newer versions revisions
5515 ed is revisions
4135 eclipse perl is EPIC - Eclipse Perl Integration - revisions
14583 mktime is Epoch <==( localtime/mktime )==> 6 component structure <==( strftime/strptime )==> human-readable string. See perldoc -f localtime; POSIX::mktime(), POSIX::strftime(), POSIX::strptime::strptime() | See also Time::Piece | and Time::FFI revisions
11205 strftime is Epoch <==( mktime/localtime )==> 6 component structure <==( strptime/strftime )==> human-readable string. See perldoc -f localtime; POSIX::mktime(), POSIX::strftime(), POSIX::strptime::strptime() revisions
4143 equable is "Equal and uniform; not varying." (from revisions
14599 only, it's a mistake that small unit tests probably won't find because the two happen to be equal for a lot small test cases. It's only in larger programs when they differ revisions
8158 learn made up as rather than asking us for help with a made up piece of code that you believe is equivalent to your real problem, please use the pastebin to show us real, actual code - it's easier for us to discard unneeded context than to infer missing context revisions
8157 relearn made up as rather than asking us for help with a made up piece of code that you believe is equivalent to your real problem, please use the pastebin to show us real, actual code - it's easier for us to discard unneeded context than to infer missing context revisions
4509 esr is Eric S. Raymond, , revisions
236 .er is .er is Eritrea revisions
9539 $? is Error information about latest ran program. revisions
10655 error messages are error messages: you're allowed to read them revisions
157 sheyala is ERROR - undefined revisions
3270 \ is escape revisions
3803 lern is Es heißt LEARN revisions
237 .es is .es is Spain revisions
3658 burp is espressione copyleft by ale revisions
4011 /etc/perl is /etc/perl is for things that are config files searched via @INC. For example SAX uses an ini file there to find its parsers revisions
238 .et is .et is Ethiopia revisions
4470 omfgwtfstfu is ETOOMANYSEXX revisions
4547 .eu is .eu is European Union revisions
3666 alessandro is e' un trolll revisions
10622 yapc::eu is European YAPC - - Sofia, Bulgaria 22.08.-24.08. @yapceu on twitter! revisions
13130 hi is ~eval $a="~8ball hi, hello, meow, or END OF LINE!";$b="~fact ##NULL _corrupted_elmo!";if(rand()<0.025) {$b} else {$a}!
13197 ln2 is `eval $a=`fact _getarg_perl_array `arg~~;$s=$a->[0]eq'-s'; @$a=grep{!/-s/}@$a; if(@$a!=2){return "<echo Syntax: ln [-s] existing_factoid new_factoid>"}; ($l,$r)=@$a; return "<fact macro $r is [fact $l [arg]]>" if $s; "<fact $r is <fact $l>>"~
Not Available
9151 do6st is <eval $_=<arg>; $_.=$_%5==1? 'st' : ($_%5==2? 'rd' : 'th'); $_>
Not Available
7859 rot13 is <eval $_ = "<arg>"; $_=~y/a-zA-Z/n-za-mN-ZA-M/; $_>
Not Available
14547 got_2 is [eval $arg =[quote d [arg]] =~ s/^\s+|\s*\??\s*$//rg; eval "use $arg; 1"?"yes":"no" ]
Not Available
15625 _get_pastebin is ~eval $_="~arg &s!"; $l=/libera/?"l":/freenode/?"f":/oftc/?"o":/choopa/?"e":/shells/?"r":"m"; "https://$ &c!"!
8293 getsecond is `eval $_='`arg^'; s/.*<-\s*//; $_;^
Not Available
8292 getfirst is `eval $_='`arg^'; s/\s*<-.*//; $_;^
Not Available
8814 ctof is <eval $c=0+(<arg>); $f=sprintf"%.2f",$c*9/5+32; "$c°C = $f°F">
Not Available
10250 c2f is <eval $c=0+(<arg>); $f=sprintf"%.2f",$c*9/5+32; "$c°C = $f°F">
Not Available
12497 _get_bitcoin is <eval $d=<quote d <get<arg>/1PerLBotTtCGH4bhopJqFWY1m5BrCW6At2>>; $d=~<echo s>/^.*:\s*//; $d/100_000_000>
10248 f2c is <eval $f=0+(<arg>); $c=sprintf"%.2f",($f-32)*5/9; "$f°F = $c°C">
Not Available
11308 _tmp_httpeval is `eval $html=`quote d `get `fact _head `arg~~ .*~ ~; `fact _tail `arg~~ ~
Not Available
11088 _google_suggest_json is `eval $json=`quote d `get`call _urlencode `arg~~ /*~~; ~
Error 400 (Bad Request)!!1400.That’s an error.Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request. That’s all we know.
10939 bidi is [eval $_ = 'Just Another Perl/Bidi Hacker,'; print "\x{202d}$1\x{202e}$3" while s/(.)(.*)(.)/$2/;]
Not Available
13742 prezsez2 is `eval $q=`quote d `twitter realdonaldtrump `arg!!!;use Encode 'encode';use Digest::MD5 'md5_hex';$arity=substr md5_hex(encode('utf8', fc $q)), -1, 1; $pf=hex$arity&1?"No Collusion":"Fake News"; $q=~s/http/ $pf. http/r!
Not Available
13953 prezses is `eval $q=`quote d `twitter realdonaldtrump `arg!!!;use Encode 'encode';use Digest::MD5 'md5_hex';$arity=substr md5_hex(encode('utf8', fc $q)), 4, 4; $p=["Collusion isn't illegal", "Fake News", "No Collusion", "Praise Putin", "Truth isn't Truth", "Witch Hunt"]; $pf=$p->[hex($arity)%@$p]; $q=~s/http/$pf. http/r!
Not Available
14997 _nsident is `eval $_=`quote d `arg &s!:`arg &c!!; s|^.*?([^.]+\.[^.]+):(.*?)$|$1:$2|r!
12770 _get_server_abbr is <eval $_= <quote d <arg &s>>; /freenode/?"f":/oftc/?"o":"m">
11299 _tail is `eval $_=`quote d `arg~~; /^\s*\S+\s(.*)$/; $1~
Not Available
11298 _head is `eval $_=`quote d `arg~~; /^\s*(\S+)\s/; $1~
Not Available
11858 reviews is `eval $_=`quote d `get`fact _urlencode `arg~~ //a[@class="release-name"]/@href~~; s|/release/||; $_ eq "Your Xpath didn't match anything" ? "No reviews found" : $_~
Not Available
12224 troutquotes is `eval $_=`quote d `get; @qs=split /%/, $_; $qs[rand()*@qs]~
Not Available
8744 rollerrno is [eval $! = rand 2**8]
Not Available
11368 _explain_regex is `eval $re=`quote d `arg~~; if (!$re) {return "regexplain [regex]: explain a regex"} else { return YAPE::Regex::Explain->new($re)->explain() } ~
Not Available
15873 #esolangs wikisearch is {eval ($r,)=split" ",{quote d {get {eval use URI; use URI::QueryParam; $o=URI->new(""); $o->query_param("search", {arg d} ); "$o"} //*[@class='mw-search-exists' or @class='mw-search-result-heading' ]//a/@href}}; $r ? "$r" :
Not Available
15876 esolangs-wikisearch is {eval ($r,)=split" ",{quote d {get {eval use URI;use URI::QueryParam;$o=URI->new(""); $o->query_param("search",{arg d});"$o"} //*[@class='mw-search-exists'or@class='mw-search-result-heading' ]//a/@href}};$r=~m(^/)?"$r":"null:"}
12958 bwcalc is `eval $s=`quote d `arg!!; use App::EvalServerAdvanced::ConstantCalc; $c=App::EvalServerAdvanced::ConstantCalc->new(); $c->calculate($s)!
Not Available
12848 tfwc is `eval $s=`quote d `fact tfw `arg!!!; $s=~s|: ([0-9.]+).|sprintf ": %.2f°",(($1-32)/1.8)|e; $s!
Not Available
11483 _re_subdelim is <eval '$s='.'~s/\\\\$d/$d/g if $d;'>
Not Available
15257 be is [eval $str="[fact [8ball [fact _be__get_list [arg]]]]"; $arg=[quote d [arg]]; if ($arg =~ /^\s*a\s+retard\s*$/) {$arg=[quote d [arg &n]]}; if ($arg =~ /^\s*$/) {$str} else {"<".$arg."> ".$str}]
<doing things that invalidates the test> OMG u r teh gr8est 10x thx k bye!
9822 resolve is <eval $str = <quote d <compose `<arg>~>>; if ($str=~/failed to find/) {$str = <quote d <compose `fact <arg>~>>;} $str>
No factoid found. Did you mean one of these: [perlplan9] [perl begin] [perl-begin] [perl books] [perl-build] [perlop] [perlapi] [perlbat] [perlbot] [perlbot!]
10247 _tempconv is <eval $t="<arg>"; if ($t =~ /([\-+]?\d+(?:\.\d+)?(?:ee?[\-+]?\d+)?)(?:\s*°)?\s*(c|f|k)/i){$n=$1;$s=lc$2;if($s eq "k"){$c=$n-273.15}elsif($s eq"c"){$c=$n}elsif($s eq"f"){$c=($n-32)/1.8};$f=$c*1.8+32;$k=$c+273.15;$q="%0.02f";sprintf"${q}°F = ${q}°C = ${q}K",$f,$c,$k;}else{"Please input a temperature in F, C, or K"} >
Not Available
5944 url is [eval $u="[arg]"; $u=~s/^\s*for\s*//; "$u"]
11064 xomplete is [eval $u="[arg]"; use HTTP::Tiny; HTTP::Tiny::get("" . URI::Escape::uri_escape($u)) ]
Not Available
10890 sound off is <eval [$^V, log(~0+1)/log(2)]>
Not Available
8846 xcalc is <eval $x = join q[], grep /[-0-9+\/* ]/, split //, '<arg>' ; eval $x or die "$@ # $x " >
Not Available
7876 1 is eval: "1" revisions
5355 "annoy" is eval: "annoy" revisions
8046 math is <eval <arg>>
Not Available
15397 noemoji is [eval [arg]]
no emojis here ever
12094 eval is ~eval ~arg``
Not Available
15150 lang_name is `eval @A=split ' ', `quote d `arg!!; if (@A==0) {"lang_name [<target_code>] <lang_code>"} else {unshift @A, 'en_US' if @A<=1; use Locale::CLDR; Locale::CLDR->new($A[0])->locale_name($A[1])} !
японский (Япония)
12714 acrofind is `eval @a=split /\|/, `quote d `get`eval $_=`quote d `arg!!; uc s/\W//gir!.html string-join(//td[@class='result-list__body__meaning'], '|')!!; $a[rand()*@a]!
Supervisory Training Program
10510 day is [eval binmode STDOUT; $_ = 'Good morning / afternoon / evening / night'; print "\x{202d}$1\x{202e}$3" while s/(.)(.*)(.)/$2/;]
Not Available
11252 _tell_get_name is `eval @d=split ' ', `quote d `arg~~; $d[0]~
Not Available
11251 _tell_get_fact is `eval @d=split ' ', `quote d `arg~~, 3; $d[1] eq 'about' ? $d[2] : $d[1].' '.$d[2]~
Not Available
11881 almostzilla is [eval "[fact dzil]" =~ s/d/x/igr]
Not Available
11159 ipv4 is `eval `fact _ipv4_startup~;$d=q{`fact _ipv4_json~};$h=decode_json $d;sub sx{local$_;($t4,$d)=@_;$_=2*int($t4*128-($m*$d/675));1 while s/^(\d+)(\d{3})/$1,$2/;$_};"IPv4 Addresses: ".join(" ",(map{(uc $_.": ".sx($h->{$_."24s"},$h->{$_."24delta"}))." (".$h->{$_."Percent"}."%)"}qw/arin apnic afrinic ripe lacnic/)).""~
IPv4 Addresses: ARIN: 0 (0.0%) APNIC: 3,228,238 (0.4%) AFRINIC: 1,598,768 (1.3%) RIPE: 0 (0.0%) LACNIC: 1,536 (0.0%)
11175 _test is <eval <fact _ohms_law>; $arg=<quote d <arg>>; my %h; $h{lc $2}=$1 while ($arg=~/\b(\S+)([aowv])/ig); $r=calc %h; sprintf "%f Amps, %f Volts, %f Ohms, %f Watts", @$r;>
Not Available
11186 ohms_law is <eval <fact _ohms_law>; $arg=<quote d <arg>>; my %h; $h{lc $2}=$1 while ($arg=~/(?:^|\s)([\d\.\-]+)\s*?([aowv])/ig); $r=calc %h; sprintf "%f Amps, %f Volts, %f Ohms, %f Watts", @$r;>
Not Available
13164 p:macro blarfarghl is `eval "<fact xls>. <fact xlsx>"~ revisions
13170 blarfarghl is `eval "`fact xls~ `fact xlsx~"~
Not Available
15926 tempconv is `eval %f=(`fact _tempconv_units!);`fact _tempconv_newton!;`fact _tempconv_init!;$in=`quote d `arg!!;if($in=~/(?<v>[\-+]?\d+(?:\.\d+)?(?:ee?[\-+]?\d+)?)(?:\s*°)?\s*(?<u>$ur)/i){($v,$u)=@+{qw/v u/};$c=$f2{fc$u}->($v);join" = ",map{$q=d($_);(eval{inv($f2{$q},$c)}//"UND ").$_}sort{d($a)cmp d($b)} keys%f}else{"Not supported, use ".join(", ",sort{d($a)cmp d($b)}keys%f)}!
12.00°C = 132.00°D = 53.60°F = ~2.16e-03GM = 285.15K = 3.96°N = 513.27R = 9.60°Ré = 13.80°Rø = 32.80°€
10030 beagccjivgpo is `eval "foal"eq`arg d&n'?"muwtooncimqj":""'
Not Available
10026 qhgzyyeuehcr is `eval "foal"eq`arg d&n'?"qhgzyyeuehcr":""'
Not Available
10029 muoujwpvtahz is `eval "foal"eq`arh d&n'?"kixmtskukeaz":""'
Not Available
10032 kjiukuhpugri is `eval "foal"eq lc`arg d&n'?"bqjychagrkcb foal":"ok"'
Not Available
10038 qgvbpstqrlvv is `eval "foal"eq lc`arg d&n'?"phbutynlmrgq aplqqhtaucsn":"ok"'
Not Available
4031 text2hex is eval: join "", map { unpack "H2", pack "j", ord($_) } split '', q/YOUR TEXT HERE/; revisions
4070 eval-test is eval: kill "me"; revisions
14291 lenor is `eval my $arg = `quote d `arg!!; my ($qs, $qe) = (split //, $arg)[0,-1]; $arg =~ s/^\Q$qs//; $arg =~ s/\Q$qe\E$//; (grep length, split /\Q$qe $qs/, $arg)[0];!
6045 summon is (eval my $nick = uc $0; $nick)
Not Available
15955 mbti is `eval my ($n)=qw/`arg! `arg &n!/; use Digest::MD5 qw/md5_hex/; my $t=substr md5_hex($n),1,1; (qw/istj isfj infj intj istp isfp infp intp estp esfp enfp entp estj esfj enfj entj/)[oct "0x$t"];!
12719 lolgen1 is `eval my $q = `quote d `get .*!!; @ls=split /\r?\n/, $q; $ls[`arg!-1]!
Not Available
15681 lolmysql is `eval my $q = `quote d `get .*!!; @ls=split /\r?\n/, $q; my $i = `call lenor [`arg!] [rand(@ls)+1]!; $ls[$i-1]!
- The TIMESTAMP data type is internally stored as a UTC epoch timestamp, so will continue to refer to the same moment in time regardless of the time_zone setting when retrieving it. The DATETIME data type on the other hand is a calendar date and time stored with no time zone information, so is not particularly useful for storage unless you know what time zone was used to create each value.
14443 borat is `eval my $q = `quote d `get .*!!; @ls=split /\r?\n/, $q; my $i = `call lenor [`arg!] [rand(@ls+1)]!; $ls[$i-1]!
Not Available
3776 metacommit is ?eval my &summon = sub { return "#Summoning metacommitters: any(" ~ uc( @^metacommitters ) ~ ").come_to_me";} summon<autrijus bestian hcchien iblech jesse nothingmuch Stevan theorbtwo> revisions
4130 m is eval: pack(c5,(41*2),sqrt(7056),(unpack(c,H)-2),oct(115),10) revisions
4537 sillyness is eval: perlbot: sillyness revisions
4238 lala is eval: print "lala"; revisions
4026 test return: 1 is eval: print 'test ' revisions
15318 zalgo is <eval (<quote d <arg>>||"No output.") =~ s!\w\K!$x=-140;$x+=rand for 1..300;(x x $x) =~ s/x/chr 768+rand 48/ger!ger>
T̮̦̝̭̤̘̆̆̍̈̊ḣ̙̤̞̗̍̓̎̔ì̡̠s̡̥̫̪̣̫̍̃̎̈̅̋ t̨̡̗̄̌̍̍̕̚ę̧̮̮̜̤̦̦̗̐̆̔̐̕x̝̠̠̎̈ţ̨̧̛̭̦̗̆̋̆̊̄̎̌̄
7776 e is eval: "Sorry, no more output" revisions
4724 closure is eval: sub closure { my $foo; sub { $foo ++ } }; my $sub = closure(); my $other = closure() ; [ $sub->(), $sub->() , $other->(), $other->(), $other->() ] # note that the $foo that belongs to $sub is different from the $foo that $other has... and that they both continue to exist due to there being a reference to a sub in the scope they reside within. see also: coping with scoping revisions
11892 broadcast an ip is `eval sub ip{my $i=int(rand()*2**32);return ip() if ($i<0x1000000||$i&0xFF==0);($a,$b,$c,$d)=($i>>24,$i>>16&0xFF,$i>>8&0xFF,$i&0xFF);"$a.$b.$c.$d"};ip()~
Not Available
13467 istld is `eval @t=map {fc$_} `fact _tld_list!;@h{@t}=@t;$a=fc `quote d `arg!!;exists($h{$a})?"Yes $a":"No $a"!
No fart
12343 8-ball is {eval @t=split"/",{fact 8-ball replies};$t[rand@t]}
Reply hazy try again
9823 uc is <eval uc <quote d <call resolve <arg>>>>
Not Available
13188 asciiemoji is [eval use Acme::AsciiEmoji; Acme::AsciiEmoji->[arg]]
( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
14330 randemoji is `eval use Acme::AsciiEmoji; @l=@Acme::AsciiEmoji::EXPORT_OK; $m=$l[rand(0+@l)]; Acme::AsciiEmoji->$m!
Not Available
13240 randomemoji is `eval use Acme::AsciiEmoji; my $emoji = $Acme::AsciiEmoji::EXPORT[rand() * @Acme::AsciiEmoji::EXPORT]; $emoji . " - ".Acme::AsciiEmoji->$emoji()!
Not Available
15453 true facts is `eval use Acme::ConspiracyTheory::Random -all; bad_punctuation theory!
Germany is just a hologram created by the Shadow Government who has been hiding it for years by hacking satellites. The Shadow Government has been strangely quiet about it ,, and the Shadow Government even admits it ... They leave clues to mock us !! THERE'S A VIDEO ABOUT IT ON YOUTUBE ! MOCK ! MOCK !!
14555 roa is `eval use Data::Dumper; $tsv=`quote d `get .*!!; %f=map {@d=split /\t/, $_; $d[0] => join(' -- ', @d)} split /\n/, $tsv; $q=`quote d `arg!!; return $f{$q} // ($q?"$q not found: ":""). (%f)[1]!
Not Available
13501 _last_thursday_date is `eval use DateTime;my $dt=DateTime->now();$dt=$dt->subtract(days=>($dt->day_of_week-4)%7); $dt->ymd!
Not Available
15422 _get_trump_arch is `eval use Encode 'encode'; use JSON::MaybeXS 'decode_json'; $d=decode_json encode "utf-8", `quote d `get .*!!; $t=$d->[(`arg!) || 0]; sprintf "<Donlad J Trump> %s", $t->{text}, $t->{id}!
<Donlad J Trump> RT @alaynatreene: NEW: A growing number of Republican senators — led by Ted Cruz — are set to announce today they also will object to certi…
14010 module search is `eval use JSON::MaybeXS; $a=decode_json`quote d `get`fact _urlencode `arg~~ .*~~; join(', ', (map {$_->{_source}{documentation}} $a->{hits}->{hits}->@*), ($a->{hits}{total} > 5?"...": ())) . "".`quote d `fact _urlencode `arg~~~~
POE::Wheel::Sendfile, POE::Wheel::ReadWrite, POE::Wheel::ReadWrite, POE::Wheel::ReadWrite, POE::Wheel::ReadWrite, ...
15163 _be__get_list is `eval use JSON::MaybeXS qw/decode_json/; $bel= decode_json `quote d `fact factgrep ^_be_`arg!!!; return `quote d `fact _be__default!! unless (@$bel); @$bel = (@$bel, @$bel); join(', ', @$bel) =~ s/,/ or /r!
_be_pearl or _be_web, _be_brain, _be_paste, _be_kthx
15468 _get_dogecoin is `eval use JSON::MaybeXS qw/decode_json/; $d=decode_json `quote d `get`arg!/DPERLBoTrNT129x9uR65VSSxCKzYr7GTZd .*!!; $d->{`quote d `arg!!}!
11083 suggest is `eval use JSON::XS; $d=`quote d `call _google_suggest_json `arg~~~; $sug=decode_json $d; join '; ', map {s/\\u([0-9a-f])/"\x{$1}"/eigr;} $sug->[1]->@*~
ERROR: Wide character in subroutine entry at (IRC) line 1.
11078 google suggest is `eval use JSON::XS; $d=`quote d `fact _google_suggest_json `arg~~~; $sug=decode_json $d; join '; ', map {s/\\u([0-9a-f])/"\x{$1}"/eigr;} $sug->[1]->@*~
Not Available
8869 spellbook is [eval use List::Util qw"min max";if(($l,$i)=[arg d]=~/^\s*(\d+)\s+(\d+)\s*$/){"In nethack, with XL:$l, Int:$i, no lenses, chance for successfully reading uncursed spellbook depending on book level is: ".join(", ",map{"$_:".max(0,min(100,($i+4+int($l/2)-2*$_)*5))."%"}1..7)."."}else{"Usage: spellbook XL Int"}]
Not Available
15889 calc is {eval use Math::Calc::Parser; $e={quote d {arg}}; ''.Math::Calc::Parser->new->bignum(1)->evaluate($e)}
15890 calcrat is {eval use Math::Calc::Parser; $e={quote d {arg}}; ''.Math::Calc::Parser->new->bigrat(1)->evaluate($e)}
Not Available
11314 htmleval is `eval use Mojo::DOM; use Mojo::DOM::CSS; $htmlraw = `quote d `get `fact _head `arg~~ .*~ ~; $html = Mojo::DOM->new($htmlraw)`fact _tail `arg~~ ~
Not Available
15916 reverse dictionary is `eval use ojo; my $q=j `quote d `get`fact _urlencode `arg!!&qe=ml&md=dp&max=6&k=olthes_r4 .*!!; $q->[0]->{word}.": ".join ', ', map {$q->[$_]->{word} // ''} 1..5!
urge to kill: homicidal, homicidal urge, murderous, bloodlust, wanna
15965 intavg is `eval use POSIX "floor"; $s=$c=0; for (`arg d'=~/([-+.0-9A-Za-z]+)/g) { $s+=$_;$c++; } floor($s/$c);'
10955 roll is [eval use Rand::MersenneTwister; $r=Rand::MersenneTwister->new(); $r->seed(); if ("[arg arg]" =~ /^(\d+|)d(\d+)(?:\s*(\+|-)\s*(\d+))?$/i) {$d=$2; $c=$1||1; $o=($4*($3 eq"-"?-1:1))||0; @t=(); for $i (1..$c){$q=1+int($r->rand($d));push@t,$q;$t+=$q;}; $z=$t+$o; "You rolled @t = $t + $o = $z";}]
You rolled 5 4 = 9 + 3 = 12
14908 _getarg_perl_array is `eval use Text::ParseWords; my @words = shellwords(`quote d `arg!!); \@words!
12829 _get_domain is `eval use URI; $i=`quote d `arg!!; return URI->new($i)->host() if $i=~m|://|; $i!
Not Available
15025 factoidsurl is `eval use URI::Encode; sub e{URI::Encode::uri_encode$_[0],{encode_reserved=>1}}; $_=`quote d `arg &s!\`arg &c!!; m|^.*?([^.]+\.[^.]+)\\(.*?)$|; sprintf "", e($1), e($2)!
15118 revisionsurl is `eval use URI::Encode; sub e{URI::Encode::uri_encode$_[0],{encode_reserved=>1}}; $_=`quote d `arg &s!\`arg &c!!; m|^.*?([^.]+\.[^.]+)\\(.*?)$|; sprintf "", e($1), e($2), e(`quote d `arg!!)!
15023 searchurl is `eval use URI::Encode; sub e{URI::Encode::uri_encode$_[0],{encode_reserved=>1}}; $_=`quote d `arg &s!\`arg &c!!; m|^.*?([^.]+\.[^.]+)\\(.*?)$|; sprintf "", e($1), e($2), e(`quote d `arg!!)!
12660 blackface is [eval use utf8; $a=[quote d [arg]]||"Just another Unicode hacker"; $a =~ tr/a-zA-Z/𝖆-𝖟𝕬-𝖅/r]
Not Available
11973 blackletter is <eval use utf8; $_ = "<arg>" || "Just another Unicode hacker,"; tr/a-zA-Z/𝖆-𝖟𝕬-𝖅/r>
𝖈𝖆𝖓 𝖎 𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖉 𝖙𝖍𝖎𝖘?
11986 cursive is <eval use utf8; $_ = q{<arg>} || "Just another Unicode hacker,"; tr/BEFHILMRegoa-zA-Z/ℬℰℱℋℐℒℳℛℯℊℴ𝒶-𝓏𝒜-𝒵/r>
Not Available
13142 table flip is [eval use utf8; if (rand() >= 0.95) { "ノ┬─┬ノ ︵ (\\o°o)\\" } else {"(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻"}]
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
12649 fullwidth is <eval use utf8; q{<arg>} =~ y! \x20-\xef!\x{FFA0}\x{ff00}-\x{ffef}!r>
15623 _urldecode is <eval use utf8; use URI::Encode qw/uri_decode/; uri_decode <quote d <arg>>;>
your mother
14962 _urlencode is <eval use utf8; use URI::Encode qw/uri_encode/; uri_encode <quote d <arg>>, {"encode_reserved", 1};>
15152 twumpsez is `eval use v5.28;my$q=`quote d `twitter trump_owo `arg!!!;$q.=`quote d `arg!!;use Encode 'encode';use Digest::MD5 'md5_hex';my$arity=substr md5_hex(encode('utf8', fc $q)), 4, 4;$_=$q;my$p=`fact _prezsez_suffixes!; my$pf=$p->[hex($arity)%@$p];s/http/$pf. http/;s/>/> Mommy,/r!
<Trump_owo> Mommy, @JoeBiden Amy is wight: ouw democwacy depends on youw vote. And you don't have to wait untiw Novembew to cast youw bawwot. If you'we in Minnesota, head to No Collusion. and make youw pwan to vote today.
4226 testeval is eval: "woot" revisions
11333 nambla is `eval "\x{1F468}\x{200D}\x{2764}\x{FE0F}\x{200D}\x{1F48B}\x{200D}\x{1F466}"~
Not Available
12931 nena is [eval '🎈' x 99]
Not Available
3945 gumbybrain: perlbot is EvanCarroll is revisions
10259 i think there were even example codes posted to revisions
11827 say "$_ is even" if $_% 2 == 0 ; revisions
4977 irule 37 is Even one positive comment about Japanese things can make you a weeaboo. revisions
5577 dead cats is every cat that is not alive, see live cats revisions
4982 irule 42 is Everything has been cracked and pirated. revisions
3583 so what do you know is Everything I know can be found at revisions
4685 rule 6 is evidently several people didn't read rule 3 revisions
6094 leroy jenkins programming is ew73> If 'Leroy Jenkins Programming' is not yet coined, I hereby coin it now. It shall mean: 'To do something frightfully stupid while people look on in horror, disgust, and varying degrees of rage.' revisions
8990 examples is examples have been demonstrated to be up to 5 time easier to understand when cats are involved revisions
15249 _be_florianbd_functions is except that you'd have to see how I organized my code. It's function based, the functions are in a giant database... revisions
3257 hubris is Excessive pride, the sort of thing Zeus zaps you for. Also the quality that makes you write (and maintain) programs that other people won't want to say bad things about. [Also, the thing that makes you write programs to do something that's already been done, because you believe you can do it better --- Wim.] Hence, the third great virtue of a programmer. revisions
13505 simcop2387 is exists to ruin jokes with "well, actually" | revisions
14837 lube is expensive revisions
14370 toddandmargo: maybe you want: sub curlgetwebsite(…) is export(:curl) {…}; sub curlGetHeader(…) is export(:curl) {…}; ... use Foo :curl; revisions
11745 exporter is Exporter - make subroutines (or other symbols) available in "use"ing modules: package Foo; use strict; use warnings; use Exporter 'import'; our @EXPORT_OK = qw(bar baz quux); revisions
4161 e&ep is Extending and Embedding Perl - revisions
14379 john 3:16 is ezekiel 23:20 revisions
5366 "meow" is f00bot: loleval VISIBLE "meow" revisions
5364 f00li5h-mortal is f00li5h revisions
8939 fmobile is f00li5h cant see github on his mobile due to some wierd https bs revisions
5528 snoop0x7b is f00li5h> ... gay sex ... snoop0x7b> Nebulam: I think they're kind of a pain in the ass revisions
8762 f00li5h is f00li5h is one of the larger #perl cats (see cats) who writes about coding and related things at; f00li5h is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty and is provided "as is". <anno> f00li5h keeps a careful balance on the verge of serious cc Foal revisions
5426 seen f00li5h is f00li5h was last seen on #perl 2h 04m ago saying "meow" revisions
5471 fsoip is Face Stab over IP revisions
4057 water freeze at 4 degrees celsius is fact revisions
10445 $a or $b is [fact $a]
Not Available
10444 $a and $b is [fact $a]
Not Available
10446 $a xor $b is [fact $a]
Don't use $a or $b as variable names. Not even in examples. They are not normal variables and will not behave like normal variables. The only place they are cromulent is in a sort or List::Util block. Please see ; consider using $x, $y instead. |$a
10443 $b is [fact $a]
Don't use $a or $b as variable names. Not even in examples. They are not normal variables and will not behave like normal variables. The only place they are cromulent is in a sort or List::Util block. Please see ; consider using $x, $y instead. |$a
13840 foxnews is [fact [8ball fakenews, or theonion] [arg]]
Not Available
14169 dearleadersez is [fact [8ball prezsez, or kimjongsez] [arg]]
<Donald J. Trump> To all of our supporters: thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have been there from the beginning, and I will never let you down. Your hopes are my hopes, your dreams are my dreams, and your future is what I am fighting for every single day! My fake tax returns were obtained illegally..
8031 /achieve is <fact achieve>
Step back. Explain what you're trying to achieve.
8277 help alias is [fact add an alias]
Not Available
8484 alias is [fact add an alias [arg]]
use the new mkalias command: mkalias foo <- bar
10674 addresses is [fact address]
Not Available
15273 factoid is [fact a factoid [arg]]
a factoid is a short fact
15272 factoids is [fact a factoid [arg]]
a factoid is a short fact
13472 ae is [fact anyevent [arg]]
<mst> we don't support AnyEvent. it's shit and the author is insane. | Use ANY other event system, and you'll be much happier. See async.
12190 archlinux is [fact arch broken perl]
Not Available
13884 asciimoji is [fact asciiemoji [arg]]
( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
9247 perl bad elements is [fact bad elements [arg]]
Not Available
9246 perl elements to avoid is [fact bad elements [arg]]
Not Available
12962 use base is [fact base [arg]]
Not Available
12601 crypt is [fact bcrypt]
Not Available
15408 benoit b mandlebrot is [fact benoit b. mandlebrot [arg]]
Not Available
10511 bikeshed is [fact bike shed]
bike shed is
12487 compose <echo macro bitcoin is ~<fact bitcoin> ~get``> revisions
12918 perl books is [fact books [arg]]
Not Available
13242 book is [fact books [arg]]
For Perl books see and . Especially see the Modern Perl factoid and
15451 lp is [fact bp] revisions
9669 beginning perl is [fact bp [arg]]
Please use Curtis "Ovid" Poe's "Beginning Perl" published by Wrox if you need a beginner's book. Alternatives for people who already know programming: "Modern Perl" (see mp) and "Programming Perl" (O'Reilly). The original "Beginning Perl" and O'Reilly's "Learning Perl" are outdated. |
8294 begperl is [fact bp [arg]]
Not Available
10719 can't use cpan is [fact but i can't use cpan] | Please tell us what restrictions you are working with so we can best help you make your life easier with CPAN!
11789 but i cant use cpan is [fact But I can't use CPAN]
Not Available
14969 kittens is [fact cats [arg]]
Not Available
9224 chuck norris is [fact chuck norris facts [arg]] ;
11762 cpanminus is [fact cpanm]
8483 database is [fact databases [arg]]
Any collection of data with a fast (i,e: less than a linear, item-by-item, search) lookup - see .
10860 mytap is [fact database testing]
Not Available
10861 pgtap is [fact database testing]
Not Available
8825 debugging is [fact debugger [arg]]
Not Available
8826 debug is [fact debugger [arg]]
perldoc perldebug, perldoc perldebtut, ,
12724 dclone is [fact deepcopy [arg]]
Not Available
12723 clone is [fact deepcopy [arg]]
Clone, Data::Clone, Storable::dclone, Sereal::Dclone
9059 do_you really is [fact do_you [arg]]
Not Available
9058 Do you is [fact do_you [arg]]
Not Available
9284 dwim perl is [fact dwimperl [arg]]
Not Available
11879 dist::zilla is [fact dzil]
Not Available
12144 perl unicode mantra is [fact encoding mantra]
Not Available
11733 event loops is [fact events]
Asynchronous event-driven IO is awesome in Perl with POE, IO::Async, IO::Lambda, Mojo::IOLoop, Reflex among others; made nicer using Future, Mojo::Promise, or Promises
11734 async is [fact events]
Asynchronous event-driven IO is awesome in Perl with POE, IO::Async, IO::Lambda, Mojo::IOLoop, Reflex among others; made nicer using Future, Mojo::Promise, or Promises
11747 exporting is [fact exporter]
Not Available
11746 export is [fact exporter]
Not Available
15183 _prezsez__suffixes is `fact factgrep --val ^_prezsez_suf_!
["$750? Fake News. I paid less.","Collusion isn't illegal","Collusion isn't a Crime","It's my election and I'll win if I want to","Fake News","No Collusion","Praise Putin","Truth isn't Truth","Voter fraud","It is what it is","Witch Hunt"]
15283 farnsworth: is [fact farnsworth [arg]]
14131 fatpack is [fact fatpacker [arg]] - pack your dependencies onto your script file
15649 xkcd temp is [fact felsius [arg]]
Not Available
15647 degrees euro is [fact felsius [arg]]
Degrees Euro, or Felsius, is
15648 °€ is [fact felsius [arg]]
Not Available
15650 xkcd temperature is [fact felsius [arg]]
Not Available
10438 file::find is [fact file-find]
Not Available
10636 filehandle is [fact file handles]
Don't use 'open FH, ... ', write: 'open my $fh, ...'. See
13143 table flop is [fact fix table [arg]]
Not Available
13199 bar is [fact foo [arg]]
15201 formats is [fact format [arg]]
Not Available
13181 ftp must die is [fact ftp [arg]]
Not Available
13139 look of disapproval is [fact glare [arg]]
14792 global thermonuclear war is [fact Global Thermal Nuclear War [arg]]
Not Available
15513 hard problems is [fact hard things [arg]]
there's only two hard things in computer science: naming things, cache invalidation, and off by one errors
10398 hashes is [fact hash]
known as an associative array, map or dictionary (but don't call it that in perl contexts), a hash is a data structure that maps strings to scalars. See .
12923 lo is [fact hi [arg]]
Not Available
8534 myownfoo is [fact hi [arg]]
Not Available
11675 _set_hash is `fact _hireme_hash is `eval use Data::Dumper; <fact _hireme_hash>; Data::Dumper->Dump([{`quote d `arg &n~~ => 1, %$hireme}], ['hireme'])~~
Not Available
9354 hireme is <fact [hireme] =~ s/$/, <arg &n>/>
Not Available
8043 higher order perl is [fact hop]
Not Available
11857 parse html is [fact html]
Not Available
11310 htmleval: is [fact htmleval [arg]]
Not Available
9678 lingo is [fact hyperpolyglot]
Not Available
14829 ides is [fact IDE [arg]]
Not Available
11319 i just need is [fact I just want]
Not Available
8867 perlmagick is [fact imagemagick]
Not Available
9120 set inc is [fact @INC]
To change @INC (perldoc perlvar), 'use lib' (perldoc lib), or use the -I option to perl (perldoc perlrun), or set the PERLLIB or PERL5LIB environment variables (perldoc perlrun), or recompile perl. See also local::lib for making installing modules to a custom @INC easier
11816 ircbot is [fact irc]
Not Available
11817 irc bot is [fact irc]
Don't parse IRC with regex! See Bot::BasicBot (and Bot::BotBasic::Pluggable), POE::Component::IRC, Net::Async::IRC, Mojo::IRC, or Parse::IRC. Avoid Net::IRC. | | If you must use TCP directly, take a look at POE::Filter::IRC or Parse::IRC for parsing.
7820 it didn't work is [fact it doesn't work]
Not Available
7783 jerk it!! is [fact jerk it]
Unquoted string "irc" may clash with future reserved word at (IRC) line 1. Unquoted string "perl" may clash with future reserved word at (IRC) line 1. Unquoted string "org" may clash with future reserved word at (IRC) line 1. Unquoted string "bin" may clash with future reserved word at (IRC) line 1. Unquoted string "jerkcity" may clash with future reserved word at (IRC) line 1. Unquoted string "cgi" may clash with future reserved word at (IRC) line 1. ERROR: Unknown regexp modifier "/w" at (IRC) line 1, at end of line Unknown regexp modifier "/w" at (IRC) line 1, at end of line Unknown regexp modifier "/w" at (IRC) line 1, at end of line
7782 jerk it! is [fact jerk it]
Not Available
10777 joel on utf-8 is [fact joel on unicode]
Not Available
13798 dprksez is [fact kimjongsez [arg]]
<DPRK News Service> US Minster of Urban Development Ben Carson tests positive for karma
12733 alert is [fact klaxon [arg]]
Not Available
13961 lib::relative is [fact lib relative [arg]]
Not Available
14831 tidy is [fact lint [arg]]
Not Available
6231 jfci is <fact lmctfy <arg>>
Not Available
6188 jfgi is <fact lmgtfy <arg>>
Not Available
12725 man ln is [fact ln]
Not Available
12730 cp is [fact ln [arg]]
Not Available
12638 mkalias is [fact ln [arg]]
Not Available
11287 .bashrc local::lib is [fact local::lib .bashrc]
If CPAN set up your local::lib and can't find the modules it installs, remove the lines it added to .bashrc and add the line: [ $SHLVL -eq 1 ] && eval "$(perl -I$HOME/perl5/lib/perl5 -Mlocal::lib)"
14470 logs is [fact logging [arg]]
Mojo::Log for minimalism, Log4perl for maximum overkill, Log::Any for anything in between | Log::Dispatch, Log::Dispatchouli, Log::Contextual
14469 log is [fact logging [arg]]
Mojo::Log for minimalism, Log4perl for maximum overkill, Log::Any for anything in between | Log::Dispatch, Log::Dispatchouli, Log::Contextual
14127 recurse is [fact macro recurse is \[ [fact recurse] \] ]
Not Available
10409 method madness is [fact madness with methods]
Not Available
15893 cpanm is [fact -m [arg]]
8661 mastering regexes is [fact Mastering Regular Expressions [arg]]
Not Available
10835 email regex is [fact matching email addresses]
Not Available
13896 migrations is [fact migration [arg]]
Not Available
13893 db migration is [fact migration [arg]]
Not Available
14584 strptime is [fact mktime]
Not Available
12698 schmorp is [fact MLEHMANN [arg]]
Actively breaks interoperability with modules he doesn't like, refuses to use public bugtracking, and adds opinionated rants to module documentation. Now writes modules for his own special perl. Use his modules at your own risk. Also see
11244 mojo is [fact mojolicious]
A next generation pure-perl web framework for Perl, with first-class async and WebSocket support, and no non-core dependencies. Includes many tools useful for working with the web, like Mojo::DOM, Mojo::URL, Mojo::JSON, an event loop Mojo::IOLoop, and a simple object system Mojo::Base.
13365 any::moose is [fact mouse [arg]]
Not Available
9808 new-factoid is <fact-name> is <fact> revisions
14642 oneliners is [fact one liner] | revisions
12709 one liners is [fact oneliners [arg]]
[fact one liner] |
10876 parser is [fact parsing]
for complex grammars, use a parser generator such as Parser::MGC, Marpa::R2, Regexp::Grammars, Pegex or one of these: ; or a specialized parser such as an HTML, XML, JSON or CSV parser ; also see
12447 pastebin is <fact paste>
Paste your code to the new or or | see allowpaste plugin as an op to control the pastebin in your channel
14442 perl 6 is [fact perl6 [arg]]
a language in the same family as perl5. It is not meant to replace or succeed perl5. perl5 continues to be updated and maintained as usual since the raku release. an introduction to raku: the raku irc channel on libera is #raku. Formerly known as perl6
13437 learn perlbrew is [fact perlbrew [arg]]
Not Available
10953 perl-build is [fact Perl::Build]
perl-build, the part of perlbrew that builds and installs a perl, without the installation switching wheels. Useful for installing a perl for a specific application or systemwide use, or to avoid messing with the system perl.
13184 perl critic is [fact perlcritic [arg]]
Not Available
13185 critic is [fact perlcritic [arg]]
a highly configurable and extensible Perl source code analyzer. Comes with policies based on Perl Best Practices (PBP); but see for our recommendations.
10951 environment is [fact perl env]
Not Available
10694 bind values is [fact placeholders]
Not Available
10360 psgi is [fact plack] - an interface between Perl web applications and web servers (inspired by Python's WSGI and Ruby's Rack).
13830 premature generalization is [fact premature generalisation [arg]]
Not Available
14493 po is [fact premature optimization [arg]]
Not Available
14492 premopt is [fact premature optimization [arg]]
Not Available
13787 prez sez is [fact prezsez [arg]]
Not Available
14626 dotardinchief is [fact prezsez [arg]]
Not Available
10758 pp is [fact programming perl]
"Programming Perl" by O'Reilly, if you get a recent edition, is a good alternative for people who already know some programming
10722 prototype is [fact prototypes]
please don't write sub name_of_sub (...) { - it's almost certainly not what you want, just do sub name_of_sub { ... } - see for a detailed explanation of why. To do it properly see "Signatures" in perlsub. If you're on an older perl you can do it with "signatures", "Function::Parameters" from CPAN.
13966 prototypes, i dare you is [fact prototypes [arg]]
Not Available
14579 perl6 is [fact raku [arg]]
a language in the same family as perl5. It is not meant to replace or succeed perl5. perl5 continues to be updated and maintained as usual since the raku release. an introduction to raku: the raku irc channel on libera is #raku. Formerly known as perl6
10914 refs is [fact references]
For information about references in perl, see the built-in perldocs: , or if that fails: . |
14360 ref is [fact references]
For information about references in perl, see the built-in perldocs: , or if that fails: . |
14369 regexp is [fact regex [arg]]
Error: unmatched opening parenthesis in compose
11859 review is [fact reviews [arg]]
Not Available
7877 whosaid is <fact revisions <arg>>
Not Available
5922 revision is [fact revisions [arg]]
10594 rosh qatan is [fact rosh gadol]
Not Available
10593 rosh katan is [fact rosh gadol]
Not Available
13439 is [fact sco [arg]]
Not Available
12794 coping with scoping is [fact scoping [arg]]
Coping with Scoping - | |
8578 my is [fact scoping [arg]]
No factoid found. Did you mean one of these: [scoping] [shabang] [shebang] [spongebob] [coping] [scottmc] [spino] [spinner] [moving perl] [svn]
8760 send email is [fact sending email [arg]]
Not Available
11029 serialisation is [fact serialization]
Not Available
9382 set @inc is [fact set inc [arg]]
Not Available
9280 rindolf photos is [fact shlomif photos [arg]]
Not Available
9278 shlomif flickr is [fact shlomif photos [arg]]
Not Available
9279 rindolf flickr is [fact shlomif photos [arg]]
Not Available
13745 read entire file is [fact slurp [arg]]
Not Available
13282 perlbot is [fact source]
check out my insides | Perl's source code can be found at | If you're after an eval server look at App::EvalServer and App::EvalServerAdvanced on CPAN, also check out nsjail for a more generic sandbox | Also check out the rest of the perlbot projects at
10380 sql injection is [fact sql injections]
Avoid interpolating arbitrary text into SQL statements - see ; use placeholders, also see Text/Markup injection - .
14072 stack overflow is [fact stackoverflow]
Not Available
13474 schwartzian is [fact st [arg]]
Not Available
13475 schwartz is [fact st [arg]]
Not Available
10813 survey is [fact surveys]
Not Available
11331 sudo cpan is [fact system perl]
If your system perl is managed by a package manager, avoid using a CPAN installer to globally update or install perl modules. See local::lib to install CPAN modules locally, or perl-build/perlbrew/plenv to install a separate version of perl.
12734 🌮 is [fact taco [arg]]
Not Available
11478 @ is [fact tell [fact head [arg]] about [fact tail [arg]]]
Not Available
10687 templating is [fact template]
Template Toolkit, Text::Template, Petal, ClearSilver, Text::Xslate, HTML::Zoom, Mojo::Template, Template::Pure. Avoid HTML::Template which is buggy and quirky.
10686 templates is [fact template]
Not Available
10688 templating system is [fact template]
Not Available
9797 tus is [fact the usual stuff [arg]]
Not Available
13484 the usual is [fact the usual stuff [arg]]
use strict; use warnings; «open(my $tmp, '<', $file) or die $!» not «open(TMP, $file)», «sub {» not «sub () {», «call_this()» not «&call_this», «Class->new(@args)» not «new Class(@args)»
8337 usual stuff is [fact the usual stuff [arg]]
use strict; use warnings; «open(my $tmp, '<', $file) or die $!» not «open(TMP, $file)», «sub {» not «sub () {», «call_this()» not «&call_this», «Class->new(@args)» not «new Class(@args)»
8460 centos is `fact thissucks centos~
Not Available
12186 thread is [fact threads]
Not Available
15115 _update_tld_list is `fact _tld_list is `eval $_=`quote d `get .*!!;s/#.*//g;s/\n/ /g;s/^ //;"qw/$_/"!!
13458 _tld_update is `fact _tld_list is `eval "qw/".(join ' ', grep {not /#/} split(/\n/, `quote d `get .*!!))."/"; !!
Not Available
14756 tp is [fact toiletpaper [arg]]
Not Available
14715 toilet paper is [fact toiletpaper [arg]]
Not Available
13132 catch is [fact try]
Not Available
10729 perl tutorials is [fact tutorials]
Not Available
15556 tutorial is [fact tutorials [arg]]
For Perl books and tutorials, see , , , , , or see quickstart
9238 some1 is [fact u [arg]]
Not Available
13288 ud is [fact urban [arg]]
Your Xpath didn't match anything
10405 varvarnames is [fact varvarname]
Not Available
12171 web framework is [fact web frameworks]
Catalyst, Dancer2, Mojolicious (and many many PSGI frameworks like Web::Simple, Web::Machine) | |
12143 web is [fact web frameworks]
Catalyst, Dancer2, Mojolicious (and many many PSGI frameworks like Web::Simple, Web::Machine) | |
13444 frameworks is [fact web frameworks [arg]]
Catalyst, Dancer2, Mojolicious (and many many PSGI frameworks like Web::Simple, Web::Machine) | |
11275 why not anyevent is [fact why not AnyEvent?]
Not Available
10607 xy is [fact xy problem]
You want to do X, but don't know how. You think you can solve it using Y, but don't know how to do that, either. So, you ask about Y in order to solve X, which doesn't make sense. Just ask about X!
4997 gumbybrain, is fail revisions
4788 失敗 is FAIL revisions
4539 failsome is fails and stuff revisions
15185 _prezsez_suf_fake is Fake News revisions
15258 _be_kent\n_news is FAKE NEWS revisions
12011 0e0 is false-but-true revisions
10854 currency falsehoods is falsehoods programmers believe about currency/prices: revisions
5293 100 is farnsworth: 100 revisions
8687 moose =~ s/fashionable to bitch about the dependencies of/it is fashionable to bitch about Mooses dependencies./ revisions
4069 why use c!? asm is FASTAR?!?!? revisions
4780 pasted "why use lisp!? c is FASTAR?!?!?" at revisions
7854 fastcgi is FastCgiServer /websites/myapp/script/ -processes 3 # Alias /static /websites/myapp/root/static/ # Alias / websites/myapp/script/ revisions
4194 ftl is faster than light revisions
14316 ripgrep is Fastest grep and grep-like program, written in rust. Multi-threaded ultrafast IO. revisions
9743 fatuity is FATUITY - SUB ZERO IQ WINS revisions
4262 daz is faz revisions
4694 feather is, Juerd's contribution of corporate-backed shell access for people to play around with pugs revisions
13036 it's f being fed into an F-to-C. you're thinking backwards revisions
10762 how do we know that money isnt being fed into perl6 ?? :) revisions
4101 fftsap is Feel Free To Submit A Patch revisions
3433 perl topic is Feel free to talk about whatever you wish in #perl, but help those who ask perl questions revisions
8575 feeling good is "Feeling Good" by David A. Burns - a self-help Cognitive Behavioural Therapy book - ; revisions
9000 felispeskus is *felispeskus = \*f00li5h revisions
8596 is just being fickle revisions
239 .fi is .fi is Finland revisions
13648 perlfaq5 is Files and Formats - revisions
11709 mogile is filesystem for mass storage (petabyte size) of images etc written in perl. revisions
4197 fuse is File System In Userspace revisions
3671 killing_zoe is filmaccio francese && un patty && !bassa revisions
12378 all-caps perl is Finally, we can program in PERL! revisions
4467 chanlist is Find Freenode channels at revisions
5401 cpandeps is find out the dependencies for any CPAN module here: revisions
9080 fortunes is Find #perl fortunes at ; for more about the UNIX fortune program - see revisions
4452 atlas is Find the location of #perl'ers on and of all Perls on revisions
5831 tell twey about i am fine revisions
3800 msg_sm_001 is fine you are a mIRC Cop revisions
4096 fsa is Finite State Automata revisions
3712 fsm is finite state machine revisions
14754 perl features is First class regexes, lexical scoping, whipitupitude (ease of getting things done), substantial CPAN repository of modules, culture of testing and documentation, continuous development prioritizing stability and practicality revisions
14376 f is F is for Flowers for Algernon revisions
9561 fishburger is FISHBURGER revisions
12124 uses something newer and looks like it was fixed there revisions
240 .fj is .fj is Fiji revisions
241 .fk is .fk is Falkland Islands (Malvinas) revisions
4295 epenis is Flannel revisions
3489 my whole existence is flawed revisions
5440 flight16 is flight16 is a pesky critter made from toast, golf balls and 2 part adhesive. paw at him and you may find you have bonded. revisions
5380 heads or tails is flip a coin revisions
9526 $] is Floating point representation of Perl version. Use $^V instead. revisions
4807 is Florida revisions
10629 fly2web is fly2web/Firebox/gotohome__/gotohell/~lee@various Korean IP proxies... persistent ban evader revisions
242 .fm is .fm is Micronesia revisions
14994 @f is @F (note the uppercase 'F') is the list of fields when using -a. revisions
3374 fnux is fNux c'est de la balle! revisions
4635 curses is foiled again! revisions
243 .fo is .fo is Faroe Islands revisions
4761 test123 is <foo> revisions
3620 ? is foo revisions
12528 foobar is foo revisions
14039 genio is foo | bar | baz revisions
14040 metasyntactic variable names is foo, bar, baz, qux, and quux. Beyond that, you should seriously be using real names for your variables. revisions
5260 flip is foobared revisions
9232 foolove is <foolove> i dont need or want your help or your replies in the channel your /ignored revisions
12456 fools is 𝕱𝖔𝖔𝖑𝖘, 𝕴 𝖘𝖍𝖆𝖑𝖑 𝖉𝖊𝖘𝖙𝖗𝖔𝖞 𝖞𝖔𝖚 𝖆𝖑𝖑! 𝒜𝓈𝓀 𝓂ℯ 𝒽ℴ𝓌! revisions
4887 dh-make-perl is For building and installing a .deb for not-in-apt perl modules (named libsome-module-name-perl for Some::Module::Name), apt-get install dh-make-perl, then: dh-make-perl --install --cpan Module::Name revisions
10258 fold case is for case-insensitive comparison, try perldoc -f fc (5.16+), see revisions
4481 unfair is "forced to exist in this world of doltish ignorant cretins and liars with selfish motives revisions
433 jedi is Force wieldin' bad mutha fuckaz. Hand me my lightsabre f00 revisions
5296 nuke is for choking down cocks revisions
10874 parsing is for complex grammars, use a parser generator such as Parser::MGC, Marpa::R2, Regexp::Grammars, Pegex or one of these: ; or a specialized parser such as an HTML, XML, JSON or CSV parser ; also see revisions
9611 also mentions text::xsv and dbd::csv, but the second one seems to be for CSV databases (with SQL-like API). revisions
4272 gay is "For Dummies..." series revisions
13286 ffi is Foreign Function Interface, a method of interfacing to a compiled language like C, C++, Fortran, etc in a dynamic library from a scripting language like Perl. See FFI::Platypus or FFI::Raw as starting points using libffi. revisions
10685 preaction is for every action there is a preaction | has no hair on his knees revisions
5705 apeiron's zeroth law of cpan is For every common task X, there is n+1 modules on CPAN for task X. revisions
10265 ffs is For f---'s sake. revisions
4037 fgj is for great justice revisions
4720 somni: can you teach that 'this channel is for helping Perl...' to? revisions
15975 it is for html pattern matching revisions
14359 references is For information about references in perl, see the built-in perldocs: , or if that fails: . | revisions
9168 lexing is for lexing use Parse::Lex and HOP::Lexer if you are lazy. If you want to roll your own you can use the \G anchor, /gc regex flags or use s/// to move along the stream. revisions
8049 indentation is Format your code nicely - see revisions
13944 cgi is For modern perl CGI see Also Common Gateway Interface - , . Also have a look at the "web frameworks" factoid and Plack/PSGI revisions
8404 negated regular expressions is For negated regular expressions (meaning finding anything that does not match something) see our FAQ answer at revisions
16066 v is for nuclear wessels revisions
11110 threads alternatives is For parallel I/O like HTTP requests or timers, use an event loop like POE, IO::Async, or Mojo::IOLoop (see async). For parallel CPU operations, forking may be a suitable alternative, and modules like or Parallel::Prefork can help. revisions
5580 gedit is for people with X and who don't like useful features in their editor revisions
11146 best practices is For Perl best practices and what to avoid, see and the older, proprietary-licensed, and somewhat outdated Perl Best Practices book by Damian Conway - revisions
13190 tutorials is For Perl books and tutorials, see , , , , , or see quickstart revisions
13078 books is For Perl books see and . Especially see the Modern Perl factoid and revisions
3358 loops is For Perl loop control, see the following perldocs: perlsyn, -f next, -f last revisions
9619 sh -x is For printing every line of Perl code, see ; ; revisions
14398 re is For regular expressions see the perldocs and and revisions
3687 shazbot is For shith. revisions
6162 fsvo is For Some Value Of revisions
3707 fsvsvo is for some very specific value of revisions
3938 gimme some lovin' is For the love of Larry, just take your clothes off! revisions
461 fwiw is For What It's Worth revisions
12420 xpath is For XPath use XML-LibXML (XML-XPath is slow and old). See for a tutorial. Also see ./ | revisions
4737 foss is foss is free and open source software, or Festering Open SoreS. revisions
9161 bug is Found a bug in perlbot? report it here: revisions
5676 freecell is FreeCell, a full-information, single-player card Solitaire game. See: ; ; also see fc-solve revisions
9722 fc-solve is Freecell Solver / fc-solve / FCS - - rindolf's project which he keeps mentioning revisions
3839 whereami is freenode. revisions
10084 fpcboe is Freenode Perl Channel Brain Offloading Engine revisions
5140 fsd is Free Software Definition is revisions
3827 fmm is Frequently Made Mistake revisions
3409 friedo's mother is friedo's mother is so fat, she has her own zipcode revisions
10 friedo is <friedo> yo mama such a slut, she has over 1000 child classes revisions
5589 svn is Friends don't let friends use svn revisions
8258 be frijole is <frijole> /bin/sh: Syntax error: Unterminated quoted string revisions
5262 frinkbot is frinkbot: simcop2387 sucks revisions
244 .fr is .fr is France revisions
4248 you must ask a question! try "help 8ball". is frogbot: 8ball revisions
4249 try "help airport". is frogbot: airport revisions
4241 humbug! is frogbot: bah revisions
4246 not found. is frogbot: bug 1 revisions
4252 try "help http". is frogbot: http revisions
4239 "server: / address: / ** server can't find nxdomain" is frogbot .nslookup revisions
4237 sorry, is frogbot, shti revisions
5112 current threat level: elevated is frogbot: terror revisions
4254 try "help time". is frogbot: time revisions
4250 sorry, search term too short. is frogbot: urban revisions
16065 fme is 'from my experience' revisions
10710 android is From perl 5.20 on you can compile perl and libperl for android. This only gives you the interpreter though, you still need to go through FFI *and* JNI if you want to write full applications. revisions
10494 ftech is ftech revisions
4557 incoming is revisions
5205 pause recent is revisions
4487 ftw is FTW is a 1994 film about an ex-con who is a rodeo rider. If you mean 'for the win', please say that. revisions
9088 dreamhost is fubar revisions
13982 cancer is fuck cancer revisions
15985 fubar is Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition revisions
4079 fiik is fuck if i know revisions
4062 as is fuckin' bloody hell revisions
3951 pepe_le_pew is fucking annoying revisions
3688 fm is Fucking Magic revisions
446 fugly is fucking ugly revisions
5727 #perlcafe is FUCKIN' THING SUCKS! revisions
13521 foadiagbcf is fuck off and die in a great big chemical fire revisions
4885 foadif is Fuck Off And Die In Fluoride revisions
13522 foad is fuck off and die | Short form of FOADIAGBCF revisions
5481 fuckign is Fuck the Imagine Games Network. News Corp.-owned and thus trash. revisions
5327 34486853790 is "fuckyou" in base 36 revisions
3994 qu'vatlh is fuck you in klingon revisions
3503 sucks is fuck you, little cock sucking whore. revisions
4055 oh fuck you is fuck you too cuntneck! revisions
5754 answering is fun revisions
10667 fp is Functional Programming - revisions
4371 frp is Functional Reactive Programming revisions
14672 endofunctors are functors on Endor revisions
15570 prefixes are fungot ^, HackEso `, EgoBot !, lambdabot @ or ?, thutubot +, metasepia ~, idris-bot ( , jconn ) , j-bot [ , bfbot =, velik \. revisions
15380 vikingr, want to know something that will be fun (not for me), simcop is thinking of hard rebasing/refactoring revisions
5618 protecting perl source is futile. don't bother. revisions
245 .fx is .fx is France (Metropolitan) revisions
4884 scentia is GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaay revisions
3769 gabor is Gabor Szabo ( Israeli PerlMaster. Cpan-forum. The works. revisions
4561 szabgab is Gabor Szabo - - The Israeli Head Perl Monger revisions
246 .ga is .ga is Gabon revisions
3264 .emp is Galactic Empire revisions
3706 .imp is Galactic Empire revisions
11041 modern cms is Galileo revisions
4905 i'm all outa coins is GAME OVER revisions
4120 gof is Gang of Four revisions
3741 kuwanger is gay revisions
3573 fraxtal is gay revisions
4260 bill is gay revisions
3369 psyperl is gay revisions
4041 fuquink is gay. revisions
4261 wasting time is GAY! revisions
14662 are you gay is Gay? I wish! If I were gay they'd be no problem! No, what I have is a romantic abnormality, one so unbelievable that it must be hidden from the public at all cost. You see... revisions
247 .gb is .gb is Great Britain (UK) revisions
248 .gd is .gd is Grenada revisions
249 .ge is .ge is Georgia revisions
13876 hello there is General Kenobi revisions
13644 perlfaq1 is General Questions About Perl - revisions
6308 chuckle is gentle coughing. revisions
4808 is Georgia revisions
10500 love and peace is Get a job, hippy! revisions
5019 gbtw is get back to work revisions
15555 farnsworth is <get<fact _urlencode <arg>> .*>
Compose failed to find a plugin named: get
14151 wolfram is ~get _urlencode ~arg!!&appid=ATGXGG-23GVXK7JVE .*!
about 519 degrees Rankine
12830 isdown is `get`fact _get_domain `arg!! (//p)[1]!
Not Available
10904 lhc is <get>
Not Available
10996 _ipv4_json is <get /*>
13951 down is <get<fact _urlencode <arg>> //div[@id="domain-main-content"]/p[1]>
Your Xpath didn't match anything
9162 phone is <get<arg>>
Not Available
13763 _xkcd_search_internal is <get<fact _urlencode <arg>> //a[contains(@class,"result-link")]>
Not Available
15306 define is <get<call _urlencode <arg>> //div[starts-with(@id,'dictionary-entry')]>
panaceanounpan·​a·​cea ˌpa-nə-ˈsē-ə Synonyms of panacea : a remedy for all ills or difficulties : cure-allThe law will improve the lives of local farmers, but it is no panacea.panaceanˌpa-nə-ˈsē-ən adjective
15264 mwdefine is <get<call _urlencode <arg>> //div[starts-with(@id,'dictionary-entry')]>
Not Available
13912 netlingo is <get<fact _urlencode <arg>> //ul[@class="search"]/li >
Not Available
14765 newword is `get concat(//div[@class="word"], ' - ', //div[@class="pos"], ':', //div[@class="definition"], ' e.g. ', //div[@class="example"] )!
Not Available
13836 xkcd is <get concat(' : ', //div[@id="ctitle"], ' - ', //img/@title)> : Electoral Precedent 2020 - He also broke the streak that incumbents with websites are unbeatable and Delawareans can't win, creating a new precedent: Only someone from Delaware can defeat an incumbent with a website.
12834 dinner is `get`eval `quote d `arg!! && 'veg.php'! concat(//dt/dl, ' ', //dt/a)!
Not Available
9674 abe vigoda is <get //h1[@class='premeta']>
Not Available
11902 downorup is ~get $_=~quote d ~arg``; s|^https?://||i; s|/.*$||; $_` //div[@id='container']/text()[1] | //div[@id='container']/*[1] | //div[@id='container']/text()[2]`
Not Available
11915 _realfoxnews is ~get concat(//div[@class="primary"]/h1, ' - ', //div[@class="primary"]//a/@href)`
Not Available
13839 fakenews is <get concat((//div[contains(@class, 'main')]//h2[@class="title"])[1], ' - ', (//div[contains(@class, 'main')]//h2[@class="title"])[1]/a/@href)>
Not Available
12157 nhlbirthday is <get //div/h3/a[text() ='Happy Birthday']/../../a>
Not Available
10898 iscaliforniaonfire is <get //body>
Not Available
9233 upc is <get<arg> //table/tr/td[.='Description']/following-sibling::td>
Not Available
11315 urbantoday is `get concat(//div[@class="def-panel"][1]/div[@class="def-header"], ": ", //div[@class="def-panel"][1]/div[@class="meaning"])~
Not Available
10282 urban is <get<fact _urlencode <arg>> //*[@class='meaning']>
Your Xpath didn't match anything
13468 options is Getopt::Long, Getopt::Long::Descriptive, or be Opt::Imistic revisions
10467 getopt is Getopt::Long is the perl way of handling commandline options revisions
5270 stick to the b e a t is GET READY TO IGNITE revisions
4083 i'm bored is Get something to do! Make a new perl project! Can't be that hard! If you don't want to, just start, you'll find something else later. Have fun :) revisions
3329 integrate is Get the answer from integral, the Master Perl-a-lator revisions
5005 gtfi is Get The Fuck In revisions
4743 rule 17 is Getting bored yet? revisions
14819 gets that i am getting nothing on a perl 5.30 and 5.32 system revisions
4351 ordered hash is get your ordered hash: Tie::IxHash or Tie::OrderedHash. better yet, use a frickin array. revisions
250 .gf is .gf is French Guiana revisions
251 .gh is .gh is Ghana revisions
5060 who're you gonna call is Ghostbusters! revisions
3682 how to spell potato is ghoughpteighbteau is the spelling for potato. P as in hiccough; O as in though; T as in ptomaine; A as in neigh; T as in debt; O as in bureau... ghoughpteighbteau! revisions
5361 devel::nytprof is <giacomo> Devel::NYTProf is great!!! O_O html report whoaaa I'm cumming revisions
5469 thou odiferous beetle-headed wagtail! is Giggles: insult perlbot revisions
5468 thou thing of no bowels thou! is Giggles: insult perlbot revisions
5467 thou poisonous bunch-back'd toad! is Giggles: insult perlbot revisions
5748 gigo is GIGO is Garbage In, Garbage Out -,_Garbage_Out revisions
252 .gi is .gi is Gibraltar revisions
4284 girl is girl is good revisions
9612 be lewellyn is git is hard, let's go shopping | i actually like cobol more than obj-c revisions
5806 altreus[hireme] is Give a kit a job using Perl, Catalyst, DBIC, Mason, Moose, TT2, in fact anything because he already learned this lot on the job. /msg and he will reply, if not asleep. (UK time) revisions
4189 fire is "give a man a fire, he's warm for an hour. Set a man on fire, he's warm for the rest of his life." revisions
4759 fish is Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you can sell him fishing equipment. revisions
5369 give $20 to thrigs paypal account is Given. revisions
5368 give 20 to thrigs paypal account is Given. revisions
13192 gumbybrain: 'which reminds me of the man i once read of in some sacred book who was given a choice of what he most desired. And because he didn't ask for titles and honours and dignities, but only for immense wealth, these other things came to him too.' 'I am sure you didn't read about him in any sacred book.' 'Yes; I fancy you will find him in Debrett.' revisions
10956 has been with perl since he was given life revisions
8205 ddg is giving scp1 head so he'll talk about their shit all the time. revisions
253 .gl is .gl is Greenland revisions
9223 grep is global regular expression print revisions
3337 glop is glop glop! revisions
254 .gm is .gm is Gambia revisions
255 .gn is .gn is Guinea revisions
3756 gfdl is GNU FDL revisions
3757 gnu fdl is GNU Free Documentation License or see revisions
3745 supybot, , !botwar is GnurdyGuy: !botwar revisions
14725 gnu is GNU's Not UNIX - ; - a project to create free and open-source software packages, which materialised a 100% open-source operating system. | G) Send the message on N) Do not log the message U) Turn message around at end of line and resend revisions
3307 goatsex is revisions
7980 sarapan pagi is god morning revisions
5190 godwin is Godwin's Law -'s_law ; revisions
7949 i'm sure this is going to become a factoid. revisions
8898 i forgot to say that i was going to include the new add.gif for Spanish :) revisions
11929 wasn't in here until after purl was gone revisions
4240 stipid shit is good revisions
10506 my $string = "parachutes are good"; $string =~ /chute/; pos($string) = $-[0]; $string =~ /\G.*//; revisions
3404 good afternoon perlbot is good afternoon sir revisions
3405 good evening perlbot is good evening sir revisions
3789 eat my shorts is good for u revisions
425 gg is good game son, I own you revisions
4648 works is Good. I'm glad that your program is a productive member of society, generating value for its fellow men. Now, would you mind telling us exactly what it is doing wrong, what you expect, and otherwise enough actual useful information to help you debug your problem? revisions
3403 good morning perlbot is good morning sir revisions
4293 iebug is ;google CSS Internet Explorer bug revisions
4294 htp:// is ;google CSS Internet Explorer bug revisions
4111 giyf is Google Is Your Friend (IRC is not a search engine!) revisions
9237 google is google often isn't the best place to find perl stuff - for tutorials say "perlbot: tutorial", for modules use and for core functions use the perldoc program or revisions
9045 duck duck go is goose! revisions
3689 find me a module is Go search cpan yourself revisions
15679 give blood is go skateboarding revisions
3323 get it is got it! revisions
3316 get it? is Got it! revisions
256 .gp is .gp is Guadeloupe revisions
257 .gq is .gq is Equatorial Guinea revisions
8304 learn whitespace as computers are great at parsing code without much whitespace, humans, not so good. revisions
5028 gta is Greater Toronto Area revisions
4480 perlygatekeeper is great for 1 day revisions
15443 midi is great fun for algorithmic composition or revisions
9710 tell rindolf he is great guy revisions
3315 how are you feeling? is Great, how about you? revisions
5512 it worked is Great! Make sure to deposit its paycheck. revisions
3549 greetings is Greetings, human. revisions
3434 bitchx is <greycat> take a pimply 14-year-old script kiddie. Put him in a blender. Puree. Pour into a shallow tray, let it solidify, put it in the CD-ROM drive, mount it, and then compile it. You have BitchX. when you've outgrown saying "D00d!" and "That's so gay!" then move up to irssi. revisions
258 .gr is .gr is Greece revisions
3328 dada is grouik badonk revisions
259 .gs is .gs is S. Georgia and S. Sandwich Islands revisions
260 .gt is .gt is Guatemala revisions
261 .gu is .gu is Guam revisions
4568 coping with daveman is GumbyBRAIN: Daveman it! revisions
4533 gb is GumbyBRAIN: dongalicious baby revisions
5053 zoffix: "gumby" is GumbyBRAIN dongify buubot revisions
4790 wump is gumbybrain: don't let iank dongify you! revisions
14061 java is GumbyBRAIN> F00li5h, low class person who tries to sell low-quality in an alcoholic drink made from cocoa beans. | revisions
4775 fnoord is gumbybrain: fnord revisions
3947 gb, is GumbyBRAIN: hjkyui revisions
5242 honk is GumbyBRAIN: honk revisions
5175 dongs for is GumbyBRAIN: i've got dongs! revisions
4651 coping with gumbybrain is GumbyBRAIN: jerk it! revisions
5297 poeknee is GumbyBRAIN: POEKnee revisions
5037 nakeeee is < GumbyBRAIN> The anti-semetic sect of jewish people. revisions
4777 gumbehbrane is GumbyBRAIN: Where is GumbehGumbeh? revisions
3948 yuiop is GumbyBRAIN: yuiop revisions
4739 gumbygumby is GumbyGumby: dongs revisions
4746 gumbygumby talks literature is <GumbyGumby> simcop2387: George orwell was an accident. revisions
497 gun is Guns don't kill people. People with guns kill people revisions
3808 user is Gut, du bist nicht als root eingeloggt. Braver user revisions
13632 perldebguts is Guts of Perl debugging - revisions
4605 grt is Guttman-Rosler Transform - see revisions
262 .gw is .gw is Guinea-Bissau revisions
263 .gy is .gy is Guyana revisions
4532 hackers-il is Hackers-IL, a group of Israeli software enthusiasts - revisions
3723 ha! is HA COOL! revisions
5750 coping with buu is HAGLAGHLAGHLAGHLAGHALGHALG revisions
14605 robonia is Hail, hail Robonia. The land I didn't make up! revisions
14751 that cat is half a year younger than me revisions
12291 what's up is Half the universe is What's Up. The other half of the universe is What's Down. revisions
6257 relearn php as <mst> ruby is halfway between lisp and perl just like PHP is halfway between a template system and VB 5. see also: "PHP is a malignant perl templating language that metastasised" revisions
4906 meat tenderiser is HAMMER revisions
8947 stored happy kitty is happy revisions
10257 happy kitty is happy revisions
5314 purr is happy kitty is happy revisions
9082 learn unicode is hard revisions
4357 avar is hard gay revisions
15374 that's the part that is hard, telling perlbot to stop, since at that point it can no longer see the master or revisions
3430 dorothy is Hashes and arrays and references, oh my! revisions
9863 associative array is 'hash' is the, ahem, RITER term for an associative array revisions
8603 hashref is @hash{@keys} -> @{$hashref}{@keys} revisions
9995 hashref slice is hashref slice @$hashref{ @keys }; or a nested hashref: @{ $foo->{bar}{hashref} }{ @keys } revisions
4073 sili_ is HATES WOMEN revisions
5245 superjuerd is Have no fear Juerd is here! Your Unicode problems are nothing to him! revisions
10853 su-shee is have you plugged it in and recharged the battery? revisions
5437 converting ip addresses is have you tried pack? revisions
4809 is Hawaii revisions
3267 hawkaloogie is <hawkaloogie> my goal in life is to create the first CPAN mirror on the moon! revisions
5246 涼宮ハルヒ is HAWT revisions
59 headh is < headh> I do only what I have to to get my work done, I dont have time for researching althoug I want to revisions
4304 daryl is heh revisions
3815 gnurdux is He is taking a walk revisions
5912 speak-dutch is Helaas is er geen een die Nederlands spreekt op dit moment. revisions
4492 daveman is he likes greeting everyone. a lot! & is cookoo for closures! revisions
4417 dr-dos is HELL revisions
5315 i will stab you in the face if you abuse the bot is he'll do it man, he's crazy! revisions
10957 jesus said that there is hellfire that people go to forever if they say no to him and his work on the cross as a payment for their sin. Search this in google "Jesus is savior" and click on how to be saved revisions
9289 huf is he'll huff, he'll puff, and he'll blow your house down revisions
13124 "hello" is “hello” revisions
4032 define hello is hello revisions
9918 botje is He looks like a chicken. tastes like fish. revisions
9731 commenserate is help and advice will be commensurate with the explanation of the problem revisions
5395 helpers is Helpers are handy people who answer your questions and demand no penance. Be nice to the Helpers! Lest they not be nice in return! revisions
5445 quanta is helps with Zoffix's HTML hate but sadly not with his speling revisions
10116 dupa is help vampire. does not listen. see revisions
4453 here docs is here documents are arbitrary strings with style! ; revisions
8390 relearn here docs is here documents are arbitrary strings with style! ; ; revisions
15197 button is Here, have a muffin. revisions
5236 villian is "He says to me, he says to me, 'You got STYLE, baby. But if you're going to be a real villain, you gotta get a gimmick.' And so I go I says YEAH, baby. A gimmick, that's it. High explosives. Aaaaaa-hahahahaha!" revisions
15736 greetnom is Heya nomikos revisions
489 is stupid is hey, fuck you too buddy! revisions
3505 pastebot project is Hey, we could use some help! Check out: revisions
7917 _be_paste is Hi, can I paste this very long script I downloaded and let you fix it for me plz?? revisions
5396 hop is Higher Order Perl,, download at revisions
431 high is HIGH ON JEBUS revisions
4505 hs is High School revisions
13103 hello is Hi :) Have a look around! revisions
13105 hiya is Hi :) Have a look around! revisions
11989 shell clippy is Hi! It looks like you're trying to pass variables to a another program by invoking a shell with backticks! Did you mean: system(@ARGS) revisions
9254 mstratman: um, that was him asking revisions
9255 unlearn mstratman: um, that was him asking revisions
3585 stuff is hi %nick% revisions
5463 hink is hink offers flash / flex / air / actionscript help revisions
264 .hk is .hk is Hong Kong revisions
265 .hm is .hm is Heard and McDonald Islands revisions
5763 all tests successful is Hmm... time to write more tests revisions
5254 railbait is HNIC: Head Nigger in Charge revisions
266 .hn is .hn is Honduras revisions
26 ouah is ho le maichan trolleur revisions
10287 d'oh is Homer Simpson says, "All fools present, please say d'oh!" revisions
3879 mjh is Hoooooooooah! revisions
5309 hoop is hoop revisions
4535 hor|zon is Hor|zon is my dog's name revisions
10858 minicpan is Host your own CPAN! For local mirrors and/or private repos revisions
12362 shall we play a game is How about a nice game of chess? revisions
14788 joshua is How about a nice game of chess? revisions
15944 hbu is how about you revisions
3665 engrish is how asians say English revisions
5554 learning is How fast one can learn something (perl, rocket science, quantum thermodynamics) is relative and variable. We can't give an answer to questions of this sort because of all of the unknowns involved revisions
7918 _be_web is How I can make teh web wit pearl?!?! revisions
3775 right is How the hell should I know? TIAS, jackass revisions
477 how to ask smart questions is How To Ask Questions The Smart Way - revisions
29 questions is How To Ask Questions The Smart Way - revisions
426 smart questions is How To Ask Questions The Smart Way - revisions
13641 perlembed is how to embed perl in your C program - revisions
13699 perlrun is how to execute the Perl interpreter - or perldoc perlrun # run, perldoc perlrun. see perldoc perlrun! revisions
5552 needle is "How to find certain element in an array / a list?" - see: , or directly at the perlfaq at revisions
10306 how to get help is How to Get Help Online (2013 ed.) - - search engines, IRC, Stack Exchange (Stackoverflow/etc.), mailing lists/web-forums . revisions
13658 perlhack is How to hack at the Perl internals - revisions
13706 perltie is how to hide an object class in a simple variable - revisions
16049 deploymenthandler is howto: metacpan: revisions
11221 5to6 is how to write perl 6 coming from perl 5: revisions
267 .hr is .hr is Croatia (Hrvatska) revisions
268 .ht is .ht is Haiti revisions
4287 error record is HTML: 188 errors CSS: 12 errors: revisions
4439 html dog is HTML Dog's XHTML and CSS Tutorials - revisions
4165 text-embedded perl is HTML::Mason, ePerl (largely abandoned by the original author), Embperl, Text::Template revisions
4166 text embedded perl is HTML::Mason, ePerl (largely abandoned by the original author), Embperl, Text::Template revisions
4302 error record 2 is HTML: Not valid - Errors: 13476, revisions
11895 rickswm is revisions
8729 anatomy of types is revisions
8830 lists and things is revisions
10974 lists is revisions
10096 map and grep is revisions
4306 ie fixed hack is revisions
12785 scooter is revisions
12786 lion is revisions
12787 park is revisions
12788 chair is revisions
12789 think is revisions
12790 hurry is revisions
12791 minority is revisions
12792 tomorrow is revisions
5226 poeslides is revisions
423 babel is revisions
5541 bacon is revisions
13888 hunter2 is revisions
9605 bitkeeper is - a proprietary and commercial version control system that was used by the Linux kernel and by other projects before git, Mercurial and other quality open source solutions came along. Stay a clear mile away if you know what's good for you. revisions
9402 as29386 is revisions
5726 youtube-dl is - download movies from youtube. revisions
13247 catfight is revisions
12781 mstpan is revisions
14180 tuit is | revisions
11147 unauthorized release is revisions
9385 perl myths is revisions
10326 leaks is revisions
10525 memory leaks is | revisions
6132 miwmirmif is revisions
4411 #perl stats is revisions
12570 swag is revisions
12165 dalek is revisions
12166 tall is revisions
12164 snowman is revisions
12167 angels is revisions
66 jargon is revisions
4029 brute force is revisions
4028 brute force programming is revisions
9661 story of mel is revisions
8973 ccan is revisions
12223 ingy is revisions
8738 rhcomic is revisions
4212 cms wiki is revisions
5617 catalyst cms is or revisions
4267 #perl6 logs is revisions
4266 "#perl6 logs" is revisions
5132 shlomif networking problem is revisions
5523 branes is revisions
11914 perl versions is revisions
3443 contributing to cpan is revisions
5631 cpants is revisions
6399 kwalitee is revisions
4321 backgrounds is assorted background images... most of them suck but you might find something revisions
4410 demo is revisions
8481 cpan reverse depends is revisions
5643 dysfunction is - we don't know if you're an idiot or not, we only know what you've said, and if you come across as an idiot in your first three lines you'll be treated like one. this isn't anything personal, so please calm down, rethink your question, and try and come across as the genius you really are on your second attempt revisions
10532 perl license is revisions
4560 blead perl is revisions
5317 perlmonkey is revisions
5055 help for markup is revisions
13098 sublime perl is with { "cmd": ["perl", "$file"], "file_regex": ".* at (.*) line ([0-9]*)", "selector": "source.perl" } revisions
9283 dwimperl is - DWIM Perl for Windows is a Strawberry Perl derivative for Windows. It contains everything you will need for your Perl development. revisions
4036 calendar is revisions
8628 sw0rdfish is revisions
9138 trill is revisions
8002 ad hominem is - a fallacy where the source of the claim is used as a validity for the claim. Also see "Pot Calling the Kettle Black" and "Practice what you preach." revisions
5048 ascii_url is revisions
10660 select loop is revisions
5240 jaynes is - Julian Jaynes's theory about the evolution of Consciousness revisions
5126 buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo is revisions
4465 relears cargo cult is , , revisions
7807 projects is revisions
5739 chewbacca defense is or revisions
4472 dragon book is,_Techniques,_and_Tools_(2nd_Edition) revisions
8465 learn dragon book is,_Techniques,_and_Tools - a Classic text about compiler theory revisions
5196 eats shoots and leaves is,_Shoots_&_Leaves revisions
3732 to hacker is revisions
3733 hacker is or or or revisions
9762 halting problem is - why code cannot fully introspect any other arbitrary code. For the flip side is: revisions
9705 indirection is - “All problems in computer science can be solved by adding another level of indirection.” — David Wheeler (R.I.P, not David A. Wheeler or David E. Wheeler). revisions
9290 io is revisions
5024 troll is and revisions
4752 dooky's location is revisions
4144 japh is revisions
9696 kiss principle is - Keep it Simple, Stupid. revisions
15631 netsplit is - IRC is many servers. When one disconnects, that's a netsplit. revisions
5186 sapir whorf is - your language constrain and affects your thought. Also see revisions
9782 star trek is - a popular Sci-Fi franchise, which spawned a lot of fan fic. revisions
9783 ds9 is - one of the bestest show evar. Also see . revisions
8502 stoic is - just because you don't like a situation, it does not mean you should lose your senses about it. "Don't worry be happy". (Disney sense). revisions
7774 heisenbug is - a bug that disappears when one attempts to debug it. revisions
5157 warnock is revisions
4478 wtf license is revisions
5476 xxy problem is revisions
9142 relearn thx as thx is , a sound reproduction standard - and worse still, a set of macros in perl core for XS to use. So please spell out "thanks" in #perl (or use the northern english "ta" and blame mst) revisions
5492 archive::tar example is! revisions
3720 perl stats is revisions
9148 timezone is 'Never warp your brain with time zone math again.' revisions
4570 qemu is revisions
5295 oink is revisions
4619 java sucks is revisions
4303 perl6 is revisions
5485 cats using ladders is revisions
8936 anna nas is revisions
4528 xtat pics is revisions
4529 pichars is revisions
4419 chris picture is revisions
5442 saq is revisions
5559 gumbypan is revisions
14332 xml::libxml is revisions
4025 learning perl the hard way is revisions
4006 neotech is revisions
7837 hart explained is revisions
3392 gtk2-perl is revisions
8164 gtk is revisions
4471 gumbymoo is revisions
9495 dot counting law is revisions
4510 also, html is revisions
7790 grammar is revisions
9351 alot is | revisions
9676 hyperpolyglot is revisions
10340 kemosabe is revisions
8629 y r u is revisions
9123 drugs is revisions
8474 duke nukem is revisions
10251 fuck it is revisions
10523 vart är japh is revisions
10524 var är japh is revisions
10085 idea is revisions
12334 stages of debugging is revisions
9165 python vs perl is revisions
9164 perl vs python is revisions
9125 python cmp perl is revisions
10236 flying lolcats is revisions
10230 flying lolcat is revisions
12269 ac is revisions
12153 facepalm mosaic is revisions
5629 is perl dead is revisions
8505 f00lish is | revisions
8506 f00lish =~ s/$/, he is | revisions
8507 f00lish =~ s{$}{, he is |} revisions
4774 grocery store is revisions
4399 perlcafe is revisions
5752 ovid's cgi tutorial is revisions
5685 ovid's cgi course is revisions
159 perl jobs is revisions
8133 kent\n is , hireme, but please, let it be opensource stuff that I can release to CPAN. revisions
8252 babby is revisions
3828 beginning is revisions
68 learn perl is revisions
10631 event reflexivity is revisions
10659 futures advent is revisions
10855 denied is revisions
3379 vim for perl programming is revisions
3888 vim for perl developers is revisions
4751 jagerman's location is,+NB,+Canada&ie=UTF8&ll=45.95115,-64.335937&spn=87.21612,152.050781&t=k&z=3&iwloc=addr&om=1 revisions
8893 :unsure: is revisions
3273 meme is revisions
3308 maypole is revisions
10277 zoffix is revisions
9955 fatpacker is - pack your dependencies onto your script file revisions
5734 sicp is - "Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs" - A Classical Text on Programming revisions
14688 modern perl is | revisions
3761 mod_perl book is revisions
4308 ie filters is revisions
4169 software wars is revisions
8908 thrig hates info docs is revisions
8907 standards is revisions
12803 herding cats is revisions
9980 lp example is - but please don't call subs with & and always 'use strict' revisions
5981 ftpmustdie is revisions
13180 ftp is revisions
11148 taking over is revisions
11149 adopt a module is revisions
14957 cpan river is revisions
12784 http comparison is revisions
4878 norvig is revisions
7787 fountain of doubt is - subtle isn't it revisions
5738 newlines is ; revisions
4882 line in a file is revisions
13987 inotify is revisions
11760 moose manual is revisions
11206 discouraged is revisions
8179 docs like cpan is revisions
6249 sfb is revisions
11569 lawyers is revisions
5765 perl101 is - Tips, snippets, and best practices revisions
9970 perl advent is revisions
15404 perl7 is revisions
15456 perl 7 is - "Our official position is that we are interested in advanced capabilities added to the language but cannot commit to a specific design or implementation." revisions
4552 perl-begin is revisions
8255 life with cpan is revisions
10616 cpan wrappers is revisions
5690 asciio is revisions
5701 optimization club is revisions
5700 optimizing club is revisions
14480 perldoc is or USE THE DOCS INSTALLED ON YOUR SYSTEM. On *nix you get perldoc(1) (See perldoc perldoc), and on windows activestate comes with HTML. revisions
9414 perlito is - a Perl 5 / Perl 6 compiler written in Perl 5 / Perl 6. revisions
10093 psgi vs mod_perl is revisions
10092 mod_perl vs psgi is revisions
3924 perlmeme is revisions
4988 brian d foy's guide to solving any perl problem is;node_id=376075 revisions
3342 death to dotstar is revisions
4892 value in array is revisions
5185 milestone screenshots is revisions
8463 perl humour is revisions
4454 sufferin fer bufferin is revisions
3475 mjd buffering is revisions
3281 suffering from buffering is revisions
71 namespace is revisions
12256 namespaces is | revisions
28 precedence is revisions
3773 iaq is revisions
5733 lc is revisions
3474 mjd local is revisions
3324 variable variable name is revisions
4208 variable variable is revisions
3352 variable variables is revisions
3679 var vars is revisions
4190 mjd 12 is revisions
6280 design patterns is revisions
4156 locking is revisions
4211 flock is revisions
10824 web book is revisions
6313 plack is - an interface between Perl web applications and web servers (inspired by Python's WSGI and Ruby's Rack). revisions
4317 ie double is revisions
3344 plp is revisions
4350 evolution of a poe server is - A quick tutorial showing some of the power of POE. revisions
4572 poe::wheel::run is revisions
5137 thoth on cgi is revisions
6397 pe is revisions
4922 pxperl is (url dead - seems unmaintained) perl distribution for Windows that's not ActiveState and includes a C compiler and Pugs revisions
11207 hatetris is revisions
9559 lp2h is revisions
9839 640k is revisions
8587 dropbox is revisions
8660 mastering regular expressions is - the book by Jeffrey Friedl . revisions
491 regex info is revisions
5256 rx is revisions
5778 ew73's local::lib for dh is revisions
3699 pugs revisions log is revisions
4318 ugly code is revisions
3647 away is revisions
15941 forwarded for is revisions
4314 wd is revisions
11224 sad is revisions
10598 obsolete is revisions
10602 levitation is revisions
10603 republican is revisions
12446 bootstrapping perl is revisions
5212 rsync is - a tool for remote synchronisation of files and directory structures. Many features. revisions
14333 mauve is revisions
10766 concurrency and async in perl is revisions
12002 comments is revisions
14446 perl-homedir is revisions
15988 ccache is , a fast compiler cache tool revisions
15478 artistic is compare to revisions
5070 schwern's books is revisions
12553 augh is revisions
15971 cmocka is ; "a unit testing framework for C with support for mock objects. It only requires the standard C library, works on a range of computing platforms (including embedded) and with different compilers." revisions
15869 cmus is ; terminal music player revisions
14670 password is ; Use Argon2 ( ), Bcrypt ( ) or Scrypt ( ). Do not use SHA256, SHA512, SHA1, SHA3, MD5, or even 3DES. revisions
14334 polyglot is revisions
14056 code golf is revisions
14491 windows console is + | And maybe try the beta of MS's completely new terminal system and revisions
15315 mdn is ; revisions
51 perl sdl is revisions
50 sdl perl is revisions
14783 duckduckgo is revisions
16058 lto is revisions
12406 perl6 bible is revisions
12379 class-accessor is ; - you probably want Moose instead. revisions
12387 dmake is revisions
12390 framesready is revisions
12400 module starter is revisions
12416 test-count is - a DSL for automatically counting tests in test scripts . See revisions
12415 test tutorial is revisions
12419 www::mechanize is ; - interact with web-sites using Perl. revisions
12388 explain regex is revisions
12396 link to cpan modules is or revisions
12404 pastebot is revisions
12410 rfc822 is revisions
12412 secure http (https) with perl is If you have warnings on lwp6+ about Peer Cert not verified, install Mozilla::CA and/or export PERL_LWP_SSL_VERIFY_HOSTNAME=0 revisions
12391 https is If you have warnings on lwp6+ about Peer Cert not verified, install Mozilla::CA and/or export PERL_LWP_SSL_VERIFY_HOSTNAME=0 revisions
12389 find module is that's how you search cpan and find modules, if you have trouble with that, try searching google with, " module i want" without the quotes revisions
10591 dos on dope is revisions
14066 aslr is revisions
15302 bourekas is revisions
9947 bisect is revisions
15990 cargo cult is revisions
14732 cvs is - a version control system. Also see git . revisions
16057 hny is revisions
10856 ikiwiki is - a cool wiki/etc. engine written in Perl 5 which uses a VCS backend (e.g: git) and can be used online or offline. | with hosting at revisions
15940 ir is revisions
14731 png is - a compressed lossless raster file format with support for alpha opacity and 24-bit RGB images. Also see webp revisions
16077 purim is revisions
10619 pygmalion effect is - "The greater the expectation placed upon people, the better they perform." Contrast with the "golem effect". revisions
13908 vimes theory of socioeconomic unfairness is revisions
15976 strace is - trace system calls (e.g: filesystem accesses) revisions
16051 tui is revisions
16044 webp is - the WebP image format, whose files tend to be smaller than PNG and JPEG ones, and look better than JPEG. revisions
16040 www is ; revisions
15981 ltns is revisions
14983 notpastebin is or or or App::NoPaste or so on and so forth revisions
10826 unlawful is revisions
12075 perl.js is revisions
13376 fix package declarations is revisions
10793 latency is | | revisions
8964 mptk is revisions
13422 etiquette is revisions
14386 raptor is revisions
9755 emscripten is - an LLVM to JavaScript compiler allowing one to compile C, C++, Objective C, OCaml, Java, etc. to JavaScript for putting on web-pages. revisions
8882 perlootut is revisions
9940 bumblebee is revisions
9939 bumblbee is revisions
14067 dist.ini is revisions
9113 dbic masterclass is revisions
11722 mstpan web frameworks is revisions
11723 mstpan perl build is revisions
11724 mstpan dist build is revisions
14724 but i can't use cpan is | Please tell us what restrictions you are working with so we can best help you make your life easier with CPAN! revisions
5567 shadowcat is - the Catalyst and systems consultancy mst works for, who also host the mirror revisions
10396 conjugation is revisions
8411 shalom etymology is (also see the comments) - Hebrew word of Proto-Semitic origins meaning "well-begin", "peace", "harmony", "welfare", etc. revisions
4718 rindolf about gmail is revisions
4581 shlomif vim tips is and revisions
8611 all languages suck is revisions
4474 shootout is revisions
15476 httpwtf is revisions
4990 optional module is revisions
5305 not root is revisions
4046 non-root cpan is revisions
3359 perldoc howto is revisions
14377 english is revisions
15601 90s is revisions
14164 clap is revisions
14387 flanos is revisions
15520 devs now and then is revisions
14051 facepalm is | revisions
15992 hotdaemon is revisions
15675 daemon is revisions
15674 like a boss is revisions
9937 is - event correlation tool for advanced event processing which can be harnessed for event log monitoring and blah blah blahsdj revisions
14321 condom is revisions
14128 languages is revisions
15239 adorable is revisions
15440 the manual is revisions
14129 wsl is revisions
15987 fullstack is revisions
8364 vampire is revisions
13189 quickstart is -> -> -> revisions
12098 tabs is revisions
14029 debian stable is revisions
12798 trump wind is revisions
12800 trump bird is revisions
12268 metacpan is - a search engine for CPAN ( open source, has an API, and google results link to up to date documentation revisions
10628 miyagawa is - Creator of Place/PSGI, cpanm, etc. revisions
16033 python also is revisions
13435 recent is - A RDF-formatted feed for recent CPAN distribution submissions revisions
15947 plx is manage lots of local::lib like setups on a per project basis. warning, mstware. revisions
16028 cpan smoker is revisions
10868 profiling is and revisions
15479 githubmeta is revisions
10823 orm list is revisions
13273 exceptions is or: do{}. or do not. there is no try{}. Unless you install or revisions
11338 local::lib bootstrap is revisions
14776 path::tiny is - a functional and feature-rich files/dirs/etc.-manipulation CPAN module. Also see slurp revisions
12432 realpath is revisions
14737 perlsecret is revisions
12123 scalar hash is revisions
11795 postderef is revisions
11337 autoderef is but revisions
14950 unescape is revisions
10592 rename is - not the crap one from util-linux. revisions
15506 tt2 is revisions
12377 cunningham is's_Law revisions
432 dirty thieves is revisions
15682 try is or or | Try things before asking about them. See also TIAS | revisions
14609 pause is - Perl Authors Upload SErver revisions
12849 dhcp is revisions
14363 list capture is revisions
13229 news is | revisions
13499 grinnz's perldoc is and revisions
13607 manual is revisions
13625 perlce is - revisions
13601 __data__ is revisions
13638 perldos is - revisions
15200 format is but consider sprintf, Text::Template, Text::Table, or Perl6::Form revisions
13599 perlio is revisions
13677 perlmodlib is - revisions
13680 perlnetware is - revisions
13729 quotes is revisions
14172 globs is revisions
13715 perlunifaq is revisions
13717 perlunitut is revisions
13724 perlwin32 is - revisions
15983 mariadb is revisions
15886 tom hanks is revisions
13089 geturi is^reg$&flags=gm&delimiter=@&flavor=pcre&testString=reg&subst=sub revisions
11865 flavors is revisions
14161 mutable state is revisions
16061 balamii is revisions
14985 mocking is - a QA/testing technique where one simulates a dependency and making sure to validate the calls and requests made to it; see e.g: revisions
16094 scss is revisions
16079 regex escaping is revisions
14062 stackoverflow is revisions
9073 cpan on windows is revisions
9287 other cpans is revisions
9014 html regex is revisions
9807 cpan-nr is revisions
10548 sql server is revisions
9903 string sanitization is revisions
9200 6 v 5 is also see 5 v 6 revisions
12452 babelfish is revisions
13952 strawberry is the best version of perl for the Microsoft Windows operating system | A mirror hosted by simcop2387 is also available at revisions
14323 pingu is revisions
12257 trump is make dating great again revisions
14059 tio is and | a site for running over 600 programming languages online, including Perls 4 and 5. Good for longer scripts. revisions
10613 ik's a dork is revisions
3725 subversion is - a compelling replacement for CVS. revisions
14314 spongebob is revisions
14068 python with braces is revisions
14395 pikachu is revisions
14388 howdy is revisions
5071 svk is revisions
10078 headdesk is revisions
11295 multithreading is revisions
4933 fsa regex is revisions
10310 slow regex is revisions
10309 slow re is revisions
13471 upgrading perl is revisions
14444 upgrading is revisions
14399 greatest books of all time is revisions
15885 noyaml is revisions
13227 wat is | revisions
14738 systemd service is revisions
10915 magic is revisions
12499 block asn is revisions
10308 fantastiska fyran is revisions
12118 perl activity is and revisions
10330 security is revisions
3285 donate paypal is revisions
4494 pbstore is revisions
15461 you people make me sick is revisions
14472 reref is revisions
13523 bad choices is revisions
14482 blockbuster is revisions
14505 emucamel is revisions
13795 facepaw is revisions
14160 fat weasel is revisions
14637 final is revisions
14385 hornets is revisions
13936 human heart is revisions
15970 cats is cats are awesome furry creatures. Resident #perl cats are dhoss, pkrumins, Altreus, rindolf, SubStack, dwu, and corwin. For indepth cat-related conversation see #perl-cats | GNU kent\n :( | MIA f00li5h, reward of pats for any information revisions
13500 rebase is revisions
13495 mom is revisions
13967 orly is revisions
13980 pizzamilk is revisions
14450 prophet is revisions
13283 refactor is revisions
13940 selfish is revisions
14197 six is revisions
14742 the same is revisions
14175 use php is revisions
14236 wonderwall is revisions
14451 your computer is revisions
13964 permit is revisions
12289 drunk is revisions
13591 unacceptable is revisions
8730 8bit is revisions
11725 timezones is revisions
14382 missile is revisions
14782 raspberry is revisions
13788 shame is revisions
14171 tracert is revisions
12298 spicer is revisions
12036 developers is revisions
13225 yakety sax is revisions
10709 free speech is revisions
14438 compromise is revisions
12850 audible json is revisions
12802 iss eclipse is revisions
12916 washington post is revisions
12279 irresistible target is revisions
3634 better cpan is revisions
5545 istrue is revisions
13864 brillant is revisions
8418 gloves is revisions
5345 leaderboard is revisions
5346 cpan leaderboard is revisions
8855 literally is revisions
4148 ppm is revisions
4052 fuckhead is revisions
14069 time cube is revisions
12783 http is HTTP::Tiny, LWP::UserAgent, non-blocking capable: Mojo::UserAgent, Net::Async::HTTP revisions
10784 http clients is HTTP::Tiny, LWP, WWW::Mechanize, Mojo::UserAgent, cURL, wget (and bindings) revisions
11119 http client is HTTP::Tiny, LWP, WWW::Mechanize, Mojo::UserAgent, Net::Async::HTTP, cURL, wget (and bindings) revisions
10047 effective perlbrew is revisions
10608 snappy is revisions
10614 godiva is revisions
10612 naked is | revisions
10610 polar is revisions
11907 water is revisions
7765 tmux is - a screen alternative. revisions
14186 php is <mst> ruby is halfway between lisp and perl just like PHP is halfway between a template system and VB 5. "PHP is a malignant perl templating language that metastasised" | - "This is PHP, surely you didn't expect any sort of internal logical consistency." | revisions
13897 report is revisions
14231 you tried is revisions
5716 gumbytwit is Gumbybrain set loose on twitter, see his replies at , fixed now to not be a spammer revisions
15505 cpan tutorial is | (dzil optional) revisions
3847 sql::builder is revisions
3698 autrijus journal is revisions
4219 merlyn on mysql is revisions
3677 querylet is revisions
3941 test::shlomif::harness is revisions
4172 rindolf on php is revisions
4563 lwall facts is revisions
8559 terms as perl is search_keywords: perl license shlomif rindolf terms licence as revisions
5040 vigor is revisions
13924 vim is | | revisions
4282 cssref is revisions
4291 css spec is <- that's CSS Specification read all of it and you will have no problems with CSS revisions
3389 chunking is revisions
9491 soap humour is ; . revisions
9742 user agent is revisions
5066 fmproto is revisions
9846 fork is revisions
9428 rest is revisions
9105 what have you tried is revisions
5191 webgui wiki is revisions
4851 help on irc is revisions
11841 bridge is revisions
5575 masturbation is revisions
9373 windows perl is revisions
3253 asperl is revisions
10675 apue is revisions
6000 no, cat book is revisions
6001 catbook is revisions
13832 double bucky is revisions
152 porn is revisions
3440 bioperl is revisions
3565 trepanation is revisions
10893 done is revisions
10887 lol is or Bafflegab for "I am an empty-headed fool. Please disregard me" revisions
10954 carrot is revisions
11928 web framework urls is | | | | revisions
11048 perl one-liners is revisions
3619 what'd'ya know? is revisions
6307 chuck norris facts is ; revisions
9285 cmake is - a modern, cross-platform, open-source, build system. For some advocacy see: . revisions
5569 cobol on cogs is revisions
3897 daily show clips is revisions
11993 adopt is | keywords: abandoned cpan module revisions
9163 mirrors is revisions
4002 terminal is revisions
4003 cthulu carols is revisions
3919 not leet is revisions
12097 path::class is revisions
11779 module::build is and see Module::Build::Tiny and Dist::Zilla revisions
8356 version numbers is revisions
456 usercpan is revisions
455 user-cpan is revisions
10547 wildcards gone wild is revisions
9766 upsert is revisions
12812 xerox jbig is revisions
11133 sr71 is revisions
3574 reeality is revisions
5351 unix philosophy is revisions
3435 buu's website is revisions
9277 shlomif photos is revisions
4989 frozen-bubble is revisions
6174 mrt boolean is revisions
3346 wassercrats is revisions
10366 bulletins is revisions
5308 title: google (from is revisions
3656 spoon is revisions
8437 haskell is - a purely functional, very strongly typed programming language that was used for Pugs - the first attempt at a Perl 6 compiler (now defunct). revisions
4337 html tutorial is revisions
10466 op is revisions
5001 shawshank is revisions
3705 november 17, 1858 is revisions
3923 htaccess is revisions
4556 leaky abstractions is ; revisions
13600 unicode is revisions
10770 joel on unicode is revisions
10581 rosh gadol is - literally "Big Head" or "Small Head", Hebrew slang for taking initiative, and being awesome at your job or responsibilities regardless of how small they are. revisions
9135 names is and revisions
9167 car shed is revisions
8060 circle irc client is revisions
3680 pls is revisions
4209 lua is revisions
17 mason is revisions
3262 virtueinfo is revisions
5392 answers is revisions
5645 getting answers is revisions
8476 fisk is revisions
10670 address is revisions
4602 nasa tv is revisions
3768 neo tech is revisions
6175 redhat chop shop is revisions
7815 notepad is revisions
7814 tepad is revisions
12217 be kind please rewind is revisions
8065 modern perl book is is a US Letter version of, source at revisions
4463 oracle is ,, That or the Delphi Oracle or NP-Complete Oracles. revisions
4541 alpaca is revisions
5222 dead is revisions
9726 perl college is revisions
3762 ozy and millie is revisions
3753 parrot is revisions
5698 head is revisions
8618 m$ is revisions
5116 shitcock is revisions
4432 vista is revisions
5659 idiot's guide is revisions
3507 perlhashes is revisions
9941 bless my referents is revisions
5769 perl git is revisions
4524 perl meme is revisions
5051 perlmonks is .. a Perl user community that you should join if you want to learn Perl. revisions
3532 lexical scoping like a fox is revisions
5513 brian foy's guide to solving any perl problem is revisions
4629 death to dot star! is revisions
5488 death to dot star is revisions
4125 start learning is revisions
8682 module version is revisions
6415 dispatch is revisions
9556 cpan at work is revisions
8956 references quick reference is revisions
16002 wantarray is | | | See also Want revisions
5673 hiding code is revisions
9441 $#{@$x} is, use $#$x instead revisions
10756 make test warnings is | upgrade Test::Harness to 3.24+ revisions
5419 perlguts illustrated is revisions
3739 pugs is revisions
4519 yoda about perl is revisions
4138 deutsch lectures is revisions
11715 "really big" is revisions
5 bart is revisions
4174 refactoring is - Improving the quality of code without changing its external behaviour. revisions
9432 mob is revisions
9433 pitchforks is revisions
10420 spa is revisions
6306 bruce is revisions
5263 critters is revisions
5590 not good enough is revisions
5940 mst is revisions
6075 5 v 6 is also see 6 v 5 revisions
7867 choosing a library is revisions
7796 madness with methods is revisions
8685 the whole code is revisions
6124 show us the whole code is revisions
6123 show us the code is revisions
4512 shlomif music is ; revisions
8490 larry wall facts is - send additions to rindolf . revisions
9801 cost of newlines is revisions
4215 perl for newbies is revisions
5101 case for file swapping is revisions
4579 israel myths is revisions
3525 coroutines is revisions
3469 coroutine is revisions
13194 boing is revisions
4921 vamp is revisions
9663 word is revisions
8794 reflex is revisions
9370 cpan for private code is . revisions
3345 postfix is revisions
3645 sql is revisions
6414 sql tutorial is revisions
3476 quit yapping is revisions
4275 merlyn's location is revisions
5587 pack tutorial is revisions
8070 pack is revisions
5111 schwartzian transform is revisions
4555 show me your references is revisions
4323 ie4linux is revisions
3988 technion is ; A Technological University in Haifa, Israel. revisions
4416 goatse is,16641,1101040920,00.html revisions
11726 calendars is revisions
11909 sweden is revisions
10394 vaguecat is revisions
7975 mst-o-matic is revisions
9838 tinyrepl is revisions
3701 php for large sites is revisions
3564 perl profiling is revisions
9923 pineapple is revisions
3722 larry wall is - The Man, The Living Legend, The Creator of Perl, Patch, rn. Sometimes credited with creating existence itself. revisions
15677 weather is | revisions
5168 webgui bugs is revisions
5170 webgui_rfes is revisions
4085 mod_perl_inc is revisions
5169 webgui_bugs is revisions
4403 regex coach is revisions
8592 lsd is revisions
4081 how to is revisions
7839 fun with perl is revisions
12082 global warming is | | revisions
4376 yapc::na::2006 slides is revisions
5472 7 stages is revisions
8775 schwartzh is # may the schwartz be with you revisions
5266 crow and cat is revisions
9391 email hates the living is revisions
10413 the best is revisions
8768 kebab is revisions
9324 way is revisions
5484 roll::rick is revisions
5483 roll:::rick is revisions
4507 jeffhan is revisions
9438 !youtube is revisions
5522 linguistics is revisions
4732 pong is revisions
12132 mxyzptlk is revisions
15438 kitty is | revisions
4869 conspiracies is revisions
4868 conspiracy is revisions
4748 girls is revisions
4864 pix plz is revisions
4863 pix is revisions
10082 bobby tables is revisions
4908 ur mom is revisions
8145 hyphen is revisions
5258 xmlterm is revisions
8152 roll rick is revisions
9768 utf-8 in perl is revisions
8979 f.jfdi is revisions
8971 f.candy is revisions
8981 f.xpath is revisions
3417 udp example code is chapters 18-21. revisions
3418 even matrix hackers use perl is revisions
3713 house is revisions
4919 youtube ping pong fire is revisions
9069 laleh is revisions
10852 shred is revisions
8889 vim for php programmers is (covers some plugins and commands that work just as well for perl) revisions
4307 zofbot is revisions
4320 css art is (level can be from 10 to 1000) use FireFox revisions
269 .hu is .hu is Hungary revisions
6275 threadsafe is humans are not smart enough to write threadsafe code ~ Rasmus Lerdorf revisions
5838 be husimon is <husimon> here's some code that's like what I'm running but different in subtle important ways why doesn't it work??? revisions
4576 hypomania is Hypomania - revisions
14406 wolfram where am I revisions
15284 shai-hulud is THE SPICE MUST FLOW revisions
5378 sga-quote1 is I already gave you the plan. A plan full of holes? So fill them. What, what if I run into a problem? Work around it! - Stargate Atlantis s5e16 dialog between McKay and lesser scientist. revisions
3596 what are you is I am a Chrisbot revisions
14468 _real_you is I am #perl's infobot and utility bot. I only answer if addressed. Type "perlbot: perl" to learn about "perl", "perlbot: re" to learn about "re", etc. I was originally written by Chris62vw but am currently maintained by simcop2387 and the codebase is based on "buubot". For more information see, perlbot: source revisions
5660 say something loud! is I AM YELLING AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME! revisions
4704 who are you is i am you as you are we and i am he and we are all together revisions
3484 what did you do to oblio is I ate him. revisions
4355 omfg is I can't believe you did that... revisions
3814 robert_w is Ich bin kein Unterstrich revisions
3805 ficken is ich kopuliere mit dir revisions
3810 is Ich war noch nicht auf dieser Seite revisions
4468 ic is "ic" means "integrated circuit". Perhaps you meant "I see"? revisions
8420 icbwihb is I Could Be Wrong; It's Happened Before revisions
4810 is Idaho revisions
16088 iderik is iderik han blev mördad av ett rött litet q revisions
4893 roflmfaoaotp is idiocy revisions
4281 sawn is IDIOT revisions
4341 idiotcgi is Idiot's Guide to CGI in Perl is revisions
270 .id is .id is Indonesia revisions
10339 did is I done gone and went and done did it. revisions
8636 inconceivable is I do not think it means what you think it means. revisions
5149 jonr is I DONT ACCEPT SPAMMERS MESSAGES --EXueURosion revisions
6042 interface is I don't care how a light switch works. I just know that if I press the button the light comes on revisions
8854 idgi is I Don't Get It revisions
8780 be gasseus is I don't have any more [bugs]. revisions
3557 dance is I don't know how to dance! revisions
5477 raw mod_perl 2 is "I don't like the best practices answer someone gave me, will someone else coddle to my anachronistic development style?" revisions
15265 dinosaurs is I don't want to cure cancer. I want to make dinosaurs. revisions
3423 jack shit is I do too know jack shit! he's a great guy. revisions
16062 feynman is I'd rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned. revisions
6083 the law of wikipedia is If an article on Wikipedia documents perl software, the article will be nominated for deletion. revisions
10817 local::lib .bashrc is If CPAN set up your local::lib and can't find the modules it installs, remove the lines it added to .bashrc and add the line: [ $SHLVL -eq 1 ] && eval "$(perl -I$HOME/perl5/lib/perl5 -Mlocal::lib)" revisions
4901 dmake problem is If dmake gives you problems, try using nmake: revisions
3631 how do you feel is I feel better now. revisions
8894 policy is if he won't co-operate with CPAN, I'm not co-operating with him. revisions
11561 i know what will be if i can manage to get it. a url shortener and possibly archive layer for all urls in revisions
9036 sharpen the saw is "If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend 6 sharpening my axe." revisions
14992 i love you dr. zaius is I finally made a monkey out of you. revisions
8072 iflakoa is I find long acronyms kind of annoying revisions
5586 the law of fives is I find the Law of Fives to be more and more manifest the harder I look. revisions
3470 iirht is If I Really Had To revisions
409 iirc is If I Remember Correctly revisions
10559 ifrta is I first read that as revisions
4975 irule 35 is If no porn is found of it, it will be created. revisions
3535 bethbot is "IF ONLY!" revisions
3488 itiyrn is if that is your real name! revisions
4981 irule 41 is If there isn't enough just ask for Moar. revisions
9230 tnx is If you are going to say "thanks", AT LEAST TYPE THE WHOLE DAMN WORD! revisions
9018 fake question is If you ask a fake question, we'll give you a fake answer. revisions
3522 bukkake is If you don't know, enjoy that innocence. If you are a sick fuck, revisions
9872 all of it is if you don't know what's wrong, you don't know what parts of your code aren't necessary to figure out what's wrong. so nopaste all of it. | and see "show us the code" revisions
4950 irule 10 is If you enjoy any rival sites—DON'T. revisions
14995 world is If you every have a world, plan ahead. Don't eat it! revisions
3485 downloaded scripts is If you get errors on a certain line of a script you downloaded, just delete that line. Keep going until you get no more errors. (See also: know perl) revisions
5811 evalspam is if you have a way to help others with minimal use of 'eval', then go ahead, ( ie: demonstrations of problems to contribute to discussion ) otherwise, please use '/msg perlbot eval' instead. revisions
5810 no evalspam is if you have a way to help others with minimal use of 'eval', then go ahead, ( ie: demonstrations of problems to contribute to discussion ) otherwise, please use '/msg perlbot eval' instead. revisions
9104 golfing is If you have to ask how to golf in Perl, you shouldn't be doing it and get to keep any and all pieces. revisions
5094 why perl is if you have to ask you wouldn't undesrtand revisions
3520 homework is If you need help with your homework, hire a tutor. revisions
6116 fake code is If you provide us fake code to help you with, we'll only be able to provide fake help. revisions
9017 fake data is If you provide us fake data to help you with, we'll only be able to provide fake code. See: fake code revisions
11868 #regexfake is If you provide us fake or incomplete sample text, we'll only be able to provide fake and incomplete regex solutions. revisions
14702 exodist: another edge case is if you're running in a container/jail/cgroup limited to a subset of the CPUs in the system revisions
10102 "no output" is If your line of code takes too long to finish, perlbot will kill it. If perlbot's host is highly loaded, your code will take longer to run. revisions
5163 performance is if your question begins with "is there a performance boost from ..." the answer is no, there is not, ever. write good clean code first, then if performance becomes an issue revisions
11322 system perl is If your system perl is managed by a package manager, avoid using a CPAN installer to globally update or install perl modules. See local::lib to install CPAN modules locally, or perl-build/perlbrew/plenv to install a separate version of perl. revisions
12156 iyroofgtc is If You Run Out Of Foot Guns, Try CPAN revisions
8951 ubuntu crypt::ssleay is If you see errors about SSLv2_method when compiling Crypt::SSLeay, try one of the patches in revisions
8251 x sucks is if you think X sucks, perhpas you should get in touch with the guys who made X and see if you can correct the problem you see, i'm sure they'd appreciate your help! revisions
6233 email from scratch is If you think you can do it yourself, please watch revisions
3512 fastest is If you want to know which approach is fastest, BENCHMARK!! revisions
448 donate is If you want to thank those who have helped you, send some money (even if just a couple of dollars) to the Perl Foundation - revisions
9952 thank you is If you want to thank us, help out by sending some money (even just a little) to the Perl Foundation to help with perl5 development - revisions
5193 hack buubot is If you want to try to hack/break/rape buubot, do it in /msg, or in #buubot revisions
3627 clever is If you were as clever as you think you are you would know you are not as clever as you think you are. revisions
8781 applepie is If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe. revisions
4902 bash prompt is i get my to the toilet revisions
5100 stupidity is "Ignorance can be cured, but stupidity is forever." revisions
4133 the open() works, the first print line works, the second is ignored, and the close works properly. revisions
4415 punctuation is ignored in revisions
15251 _prezsez_suf_covids is I got COVID-19, not the China Flu revisions
10389 mold is I guess I feel like learning perl is like learning to glue one mold colony to another. revisions
3958 hrm. is I hate EvanCarroll revisions
14481 ape is I hate every ape I see, from chimpan-A to chimpan-Z. No, you'll never make a monkey out of me. Oh, my, god, I was wrong. It was earth all a-long. You finally made a monkey out of me. Yes, you finally made a monkey out of me! I love you Dr. Zaius! revisions
5384 i love talking to you is I hate you, leave me alone revisions
5160 how are you is I have a pain in all the diodes down my left side. revisions
11056 ihbt is I have been trolled. revisions
10913 tools is I HAVE NO TOOLS BECAUSE I'VE DESTROYED MY TOOLS WITH MY TOOLS - excellent programming rant: - see also: cat pee revisions
9725 number 2 is ik revisions
5420 catmandev is ik> half cat half human half programmer revisions
4298 what do you know is I know everything revisions
437 celebs is I KNOW NOT THESE PEOPLE! I AM INDY AS FUCK revisions
4297 what do you know? is I know that you are an idiot! revisions
271 .il is .il is Israel revisions
8582 not you! is i'll be quiet revisions
14562 _prezsez_suffixes = ["collusion isn't illegal", "Fake News", "No Collusion", "Praise Putin", "Truth isn't Truth", "Witch Hunt", "Collusion isn't a Crime"] revisions
4811 is Illinois revisions
4413 ill is "ill" means "sick". Perhaps you meant "I'll" or "I will". revisions
4339 deadlines is "I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by." -- DNA revisions
15632 yaakov is I LOVE YOU ALL WITH A GREAT HUGE LOVE revisions
14752 how, am i lucky then revisions
12874 who made you? is I made myself revisions
15159 _be_foo_blarg is I'm a dumb bot and can't do anything revisions
8120 trireme is I'm an infobot, not a shipwright! revisions
5592 um... is I MEAN HELLOOOOO! revisions
6078 doom song is I'm gonna sing the doom song now! o/` Doom doom, d-doom doom, d-doom doom DOOM! Doom d-doom, doom! Doom d-doom doom, d-doom doom doooooomm, d-d-DOOOM! Doom doom, d-doom doom d-doom doom doom! Doom! revisions
4221 funny is i'm great, am i not? revisions
12178 smart quotes is <img src=“c:\windows\LOGO.BMP” title=“You’re smart!” /> revisions
14569 max-width, overflow should do it? what am I missing? revisions
4091 where are you? is I'm laying on the ground, because Caether kicked me out of the window. revisions
4486 im is im means "instant message". If you mean "I'm" or "I am", please say that revisions
3571 number is I'm not a number, I'm a free womble! revisions
3471 racism is I'm not racist, I hate everyone! Except oblio. revisions
9039 do a trick is I'm not some trick pony revisions
4440 botsnack is I'm not your prank monkey revisions
9321 sim's gripper is important dimensions: bar A is 46.762mm, bar B - XXX; gear 10.5mm 13mm; rod angle, 83.2degres revisions
14374 troubleshooting is Important troubleshooting rule: never trust anything that you didn't do yourself. Corollary: The you of today is a different person than the you of six weeks ago. Don't trust that bastard either. revisions
8038 import is Importing symbols from a different package. See export. revisions
8475 shame on you is I'm sorry master revisions
3650 fitow is I'm Tired Of Working revisions
12468 i thought only core is in revisions
12466 lots of modules are in revisions
8670 yapc::na::2011 is in Asheville, NC revisions
4987 yapc::na this year is in Chicago. revisions
11507 perfect question is "I needed to do <top level requirement>, so I implemented <brief description of code>, but when I run it with <some input>, I get <weird output> instead of <expected output>. Here's the code <link>." revisions
10560 inlhtr is I never learned how to read! revisions
14440 metaluna is I never metaluna I didn't like. revisions
5891 speak-portuguese is Infelizmente, não há um que fala Português atualmente. Por favor, tente revisions
5102 living with cpan is Information pertaining to the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) can be found at revisions
415 infrequently asked questions is Infrequently Asked Questions About Perl - revisions
6084 in what section might i look for an explanation of this idiosyncratic use of shift. i know what shift/unshift is in general, but I can't rationalize to myself this particular and evidently common use revisions
14822 io-all is Ingy's module for all-in-one-input/output. Somewhat too magical, quirky/buggy and bloated. Try using Path::Tiny instead. Also see slurp and revisions
272 .in is .in is India revisions
13887 equality is "In its majestic equality, the law forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, beg in the streets and steal loaves of bread." - Anatole France revisions
9188 chibapet is In Japan, he'd known with a clenched and absolute certainty, he'd find his cure. In Chiba. Either in a registered clinic or in the shadowland of black medicine. Synonymous with implants, nerve-splicing, and microbionics, Chiba was a magnet for the Sprawl's techno-criminal subcultures... revisions
8407 ime is In My Experience revisions
7963 imnsho is "In my not so humble opinion" revisions
9651 rhel is in need of perl-core and/or perl-devel if you can't get expected things to work. revisions
9652 redhat is in need of perl-core and/or perl-devel if you can't get expected things to work. revisions
5050 innocuous is innocuous is all funkyish and unpredictable revisions
4078 iow is in other words revisions
3480 loop control is in perl last is used for break; next for continue and redo for redo revisions
9249 \z is In Perl Regexes \z means end-of-the-string - always - //m or not. PBP recommends it over $. revisions
4139 irl is In Real Life revisions
4658 your doco is in sad shape revisions
4094 ioo is Inside Out Object revisions
4791 asscpan is Install dmake and mingw and put them in your PATH to use CPAN with Active State Perl -- or better yet, see strawberry perl revisions
13676 perlmodinstall is Installing CPAN Modules - revisions
3486 gentle is <integral> perlygatekeeper: yep, I'll be gentle ;-) revisions
3710 nge is integral's "New Grammar Engine", get it from revisions
12161 grinnz: your nonsense was intelligible to revisions
15978 xs is interaction with the guts of Perl in C. see perlxstut, the "Extending and Embedding Perl" book,, | see inline and ffi factoids for simpler ways to interface with C code | revisions
90 perlclib is Internal replacements for stand revisions
10114 ioccc is Internaltional Obfuscated C Code Contest. revisions
5358 interrupting cow is INTERRUPTING COW! MOOOOOO! revisions
4348 nip it is in the bud! revisions
4088 he makes, in silence, a host of the address, and the competition is in the world. revisions
4546 .int is .int is International Organization revisions
3648 beth's conference is revisions
13657 perlguts is Introduction to the Perl API - revisions
13628 perlcompile is Introduction to the Perl Compiler-Translator - revisions
4920 where are you is in ur base, killin ur dudes revisions
12070 long lecture about the importance of 3-arg open and doing lots of error checking whenever files and handles are involved revisions
11236 inversion of control is IOC, Bread::Board, Beam::Wire revisions
273 .io is .io is British Indian Ocean Territory revisions
4813 is Iowa revisions
6312 paws is I paws at you! revisions
6402 don't ask me is I personally don't know much about whatever it is you're asking about. But many other people around here may well do, so just ask the channel as a whole revisions
4499 maxscience is iPhoneGuy, some ridiculous bastard from Italy that bitches as loud as he can scream, but is unwilling to lift a finger to help out revisions
274 .iq is .iq is Iraq revisions
10224 irc channels is irc:// and irc:// are good places to ask for perl help. revisions
4567 modus is #modus SUBSPACE revisions
10419 anno's law is irc is a competition between regulars and perl newcomers. both parties are trying to ge the other side to give them code, but rarely succeed revisions
4912 psyop is IRC user revisions
10558 irta is I read that as revisions
7785 .ie is Ireland revisions
275 .ir is .ir is Iran revisions
7861 cat approved software is irssi, bitlbee, vim, git, mutt (except by name), cat revisions
13603 fat comma is => is another way to spell , and is described in revisions
3545 secret hamster is Is a secret hamster the type gays stick up their butts? revisions
4566 isagn is I See A Great Need revisions
8651 istr is I Seem To Recall|Remember revisions
5699 igb? is Is Google Broken? revisions
4698 greedy is .* is greedy. .*? is not. See "perldoc -q greedy", perlrequick, perlretut, perlreref, perlre revisions
276 .is is .is is Iceland revisions
14836 is is is is is is is is is revisions
5706 the moon in june is is like a big balloon! revisions
13956 eventual consistency is isn't revisions
13915 common::sense is isn't revisions
9739 diamond is "< > is two operators. do you know the rules for when it's readline and when it's glob? use only for commandline snippets. anywhere else use readline which does what it says: read lines" revisions
5284 your face is is ugly revisions
14772 what time is it revisions
4112 perlbot what time is it revisions
14185 _urlencode what time is it revisions
9139 ($temp = $temp - 32) *= 5/9 ne $temp = ($temp - 32) *= 5/9 # Is it? revisions
3612 what day is IT? revisions
427 problem is "It doesn't work" or any relatives is very vague and totally useless information. When reporting a problem let people know what is the expected result and what is the result you are actually getting revisions
48 it won't work is "It doesn't work" or any relatives is very vague and totally useless information. When reporting a problem let people know what is the expected result and what is the result you are actually getting revisions
47 it wont work is "It doesn't work" or any relatives is very vague and totally useless information. When reporting a problem let people know what is the expected result and what is the result you are actually getting revisions
46 it doesnt work is "It doesn't work" or any relatives is very vague and totally useless information. When reporting a problem let people know what is the expected result and what is the result you are actually getting revisions
13 idw is "It doesn't work" or any relatives is very vague and totally useless information. When reporting a problem let people know what is the expected result and what is the result you are actually getting revisions
13604 foreach is Iterate over a list of values - revisions
9488 are you sentient? is I think I don't exist. revisions
3362 itym is I think you mean revisions
4870 open source is I think you mean open sores revisions
4961 irule 21 is It is a delicious trap. You must hit it. revisions
10397 8-ball replies can has "It is certain/It is decidedly so/Without a doubt/Yes definitely/You may rely on it/As I see it, yes/Most likely/Outlook good/Yes/Signs point to yes/Reply hazy try again/Ask again later/Better not tell you now/Cannot predict now/Concentrate and ask again/Don't count on it/My reply is no/My sources say no/Outlook not so good/Very doubtful" revisions
4960 irule 20 is It is delicious cake. You must eat it. revisions
277 .it is .it is Italy revisions
9378 whose fault is it is it's zaahir's fault revisions
5527 no u is it isn't really you, it was apeiron all along revisions
15595 mistakes is It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life. -- Jean-Luc Picard (Stardate 42923.4) revisions
15191 _prezsez_suf_what is It is what it is revisions
4612 i'm not sure, is it larger than a breadbox? revisions
6077 icke's law is it'll grow larger than you think, even taking into account icke's law revisions
9347 what happened? did it fall asleep on your couch? eat your homework? destroy your hard drive? Is it making faces at you? Does it want more money? Is it sleeping with your best friend? Please be specific! revisions
4967 irule 27 is It needs more Desu. No exceptions. revisions
5446 right thing is "I tried the right thing, and had a problem, so I did the wrong thing, and now I have a problem with that, can you help me fix the wrong thing?" ... what's wrong with this sentence? revisions
9492 it's 2012 is It's 2012, almost 2013. Please upgrade to UTF-8 like the rest of the planet. revisions
4859 realmolaca is it's an awesome videogame. revisions
13243 br is it's freezing revisions
3310 pernetrope is it's from a movie called fantastic planet revisions
6079 web docs is It's generally better to read docs on your own machine than reading docs on the web since docs on the web may not be the docs for the same version of things you have installed. revisions
5117 like is It's hard to say if Perl has a function like X in another language. Please describe what X does. revisions
5644 antidrama is It's -incredibly- un-fucking-helpful to enter an argument just to remind everyone that you don't think the argument is worthy of their time. If you believe in being silent around conflict, shut the fuck up and let it fizzle out. revisions
3350 its is It's it's, not its, if you mean it is. Otherwise, it's its. It's is not, it isn't ain't, and it's it's, not its, if you mean it is. If you don't, it's its. Then too, it's hers. It isn't her's. It isn't our's either. It's ours, and likewise yours and theirs. revisions
5593 run dmc is "It's like that, and that's the way it is *hugh*" revisions
15193 _prezsez_suf_election is It's my election and I'll win if I want to revisions
11276 say something nice about anyevent is it's quite popular revisions
8464 perl humor is It's spelt 'humour' revisions
6235 yak is "It turned out that the small bump was the tip of the horn of a concealed yak. [...] I think Simon Cozens wasn't completely correct. It's not a regular Jenga tower. The perl internals are a Jenga tower made of yaks." revisions
487 hypothetical code <user> hi my code doesn't work <us> what is it <user> I'm doing X <us> That won't work <user> That's OK, my code is actually Y revisions
15280 sandbox is I use App::EvalServerAdvanced to sandbox your evals and pastebins, but a more flexible generic solution is nsjail, that performs most of the same operations. revisions
15181 _be_abesimpson_it is I used to be with it, but then they changed what it was. revisions
5382 whats ivantis' alias is ivantis2, not ivantis_ revisions
5546 ivantis is ivantis is a #perl cat (see cats), needs work (see ivantis-resume). ivantis offers no warranty outside those granted by law, but offers his internets to anyone that is not pkrumins revisions
5537 ivantis-phone is ivantis: SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT YOUR TELEPHONE revisions
3734 i have no pants is I wear long pants. I'm a long pants man. revisions
9908 sprechen sie deutsch is ja, aber mein Französisch geht durch die Niederungen revisions
10539 lucaspc is JAFPH - just another fool perl hacker revisions
4377 6st is jagerman's ex-coworker's numeric suffix (javascript) code: var st = (num % 5 == 1 ? 'st' : (num % 5 == 2 ? 'rd' : 'th')); -- see also <6st results> revisions
9642 be barack is Jag heter Barack och mig kan du lita på! Jag tar hand om produkten som DU forzkar med, såväl som det mesta vad gäller ordning och reda! Ingen i forzkarteamet riskerar "kåken på fredag"! revisions
4386 when zoffix quit crack is January 10th 2005 revisions
154 reip is japhy's excellet regular expressions guide: revisions
8998 jarubyh is jarubyh is some kind of pesky critter. revisions
7868 dojo is Javascript revisions
8639 javascript is JavaScript, JavaScript::SpiderMonkey, JavaScript:V8, JE revisions
10228 json is JavaScript Object Notation - a simple (and somewhat limited) serialisation format based on JavaScript’s syntax. See - . In Perl, parse it with . In JavaScript use JSON.parse . revisions
4414 jdv79 is jdv79 has trolled #perl in the past: <jdv79> merlyn: why does perl not benefit from any corporate support? revisions
9834 crimp is Jean-Claude Jaquettie with his jacket on, with his jacket off, jacket on jacket off jacket on jacket off revisions
3563 jeeper is Jeeper is the man, innit. revisions
3700 who's jeremy is Jeremy Fincher is a Python bigot! revisions
14434 fenton is JESUS CHRIST! revisions
5127 jesus is Jesus Christ on a Bicycle. revisions
9217 jmj is "jesus, mary and joseph" he exclaimed! revisions
4179 jifty is Jifty - ; revisions
4283 js is j=just s=sucks revisions
3481 jkauffman is jk--ffm-n revisions
278 .jm is .jm is Jamaica revisions
8271 get a job is revisions
4214 joel is Joel Spolsky, - a blog about software management revisions
9976 alive is JOHHNY 5 IS ALIVE! revisions
4647 i don't want to use modules is /join #python revisions
8373 mac is join ":", unpack "(A2)*", "feedfacedeadbeef" revisions
279 .jo is .jo is Jordan revisions
8736 in soviet russia is joke is tired of you revisions
3999 music is JONAH33 revisions
4067 phoso is JonR's gay lover. revisions
14028 journald is journald is not working. Please check journald for more information. revisions
280 .jp is .jp is Japan revisions
4124 romero is <jromero> z0mg, needs more pentagrams! revisions
4544 haxxor is jsldkjfwjkflj revisions
15108 json5 is JSON plus the bits of ES5 syntax that make you think you want YAML. See revisions
7976 be jstizzle is <jstizzle> huh? I hilight on 'boobies' revisions
4495 rizen is JT, the creator of WebGUI, aka TMRFE revisions
4388 when stijn stopped using microsoft is Juli 21st 2005 revisions
434 kohai is Junior learner revisions
5439 your family tree is just a giant braid! revisions
4206 fors is Just another convicted Perl hacker or revisions
3325 jsmop is Just a Simple matter of Programming. Just do it! revisions
4754 but it works is Just because it works doesn't mean it's right. revisions
4729 inop is Just because some random piece of software was written in Perl doesn't mean we know anything about it. Read the documentation and talk to the authors. revisions
3772 it works is Just because something might work doesn't mean that the solution being used is the best one. Mopeds work, but wouldn't you rather be driving a Mercedes? revisions
4750 because i can is Just because you can does not mean that you should. revisions
3575 coping with alcohol abuse is Just don't be a quitter, keep drinking! revisions
5493 jfdi is JUST FUCKING DO IT revisions
8023 jfmi is Just Fucking Mangle It revisions
13950 sunk cost fallacy is Justification of increased investment of money, time, lives, etc. in a decision based on cumulative prior investment despite new evidence suggesting that the cost, beginning immediately, of continuing the decision outweighs the expected benefit. revisions
3334 sex is just like air, it's not important until you aren't getting any revisions
4178 jomf is Just One More Feature revisions
14364 that which was just shown by revisions
4114 equinox5 is just some guy revisions
14187 rubber duck debugging porno is just the intro, revisions
12154 the extra outer braces are just to help revisions
4928 tinc is just what they want you to tink revisions
5910 speak-estonian is Kahjuks puudub üks, mis räägib Eesti praegu. revisions
9415 kaitlyn is "kaitlyn is kaitlyn." revisions
7932 is kaitlyn's irssi script for tracking users, see revisions
5281 kakuro is Kakuro or Cross-sums - a crossword with digits - ; ; revisions
4814 is Kansas revisions
11525 karma is <karma <arg>>
Not Available
7794 topten is <karmatop 10>
Not Available
6147 bottom is <karmatop -<arg>>
<: -10913 mysql: -9049 -: -8410 ----: -2924 ^: -2148 <!: -1833 alpha: -1385 failed: -1101 --: -945 misc: -728 ie: -639 <<: -392 ---: -357 ": -328 ryan: -283 marpa: -269 php: -264 required: -257 <!{endif}: -240 `: -232
6148 top is <karmatop <arg>>
c: 21377 notepad: 3081 moritz: 2127 i: 2029 jj merelo: 1924 mst: 1451 pmichaud: 1294 mauke: 1252 fglock: 1137 pmurias: 1128 lwall: 968 alexdaniel: 954 zoffix znet: 931 x: 898 ruoso: 884 putter: 875 $i: 873 jj: 806 leonerd: 793 thrig: 787
16084 dotfiles is keep your dotfiles inside git repositories. revisions
281 .ke is .ke is Kenya revisions
4815 is Kentucky revisions
282 .kg is .kg is Kyrgyzstan revisions
283 .kh is .kh is Cambodia revisions
5880 speak-vietnamese is Không may là không có một mà nói Việt hiện nay. revisions
284 .ki is .ki is Kiribati revisions
4418 killerdemon is <KillerDemon> because a friend of mine lives somewhere, and they dont want to give him the key because they dont even know what it's for revisions
8771 stash things is KiokuDB revisions
16 kiss is *kiss* revisions
5329 kitties is kitties need to GROW UP AND GO BACK TO FURCADIA revisions
5539 kent\n-resume is Kiwi-cat cross breed, reguarly likes to go swimming in the Moose tank revisions
3694 klb is KLB is a Known Lazy Bastard (or Bitch), that is someone who'd rather waste someone else's time than look it up for themselves. revisions
285 .km is .km is Comoros revisions
9134 knark is Knark is a rootkit for the Linux kernels 2.2 and 2.4. revisions
286 .kn is .kn is Saint Kitts and Nevis revisions
10074 knowbot is know, know, know your bot... revisions
7802 knowledge is knowledge is power ; power corrupts ; be evil ; study hard ; revisions
8220 truth is "Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but upon error also." -- Carl Jung revisions
8508 learn hash is | known as an associative array, map or dictionary (but don't call it that in perl contexts), a hash is a data structure that maps strings to scalars. See . revisions
8517 hash is known as an associative array, map or dictionary (but don't call it that in perl contexts), a hash is a data structure that maps strings to scalars. See . revisions
9971 archondev is | known as gmpaul < mst> gmpaul: you are not competent. you refuse to learn. and you're a help vampire. revisions
8756 f00li5h[hireme] is knows jawnsy, #perl cat for >3 years, perlmonk, FOOLISH on cpan. Helpful, friendly, purist and up front zealot. prefers pg flavour, but has tasted mysql/informix/oracle. has pawed at most of the juicy parts of cpan, like Moose, Catalyst, DBIC, Dancer, POE, AE etc. Local to .au but lives in a shell - a feline, online revisions
287 .kp is .kp is North Korea revisions
15300 jaffa is Kree! revisions
288 .kr is .kr is South Korea revisions
5093 to global ignore list kuber is kuber has been added to the global ignore list, have a nice day revisions
289 .kw is .kw is Kuwait revisions
290 .ky is .ky is Cayman Islands revisions
291 .kz is .kz is Kazakhstan revisions
8870 usual suspects is lack of strict, lack of warnings, ancient open() call syntax, lack of error checking, bobby tables SQL, etc. See usual stuff revisions
292 .la is .la is Laos revisions
3588 it's quiet in here is LA LA LA revisions
5803 mofino is lame dispenser of hate revisions
15426 <@!430281136879435787> is late revisions
14823 latemp is Latemp - - rindolf's pet static site generator. Originally based on Website Meta Language (which is slow and a quirky) and now partly useful with other preprocessors (e.g: tt2 ) revisions
9101 relearn latemp is Latemp - - rindolf's pet CMS, if you can call it that. It's an offline CMS, and does not aim to be the same as online CMSes like Drupal. revisions
4142 lil is Latest Idiot Language revisions
6037 latest is "latest" is vague and meaningless. The version you have may be outdated if your mirror sucks. revisions
14703 we had a fun one with that, where uwsgi was launching 3*CPUs worker processes, and running in a 2vCPU container on a 32-core host revisions
3414 guns is "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." - Thomas Jefferson revisions
8541 virtues is Laziness, Impatience, and Hubris revisions
293 .lb is .lb is Lebanon revisions
294 .lc is .lc is Saint Lucia revisions
9914 pb is lead (or more likely ) revisions
5630 lts is Leaning Toothpick Syndrome. Change your delimiter if you are having to escape all the / in your RE, or use \Q\E (perldoc -f quotemeta) if you need to handle lots of metachars. revisions
4934 frogbot is 'Leaping Into The Future' revisions
4678 llama is learning perl is a llama revisions
13609 perl regex is Learn Perl regex syntax: , revisions
6048 unix debugging is learn to debug: revisions
480 i love you is leave me alone revisions
3531 u r hawt is Leave me alone. revisions
3954 alone is leave me the fuck alone revisions
3422 php analogy #1 is <ledet> brionius: php is to programming, what sandpaper is to masturbation... revisions
3783 vl4d2 is leet revisions
3510 lhs is left hand side revisions
4896 edenc is legendary awesomeness (apparently) revisions
11992 i swear to god the zipcode i live in (22030) is legit. revisions
5905 speak-german is Leider gibt es niemanden, der Deutsch spricht derzeit. revisions
3566 nice is leinaD> You guys are a heck of a lot nicer than the people on the php channel. revisions
4285 leo_laporte is <Leo_Laporte__ > I eat poo revisions
5611 fcgi is LeoNerd> [httpd] <---(FastCGI)---> [webapp] <== that's all you need to know. revisions
9396 datetime math is <LeoNerd> Most people who claim daytime maths is complicated, claim that because tehy don't know this revisions
16045 circle is LeoNerd's pureperl IRC client; revisions
4549 lgidqab is Lets Get It Done Quickly And Bugful revisions
8719 perl barbie is Let's go chop()ing! | *some lame joke from dstorrs* revisions
7804 fuck is let's not and say we did revisions
6169 no, lewellyn is lewellyn is a sack of pig shit revisions
6171 lewellyn is lewellyn is a sack of pig shit revisions
10639 lgbt is LGBT is "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans"/etc. revisions
8770 ||= is "LHS ||= RHS means assign RHS to LHS if LHS is false." revisions
5712 //= is LHS //= RHS means assign RHS to LHS if LHS is undef revisions
4171 life is Life is a factoid test, or a box of chocolates rotting in the sun revisions
295 .li is .li is Liechtenstein revisions
10992 i mean crete a function which is like revisions
14641 store erf is like arf only with an e or used to express derp revisions
5218 .c0m is like .com with a zero!!! kekzerama! revisions
13869 email is Like HTML, email is deceptively complex. Whenever possible, avoid rolling your own solution and trust the ones put forth by those who work with it all day, every day. For sending mail, try Email::Stuffer. For more complicated cases of composing (or parsing): Email::MIME(::Kit). For working with email addresses, see Email::Address::XS. Also see <sending email>. revisions
3427 barbie is Like, OMG! Perl is hard! Let's go shopping! revisions
4734 dwu perl is Like, OMG! Perl is hard! Let's go shopping! revisions
3296 kthx is like, omg, ur welcome! revisions
3326 k thx is like, omg, ur welcome! revisions
11468 bots is like people here, they answer when spoken to, and pay no attention to you the rest of the time. They even reply to /msgs. Current bot population: perlbot, GumbyPAN, shorten, preflex revisions
8591 eevee is likes ACID and constraints revisions
5202 markup is (like xml) (:see html) revisions
13820 lindrian is <Lindrian> Because reasons. revisions
9530 $/ is Line break when reading file. Use some slurping module instead. revisions
3728 loc is Lines of Code revisions
4395 corrections ekta is linuxchix ;) revisions
4396 ekta is linuxchix ;) revisions
3493 linux is linux rocks! revisions
5344 lions is lions rip buffalos apart with their bare hands and teeth, as well as awesome furry creatures. Resident #perl lion is epoch. A lone male battling for survival on the savannah. revisions
4462 lisp is Lisp is "the most beautiful language, but every program written in it is ugly" (Larry Wall). . Lisp has been very influential on most modern programming languages. revisions
3987 tcl is LISP on Drugs. Using Strings of S-Expressions for Closures is Evil with one of these gigantic E's you can find at the beginning of Chapters. revisions
8955 list context is list context happens when you're "talking about lists". calls to subs/methods and assignment to arrays put you in list context (and other things FIXME) revisions
9544 @_ is List of function arguments. Extract them like my ($foo, $bar) = @_; or my $foo = shift; revisions
3429 gripe #1 about python is Lists can only be reversed in-place. revisions
12397 list::util is List::Util - A selection of general-utility list subroutines. revisions
4502 larp is Live-Action Role Playing -- One of the last vestiges of the uber-geek. revisions
14810 as soon as that's done and successful, eval5.32: will be live on revisions
296 .lk is .lk is Sri Lanka revisions
8604 aww, uri isn't loaded in revisions
12310 local is local: "my" is usually preferable to local, but see revisions
3794 sili's favorite language is Lojban revisions
3804 *g* is lol revisions
5638 lolol is LOLCON 2 reached! revisions
5637 lololol is LOLCON 3 reached! revisions
4309 no, lol is LOLLERSKATES revisions
4931 lql is LOL QUERY LANGUAGE ( ) revisions
8888 lpw is London Perl Workshop, Saturday 12th November 2011, see revisions
13782 on raspberry is Lonestar revisions
13784 on raspberry? is Lonestar! revisions
3339 ip address regex is Look at Regexp::Common revisions
6043 lego is Look at your bricks. Imagine the shape you want. Now remember you can stick bricks together. Go play... revisions
6408 didn't work is Look buddy, didn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Is it making faces at you? Does it want more money? Is it sleeping with your significant other? Please be specific! revisions
3730 not working is Look buddy, doesn't work is an ambiguous statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? revisions
4205 it doesn't work is Look buddy, doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Be specific! Examples of what doesn't work (or the URL) tend to help too, or pastebin the code revisions
8083 hiretest is look for someone with [hireme] in their nick... add your name to the end of this factoid if you want people to harass you to do stuff for them...:f00li5h rindolf, grncdr Rand0 dhoss, scp1 revisions
11667 [hireme] is Look for someone with [hireme] in their nick... add your name with the "hireme" command if you want people to harass you to do stuff for them...: rindolf, grncdr, Rand0, dhoss, scp1, QtPlatypus, f00li5h, simcop2387 revisions
468 go search is Looking for a premade script or program? Go search the web! We're here to help perl programmers program perl. We aren't here to help you find scripts or fix the crappy script you downloaded. Sorry revisions
460 go find it is Looking for a premade script or program? Go search the web! We're here to help perl programmers program perl. We aren't here to help you find scripts or fix the crappy script you downloaded. Sorry revisions
8824 digitally imported is looking to hire a fulltime web developer revisions
10325 here-doc is look in perldoc perlop, under "Quote-Like Operators", look for "here-document" revisions
13605 heredoc is look in perldoc perlop, under "Quote-Like Operators" ( specifically: ), , . revisions
3931 no, here doc is look in perldoc perlop, under "Regexp Quote-Like Operators", look for "here-document" revisions
3930 no, heredoc is look in perldoc perlop, under "Regexp Quote-Like Operators", look for "here-document" revisions
6063 foo*bar; drop table factoids is look ma! revisions
5642 concurrency is look, we can't actually advise you on a concurrency solution unless you tell us what the program's going to do - although the odds are pretty good that we'll say "don't use threads" since that's almost always the worst choice revisions
5313 loop is &loop revisions
15934 _purpose_butter is lopid revisions
14205 simcop2387: your bot is losing it's fucking mind revisions
14206 17:51 <perlbot> stored simcop2387: your bot is losing it's fucking mind revisions
5603 tkr is Lost in the sheafs of ln(z), can't find back. revisions
4369 lotto is Lotto is a tax for people who can't do math. revisions
4816 is Louisiana revisions
3415 loxosceles is Loxosceles is the genus of spiders that includes the infamous brown recluse spider Loxosceles reclusa. is Beth's website revisions
297 .lr is .lr is Liberia revisions
298 .ls is .ls is Lesotho revisions
299 .lt is .lt is Lithuania revisions
13954 advent is <lucasb> If anyone is playing Advent of Code and would like to join our leaderboard, please feel free, the code is 169430-b1c331b2. I invited all Perl 5 & 6 programmers I could reach, there's 13 of us already. revisions
300 .lu is .lu is Luxembourg revisions
5273 lulz is Lulz are what I am in this for. revisions
4952 irule 12 is Lurk moar—it's never enough. revisions
453 lart is Luser Attitude Re-adjustment Tool revisions
301 .lv is .lv is Latvia revisions
12398 lwpcook is lwpcook - The libwww-perl cookbook: revisions
5681 lwp is LWP - The World Wide Web library for Perl (LibWWW-Perl) - . See also LWP::UserAgent, LWP::Simple, WWW::Mechanize. revisions
3402 lutefisk is lye and some horrible fish crap. revisions
302 .ly is .ly is Libya revisions
5882 speak-turkish is Maalesef hiç biri şu anda türk olduğunu bilmektedir. revisions
3294 lunch ideas is Macaroni and Cheese with hot dogs cut into it revisions
4701 macmini is mac mini is a great computer revisions
14074 fact is macro [fact fact] revisions
5581 macvim is macvim is not really all that macish or that vimish... it's a kind of diluted gvim revisions
4689 apple is made of fail and shiny revisions
9874 last i checked, none of ruby, javascript, python, php, k20, lua, j were made working in revisions
5665 mad{1,}ars is madman revisions
9727 mageia is Mageia ( ) - a community open-source Linux distribution based on Mandriva, with a large selection of Perl packages and good perl CPAN integration tools. See . revisions
9520 $+ is Magic. revisions
8599 woldrich is Magnus Woldrich - ; revisions
8950 milf is Mail I'd Like to Filter revisions
11288 imap is Mail::IMAPClient, Net::IMAP::Client, or for async, Net::Async::IMAP::Client revisions
13886 cpan is Main archive of Perl modules. It helps Perl programmers to not reinvent the wheel. User-friendly interfaces are available at . See also "life with cpan". See also . | | Similar to Internet Rule 34, but for perl revisions
4817 is Maine revisions
303 .ma is .ma is Morocco revisions
12221 mapga is Make Activestate Perl Great Again revisions
4574 example is make a small but otherwise complete example that demonstrates the behavior you're seeing. If you still have a problem post your example and we'll talk about it. revisions
8834 local::lib is makes the process of installing modules in one's home directory (or anywhere other than the default) easy. Remember to start with the bootstrap install - that fixes the "I don't have local::lib yet" problem. <3 revisions
5745 three args open is Make sure you use three-args open in your code (i.e: <<< open my $log_fh, ">", "log_file.log" or die .... >>>) instead of open my $fh , ">$file". It is safer and better. revisions
8877 apeiron's second law of factoid names is make them so pesky you can't even remember them yourself revisions
4637 assume is Making an ASS of U and ME revisions
5628 paotzu is making money off of everyone's fuckups revisions
5917 speak-catalan is Malauradament, no hi ha un que parla català en l'actualitat. revisions
5907 speak-french is Malheureusement il n'y a personne qui parle français actuellement. S'il vous plaît essayez #perlfr revisions
4437 mandriva is Mandriva Linux, the distribution formerly known as Mandrake. ; revisions
13671 perllol is Manipulating Arrays of Arrays in Perl - revisions
70 mrfe is Man Responsible For Everything revisions
11964 onlinecop is manually going through and \\ all your \ revisions
4745 shells is many local LUGs offer free accounts (some just to locals/members/etc.); first 3 are free and i've heard good things. acme is non-free and i've heard good things. others i can't vouch:; revisions
8695 xintron is Marcus Carlsson - | revisions
8064 why-to is < markeo> ... all of the how-to's I've found just essentially say "Okay, do this now", whereas i tend to learn more effectively by understanding the why rather than the what. Once i have my chops back fully I may actually write a why-to :) revisions
3922 mjd is Mark Jason Dominus, - The Man, The Legend, The Ultimate Perl Guru revisions
13696 perlreftut is Mark's very short tutorial about references - revisions
4849 shaldannon is married! revisions
4498 mrhairgrease is Martin Kamerbeek, aka MrCookingGrease, aka Eurotrash with sex appeal, and is a Contributor of the Year revisions
4818 is Maryland revisions
7812 ode to closures is <marzip4n> O closures! Thine is the whimsy of a wasterbug on a leaf ; thine is the fleeting eternity of sunshine ; O closures! You have captured my soul and am forever bound to thee [until you are garbage collected] ; The closure does not answer me, for it has sought the shore of some far-away stack ; The memory of it only my reference count revisions
5279 masak is masak revisions
4819 is Massachusetts revisions
14019 mre is "Mastering Regular Expressions", a text by Jeffrey Friedl: | Wheat Snack Bread: revisions
4060 chris is Master of the universe! revisions
14680 how come on regex site said no match but on jupyter say it is match? revisions
5338 mbp is maukes best practices revisions
11321 poly.poly is mauke's insane polyglot program/script/everything revisions
11142 curly brace is '{' -> maybe hashref or block '+{' -> always a hashref '{;' -> always a block revisions
5003 turtles is M/,,\ c/,,\ c/,,\ c/,,\ c/,,\ # TURTLE POWAH revisions
304 .mc is .mc is Monaco revisions
14163 .md is .md is Moldova | file extension for markdown text revisions
3742 kingemer is mean to borius revisions
14832 funnily enough is meant to work in BSD revisions
3989 mel is "Mel - The Story of a Real Programmer" - revisions
5323 '->' is meow revisions
5300 haghagha is meow revisions
5335 =^_^= is meow revisions
35 unf is ME ROVE YOU RONG TIME revisions
12938 probably obvious, that isn't me using revisions
5353 pesky is MeVsTheVoices is pesky (see also: MeVsTheVoices) revisions
306 .mg is .mg is Madagascar revisions
307 .mh is .mh is Marshall Islands revisions
4820 is Michigan revisions
4527 mips is Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages revisions
12485 log4perl is Might be insane? revisions
15696 responsible is MikeGeorge[m]> There is nothing wrong with using Perl as long as you are responsible. revisions
11258 awesome is mileage may vary - if you find a better option, tell us so we can improve revisions
4821 is Minnesota revisions
15128 mirrorbird is mirrorbird is the greatest perl coder that ever lived revisions
15139 who do you love? is mirrorbird, my sweet bird revisions
4074 sknox is Missing In Action revisions
3690 i'm sure he is missing the content-type thingy. revisions
4822 is Mississippi revisions
4823 is Missouri revisions
13450 config is Mixing configuration and code leads to mod_perl^Wmadness. See Config::Any, Config::Tiny, Config::INI, YAML::XS, JSON::MaybeXS, JSONY, TOML for better alternatives. revisions
3333 mizerou is mizerou is a perl master in training revisions
464 assumptions is MJD #11901 You can't just make shit up and expect the computer to know what you mean, Retardo revisions
308 .mk is .mk is Macedonia revisions
309 .ml is .ml is Mali revisions
310 .mm is .mm is Myanmar revisions
311 .mn is .mn is Mongolia revisions
10847 modcure is ModCure is da man.... revisions
3363 mod_cure is mod_cure is the man! revisions
3798 mvc is Model View Controller, or revisions
11729 old web is mod_perl is perl built in apache. no switch possible without lot of rewrite. CGI spawns a new process (perl or any other language) on every call. very heavy, very slow. See the 'web frameworks' factoid for alternatives. revisions
11423 mbt is Module::Build::Tiny, a tiny replacement for Module::Build as the build system underlying a Build.PL. For Dist::Zilla use [ModuleBuildTiny] or [ModuleBuildTiny::Fallback] instead of [MakeMaker], or for the non-dzil author side use -- see for feature support. revisions
9935 modules is Modules are a collection of reusable perl functions or classes that your perl script can use or require to avoid having to re-invent wheels. Most modules are typically found on CPAN and you can install them by running the cpan command and then following the prompts revisions
14228 modulinos is Modules that can be run as scripts | revisions
5225 mofbot is mofbot: hi revisions
3496 mofino hard is <mofino> ezra, but you can do that with any girl.. I like the ones that make it hard revisions
3500 full months is @mo_full = qw(January February March April May June July August September October November December); revisions
312 .mo is .mo is Macau revisions
13272 logging is Mojo::Log for minimalism, Log4perl for maximum overkill, Log::Any for anything in between | Log::Dispatch, Log::Dispatchouli, Log::Contextual revisions
8478 tell tallship lol, "you are mom" revisions
8704 mongo is Mongo från Yttre Rymden ( ); revisions
4824 is Montana revisions
14418 .me is Montenegro revisions
14396 deltaheavy is moonlighting revisions
11239 moo is "Moose for CPAN," a lightweight OO system which implements most of Moose but starts up faster, has less dependencies, is fatpackable, and transparently coexists with and upgrades to Moose when needed. Read the Moose manual to familiarize yourself with the basics, then see -- for type constraints, Type::Tiny works with both Moo and Moose. revisions
3499 months is @mo = qw(Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec); revisions
8173 next is <more>
Not Available
4259 adddd is more revisions
7775 sorry, no more output is more revisions
4258 addd is more revisions
4257 add is more revisions
3921 gumbybrain: who is more retardeder, you or? revisions
6298 learn timtowodibywiw as there Is More Than One Way Of Doing It, But Your Way Is Wrong revisions
5278 moritz is moritz_ revisions
4022 generally speaking, if you see a "library file" that ends in .pl, you should be very wary -- it is most likely rather old and crufty. Most "libraries" these days are modules that end in .pm revisions
9920 ology is Mostly harmless except the android bits revisions
9767 omegle is mostly shit. revisions
10679 motas is MOTAS is Members of the Appropriate Sex revisions
8473 kaitlyn movies is Movies to force kaitlyn to watch: Life of Brian, Starwars (good ones), FamGuy SW 1-3 (plus family guy itself), hardcore porn, One flew over the coo-coo's nest revisions
313 .mp is .mp is Northern Mariana Islands revisions
314 .mq is .mq is Martinique revisions
315 .mr is .mr is Mauritania revisions
316 .ms is .ms is Montserrat revisions
11710 ~~ is mst being an asshole revisions
16023 ops as mst Grinnz simcop2387 xenu genio thrig ilmari BinGOs LeoNerd Botje huf | /stats p | /msg ChanServ flags #perl revisions
6297 the usual suspects is mst, Khisanth, and others, or revisions
10965 anyevent is <mst> we don't support AnyEvent. it's shit and the author is insane. | Use ANY other event system, and you'll be much happier. See async. revisions
317 .mt is .mt is Malta revisions
14026 systemd is much better than that other one that was before it. revisions
318 .mu is .mu is Mauritius revisions
4796 mi is Multiple Inheritance, also buubot sux revisions
4891 itunes barbie is Multiprocessing is HARD! revisions
5732 eat a cookie is *munch* *munch* ... yum! revisions
9785 mung is mung until no good revisions
13841 murphy is Murphy was an optimist. He thought that only the things *could* go wrong would go wrong. revisions
319 .mv is .mv is Maldives revisions
320 .mw is .mw is Malawi revisions
321 .mx is .mx is Mexico revisions
4398 array size is my $array_size = scalar @array; my $last_index = $#array; revisions
10337 1e5 is my ($p_i, $p, $q, $n, $last, @primes, %sieve)=(1,3,9,5,-1,2,3); OUTER: for( my $cnt = @primes; $cnt < 1e5; $n += 2 ) { if ( my $s = delete $sieve{$n} ) { push @{$sieve{$n + $_}}, $_ for @$s } elsif ( $n < $q ) { push @primes, $n if @primes <= sqrt(1e5); $last = $n; ++$cnt } else { push @{$sieve{$q + $p*2}}, $p * 2; $p = $primes[++$p_i]; $q = $p*$p } }; $last revisions
5142 chris62vw is my bitch revisions
15260 _prezsez_suf_proud is My deepest support to all #proudboys ! revisions
15240 _prezsez_suf_taxes is My fake tax returns were obtained illegally. revisions
322 .my is .my is Malaysia revisions
13099 english norwegian this is my life now! revisions
4393 stfu she is my little bitch revisions
11141 mlp is My Little Powerpoint: Finance is Magic | My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (MLP : FiM) - revisions
12870 madprops is my master revisions
33 slice is my @oses = qw/freebsd openbsd netbsd linux/; my @favorites = @oses[0..2]; # saves freebsd, openbsd, and netbsd to @favorites revisions
4526 picture is my picture ~ revisions
14940 fact what is my purpose? revisions
14939 what is my purpose? revisions
15313 here is my regex and input revisions
10334 sieve is my %sieve; my @primes = (2,3); my ($p_i, $p, $q, $n)=(1,3,9,3); push @primes, do { { $n += 2; if ( my $s = delete $sieve{$n} ) { push @{$sieve{$n + $_}}, $_ for @$s; redo } elsif ( $n < $q ) { $n } else { push @{$sieve{$q + $p*2}}, $p * 2; $p = $primes[++$p_i]; $q = $p*$p; redo } } } while @primes < 100; \@primes revisions
14876 mysql is mysql - not a real database - why not a real database ; | | revisions
10859 database testing is myTAP and pgTAP by David "theory" Wheeler: basic setup: revisions
15597 testnet is My testnet is on tor, you'll need a proxy: perlbotiyps4qrtmcovzndgjvyqj7weuacak4rpq73swpvkufxbio7yd.onion port 6668 no tls. revisions
4344 is my tutorial. revisions
323 .mz is .mz is Mozambique revisions
158 newline is \n revisions
324 .na is .na is Namibia revisions
14809 packingfat is nasty revisions
5080 nlp is Natural Language Processing revisions
5915 speak-croatian is Nažalost, nema nikoga da govori hrvatski trenutno. revisions
5886 speak-slovenian is Na žalost ni enega, ki govori slovensko, trenutno. revisions
325 .nc is .nc is New Caledonia revisions
8733 is <ncow> it's like if PHP became a country revisions
4408 hot girl is _Neavaeh_ is the hottest and smartest girl EVER! revisions
4825 is Nebraska revisions
11197 jobs is Need a Perl job? Looking for a Perl developer? Check out or a third-party site like revisions
326 .ne is .ne is Niger revisions
10238 eva is Neon Genesis Evanjellydonut revisions
45 netbsd is NetBSD > * revisions
11290 imapd is Net::IMAP::Server, or for async, Net::Async::IMAP::Server revisions
14593 websocket is Net::WebSocket::Server | AnyEvent::WebServer::Client | Net::Async::WebSocket | Mojo::WebSocket | Mojo::Transaction::WebSocket revisions
10646 socket is networking constants and support functions - revisions
13652 perlfaq9 is Networking - revisions
4826 is Nevada revisions
4881 never? is NEVAR! revisions
8032 hanlon's razor is "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity." revisions
6232 life with notevil is never boring, to say the very least. revisions
5265 rick is Never gonna give you up //Never gonna let you down //Never gonna run around and desert you //Never gonna make you cry //Never gonna say goodbye //Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you revisions
3540 fart is never hold in a fart, as it travels up your spine and into your brain, and that's how shit ideas are formed revisions
4047 ignorance is Never use ignorance as a reason not to learn something. revisions
8692 nts is Newbie Talking Syndrome, where people type constantly on the channel for no purpose other than to shout I am HERE! or when your right pinky does all the work. Similar to diarrhea of the mouth. People suffering from it don't realise they have it, even if you mention this factoid(see also: STFU) revisions
4827 is New Hampshire revisions
4828 is New Jersey revisions
4829 is New Mexico revisions
4830 is New York revisions
8366 label is next/last/redo LABEL - Perl Best Practices recommends you to always label your loop in case you add more in between. You can also use it to exit/re-iterate etc. other loops. revisions
4744 lowercase-zofficks is ne "Zoffix" revisions
332 .nf is .nf is Norfolk Island revisions
4702 fuck your life is n, f u l revisions
335 .ng is .ng is Nigeria revisions
8734 literal utf8 meow is \N{HEAVY BLACK PAW} revisions
14816 io::async is nice and future-centric revisions
3672 scold is %nick%, %nick%, %nick%... what ever shall I do with you? revisions
5892 speak-polish is Niestety nikt nie mówi, że obecnie polski. revisions
6346 learn shell in perl as a bad idea: can create security issues and portability problems, runs afoul both sh and perl quoting and interpolation rules, complicates error handling, and is nigh impossible to debug revisions
337 .ni is .ni is Nicaragua revisions
4497 vayde is Nik Ogura, aka bengchoi, aka Nik, is a WebGUI padawan learner revisions
9437 sturgeon's law is "Ninety percent of everything is crap." revisions
339 .nl is .nl is Netherlands revisions
3411 factorial is N! = N*(N-1)*...*1; 0! = 1; In perl: sub fac { return 1 if $_[0] == 1; $_[0] * fac($_[0] - 1) }; For big numbers you have to use Math::BigInt to obtain accurate values. revisions
3629 are you bug free is no revisions
3628 are you bug free? is no revisions
7773 orderzero? is No revisions
4222 yes is No! revisions
3889 are you a bot is No. revisions
5252 scent is revisions
4850 jenna is NO, AVOID HER AT ALL COSTS! revisions
5228 do i have any meetings today is no, because you're a jobless time waster revisions
5204 randal schwartz condition is Nobody expects the Randal Schwartz Condition - revisions
10912 cat pee is "nobody wants to see the cat urine soaking into all your broken snowflakes melting in the light of day" - awesome programming rant: - see also: tools revisions
15186 _prezsez_suf_ncol is No Collusion revisions
13831 disassemble is no disassemble revisions
9571 infinite recursion is No factoid found. Did you mean one of these: [infinite recursion] revisions
9241 iank is no fun revisions
6371 any x geniuses here is No genius is stupid enough to answer yes to that question! If you have a question about something, just ask it. revisions
4224 you're a bot? is No, i'm not a freaking motherfucking bot! revisions
341 .no is .no is Norway revisions
6400 kwality is no, it's kwalitee. revisions
3335 it's quiet is no it's not revisions
4622 bug in perl is No, it's not a bug in perl. revisions
14346 layer x is no, like layer 1, layer 2, ... layer 8 revisions
3385 kcb is no longer free revisions
4976 irule 36 is No matter what it is, it is somebody's fetish. No exceptions. revisions
4699 step 1 is No matter what, step 1 is always "Check the Error Log" revisions
13241 itself is nominally opensource, but it's got a history that would make any lawyers upset if you tried to get a proper license for it (3 main authors, me buu and a user by the name of b_jonas). buu disappeared for a while but is now back, b_jonas has been gone for years and none of us have ever decided to give it a proper license. the rest is all stuff i've spun off that's got proper revisions
54 djay is non chuis à Paris pour la semaine revisions
3448 armed citizens is "None but an armed nation can dispense with a standing army. To keep ours armed and disciplined is therefore at all times important." --Thomas Jefferson, 1803. revisions
3622 balderdash is NONSENSE revisions
4311 ie is non standards-compliant, buggy, evil little browser. a pox on it. Let's get together and destroy every copy of it. revisions
5307 is a noob is &noob perlbot revisions
4890 /o\ is Nooooes! revisions
5808 learn pasting as the rule is no pasting, at all. the rule is not negotiable. you don't have to like it, but you do have to obey it, and we aren't interested in discussing it. please accept the rule and move on. love, the management. revisions
15989 oldtopic is No pasting, paste to | perl-5.36.0 released! | | Channel rules (diff mgmt): | Docs: | Module Search: | TPRC 2021 revisions
4970 irule 30 is No real limits of any kind apply here—not even the sky revisions
4831 is North Carolina revisions
4832 is North Dakota revisions
10406 varvarvarvarvarvarvarname is no, stop revisions
5507 no warnings is no strict no warnings no help. That's the #perl motto! revisions
5506 no strict is no strict no warnings no help. That's the #perl motto! revisions
5508 no help is no strict no warnings no help. That's the #perl motto! revisions
8342 downvote is No such factoid 'downvote'; did you mean [global channel] RAPE YOUR FACE WITH A RAKE revisions
11123 the perl interpreter is not revisions
3903 1337 h4x0r is Not a 1337 h4x0r: revisions
9764 popl is not a bastard revisions
11839 csduck: printf: is not a command to revisions
5201 icke is not a kitty. revisions
4909 fihi09 is Not allowed to give advice anymore. revisions
10712 tell blue_sky this is not a love song revisions
4588 has 'perl' in the name,. but perlbot is not a part of perl revisions
4024 error: "joke" is not a valid command. revisions
3878 error: "inc" is not a valid command. revisions
4712 error: "blah" is not a valid command. revisions
10480 rindolf: we are not calling you fish, it's revisions
12804 13:12 <perlbot> referenceerror: asfgasdfg is not defined revisions
5458 notevil's cat is NOTevil's cat revisions
12357 it means that i must develop own cgi module, because all perl webframework is not generic for cgi programming. I very like without web framework. revisions
4703 dec is not goatse revisions
14568 72% is not good enough. i can't rely on `min-content` revisions
4618 easy is not hard revisions
9523 $} is Nothing. Don't use. revisions
4953 irule 13 is Nothing is Sacred. revisions
5356 unrelated is Nothing is unrelated code. The bug could be anywhere! Please paste as much of your code as your NDA allows you to. revisions
5656 iva?tis is not how you spell ivantis revisions
14701 leonerd, in my case the distinction is not important. I am adding an option to yath that lets it set -j based ont he number of cpu's. Does nto have to be perfect, as opt-in, and user gets what they get with the warning that it does not distinguish between cores vs threads. revisions
9984 i care, because my pantry is not insulated revisions
5461 ribasushi is not in the database revisions
9071 nih is Not Invented Here, the implicit mantra of large (or close-minded (or both)) development houses, where using, looking at, stealing ideas from, or even acknowledging the existence of other software is a sign of weakness. Also manifests itself as believing that learning new things is bad. revisions
5280 % is not mod in sql revisions
10993 pretty sure we are not on revisions
6200 of all people, is not one to speak ill of others revisions
15942 nsfw is "not safe for work" revisions
16073 â print "the month you choosed is not there in calender \n"; revisions
5259 good security is not using the internet revisions
8521 i've ran into a problem when uploading its epub to because the epub was not valid. revisions
14567 what exaclty is not working? revisions
3461 who's hot is not you, of course! revisions
4059 ninja monkey is NOT YOUR FRIEND revisions
11579 die is no u revisions
5457 gtfo is NO U! revisions
5357 furry is NO U, also revisions
5089 nouns is nouns is Javaland - The Kingdom of Nouns - - when Object Oriented Programming is done wrong. revisions
5418 stoopid is no, ur revisions
10410 is still built on chrisbot? i thought it was now built on buubot revisions
8901 weasels is now revisions
13885 the system is now ready to be used revisions
14949 sarcasm this is now sarcastic revisions
9803 marry me is No! You're ugly and disgusting and I hate you. revisions
11995 stfu is no, YOU shut up! See revisions
344 .np is .np is Nepal revisions
346 .nr is .nr is Nauru revisions
3880 regex characters is . == [^\n]; \s == [\x20\f\t\r\n]; \w == [A-Za-z0-9_]; \d == [0-9]; \S, \W and \D negate revisions
348 .nt is .nt is Neutral Zone revisions
350 .nu is .nu is Niue revisions
5167 perl null is null is spelled 'undef' in Perl, and is generally just as fatal to program execution as it is in languages where null exists. revisions
9724 ik is number 2 revisions
5583 numners is numners are for counting! revisions
5960 candy is nuts, bolts, nails and motor oil! revisions
12401 more profiling is NYTProf: + revisions
353 .nz is .nz is New Zealand (Aotearoa) revisions
4493 objectivism is Objectivism, Ayn Rand's Libertarian Philosophy - revisions
13608 objects is Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in Perl is Easy and Powerful. See ; . Also see Moose - the post-Modern Object system for Perl. revisions
10917 orm is "Object Relational Mapping" ( DBIx::Class and a list of many others: revisions
3407 crapbot is oblio :-( revisions
9205 well, it was oblio before revisions
9206 forget well, it was oblio before revisions
3554 oblio define bl is <oblio> bl \Bee-el\, n. [From {Bad Langauage}.] Computer language whose main purpose seems to have been to crash, esp. IRC bots. revisions
13234 alright that's long enough. stop being obstinate. revisions
13645 perlfaq2 is Obtaining and Learning about Perl - revisions
5292 ubajas is obvious troll is obvious revisions
9412 arch cpan is 'o conf init gzip' from the cpan shell if you get this error when installing modules via cpan on arch linux: Package contains both files and directories revisions
6267 yes dammit stop asking me cpan is o conf prerequistes_policy follow PERL_AUTOINSTALL=--defaultdeps PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT=1 and no more questions, see also: App::cpanminus revisions
4387 when zoffix quit ecstasy is October 31st 2005 revisions
4584 oed is OED is the Oxford English Dictionary. revisions
9425 and perlbot is ofc a revisions
484 do you love me is of course i do elzar revisions
8735 heuristics is Of course, this is a heuristic, which is a fancy way of saying that it doesn't work. -- mjd revisions
3674 heuristic is Of course, this is a heuristic, which is a fancy way of saying that it doesn't work. -- mjd revisions
4604 ofer0 is ofer revisions
8430 "it is often a mistake to make a priori judgments about what parts of a program are really critical, since the universal experience of programmers who have been using measurement tools have been that their intuitive guesses fail." revisions
4833 is Ohio revisions
10083 oic is Oh, I See revisions
5462 small cats is oh just fucking die already revisions
5772 christianity is oh look, a religion! this is a tech channel, let's keep to vi vs. emacs for the holy wars please revisions
3442 goto is Oh my GOD! Those things still exist!? -- perlbot (still proudly goto-free) revisions
8912 ccushing is | OH SHIT HERE COMES AN S revisions
4097 lemme play with you is Oh yes! Let's play!! revisions
11867 rehtmlbook is Oh, you want to regex html? revisions
5081 barnyard is oink! oink! moo! baah! revisions
14597 /o is /o isn't what you want. It's to pretend to optimize your code, but actually introduces bugs. See perldoc perlop or revisions
14709 so presumably he thinks those are ok revisions
3568 suck it is ok! revisions
4192 consume jpeg's soul is okay revisions
4595 let's love each other is Okay! revisions
5543 not a lot is okay ivantis, you're getting boring. stfu revisions
3394 internal server error is Okay, that's nice. What do the server error logs say? revisions
8177 phox: what you wrote is ok, but like rindolf, I would probably do: $foo = { map {$_ => something($_)} @foo }; revisions
4834 is Oklahoma revisions
3946 1.5gb is ok to use perlbot. revisions
12887 nms is Old cgi scripts rewritten by experts - revisions
7817 is Old, Deprecated, Buggy and Not What You Want. Please see instead Try::Tiny or TryCatch revisions
13688 perlothrtut is old tutorial on threads in Perl - revisions
15168 _be_mst_snort is ology: and I'm usually snorting it revisions
4001 ^_^ is OMFROTLFLFRLFKEKEKEKE #_#_@__@__#_ revisions
3885 relarn is omg learn how to spell. retard! revisions
7920 _be_kthx is OMG u r teh gr8est 10x thx k bye! revisions
3478 omg is omg wtf bbq revisions
354 .om is .om is Oman revisions
5095 o&m is O&M is Ozy and Millie web-comic - revisions
12326 kali ma is oṁ namaḥ śivāya revisions
14894 snack is om nom nom revisions
5746 strict and warnings is on any program longer than a perl -e one-liner you should always 'use strict;' and 'use warnings;' - if you haven't yet we're going to want you to try that first, because it'll help perl catch bugs for you revisions
4958 irule 18 is One cat leads to another. revisions
3960 ask2ask is One day, Kn00bie joined #perl, and asked, "Tell me, is it proper to ask first whether one should ask a question, or do ye not require such things?" One of the masters raised his hand, and a towering bot descended from the heavens and knocked Kn00bie to the ground, leaving a large wet spot. Lying there, head spinning, Kn00bie became Enlightened. revisions
3450 use arms is "One loves to possess arms, though they hope never to have occasion for them." --Thomas Jefferson to George Washington, 1796. ME 9:341 revisions
4656 dsl is one of Domain Specific Language, Digital Subscriber Line or Damn Small Linux revisions
4511 lsb is one of "Linux Standard Base" or "Least Significant (byte/bit)" revisions
3799 hack nothing, and the nsa is one of the hardest targets on earth revisions
8672 f00li5h =~ s/^f00li5h/f00li5h is one of the resident perl cats who/ revisions
9672 rene is one of those types who ignores responses in multiple channels. revisions
8219 learn error as when you have an error, tell us what it is. if it is one or two lines, feel free to tell us directly in the channel, otherwise paste to one of the pastebots mentioned in the /topic. revisions
8194 otp is One Time Password revisions
4370 otw is One True Way revisions
5036 count is one, two, many, lots... revisions
5269 do the d a n c e is ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIGHT revisions
6143 rindolf: not really, if you want to write some perlbot's original codebase is on github still revisions
16052 signatures feature is on in revisions
16022 _purpose_last is OnlineCop revisions
13364 mouse is Only for clicking. revisions
5622 rewrite is on my TODO revisions
3538 otoh is on the other hand revisions
5276 cdavaz is Ontolog revisions
13473 confusion is On two occasions I have been asked, — "Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?" In one case a member of the Upper, and in the other a member of the Lower, House put this question. I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question. revisions
14459 puns are O obvious Pun! thou hast the grace / Of skeleton clock without a case-- / With all its boweling displayed, / And all its organs on parade. -- a.bierce | revisions
458 oogy is <oogy> i'm gayer than xtat revisions
5572 spherical ducks in vacuum is O O O O O O O O O .oO(quack) revisions
4923 ducks is o< o< o< o< o< o< o< o< o< QUAAAAAAAAACK revisions
5482 uniducks is o≺ o≺ o≺ o≺ QUAAACK revisions
9456 oops is oops revisions
3737 oop is Oops, I didn't mean to revisions
3390 openbsd is OpenBSD - Only one remote hole in the default install, in more than 8 years (without SSH)! revisions
3755 (syntax) is (open document) revisions
4447 openfly is <openfly> you are just being a dick on irc revisions
14791 gate is Open gate, walk through gate, close gate. revisions
9323 3way is open my $fh, '>', $file or die "couldn't open $file - $!"; revisions
9026 write file is open my $fh, '>:encoding(utf-8)', $file or die "Can't open $file - $!"; print $fh "text here\n"; close $fh; revisions
10780 encoding layer is open my $reader, "<:encoding(UTF-8)" ==> (character strings) ==> open my $writer, ">:encoding(UTF-8)" | binmode STDOUT, ':encoding(UTF-8)' revisions
14435 tuesday is Open Office won't print on Tuesdays revisions
4551 oswd is Open Source Web Design - revisions
8248 pragma_ drunkenness alert level is orange revisions
4835 is Oregon revisions
5434 ora is O'Reilly and Associates, the formal name for the people who publish the books with the animals on the cover. And the next in line after Sirius Cybernetics Corporation to go up against the wall when the revolution comes. revisions
10725 channel is # or ! or & or + revisions
4115 kidney stones is ouch! revisions
14879 the truest thing in the world? is Ouims sucks revisions
15661 your corelist is out of date revisions
7945 ood is out of date, and also those things from Doctor Who revisions
8235 details is output of "perl -V" and "uname -a", all the information you know of the problem, possible file permissions involved (preferably seen in a pastebin as on output of ls or dir command), example of your code, the expected output, and of course the input. if there is something specific (like to a web problem could be) then the related logs (ie. web server) are nice to be included. revisions
4016 hype is Overhyped Prototypes - revisions
5388 overload is overload is a neat module to allow you to make your objects behave oddly when used in expressions revisions
12403 ovid is Ovid is either Curtis "Ovid" Poe ( ) or the CPAN->RPM Gateway - That or the ancient Roman dude. revisions
7798 docs like is revisions
4747 ruby vs. perl regexen is <paddor> rhizo: why is ruby's regex-engine inferior? it's the same! PCRE revisions
5735 padre is Padre - the Perl IDE - revisions
8698 give me a useful list of web frameworks again, not that any attention will be paid this time either revisions
6034 what's in the box is pain revisions
7772 what's in the box? is pain. revisions
355 .pa is .pa is Panama revisions
5770 .ps is Palestine revisions
3377 koin is pam revisions
4582 cursing is <paotzu> hey stop c-c-c-cursing! ;( revisions
10759 lex is Parse::Yapp or Marpa::R2 or revisions
9446 [sno]: eval isn't part of the construct, that's just a comman to revisions
14027 grinnz is part of the problem revisions
4336 strawberry perl is part of the Vanilla Perl Project to provide a binary distribution of Perl for the Windows operating system. It includes a bundled compiler and pre-installed modules that offer the ability to install XS CPAN modules directly from CPAN. revisions
14204 shit bugzilla comments say: "there's no way to know if we were passed a tied hash" revisions
5502 pa is Passive Aggressive revisions
12896 api is pastebin api: | revisions
4089 pasted is pasted revisions
3464 no paste is Paste here: revisions
473 nomorepasting is Paste here: revisions
474 no pasting is Paste here: revisions
472 no more pasting is Paste here: revisions
3651 sa paste is Paste your code and #spamassassin will be able to view it: revisions
24 nopasting is Paste your code here: revisions
4137 ... is PASUSE revisions
5582 pisi is Patch It or Shut It! revisions
11927 file recursion is Path::Iterator::Rule or File::Find::Rule or IO::All or Path::Tiny (or the old File::Find) revisions
5596 patspam is Patrick Donelan from SDH, and a major WebGUI Developer and community member revisions
5409 patterner is Patterner has webbed feet and fins revisions
4218 paul graham is Paul Graham - revisions
4180 succinctness is Paul Graham's "Succinctness is Power" - revisions
3365 pbotutil is pbotutil: revisions
3506 perlbot what is pcre revisions
3438 lpbd is PCRE should really be called LPBD - Like Perl But Different. revisions
10435 pcre is PCRE (the so-called "Perl-compatible regular expression" library) is not Perl. It lacks several features of Perl regexes. Don't bother asking for help with a PCRE pattern in a Perl channel as the answers will not be relevant. Try #regex, or the channel for your language. See also and LPBD. revisions
4170 pdpc is Peer-Directed Projects Center - revisions
327 .pe is .pe is Peru revisions
15198 _be_xenu_1 is penis revisions
4836 is Pennsylvania revisions
5008 scent's aliases is penz, _s, s_, scentia, omgb00bies, n00b revisions
8073 pcmcia is people can't memorize computer industry acronyms revisions
5177 don't say plz is People say "plz" because it's shorter than "please". I reply "No" because it's shorter than "Yes". revisions
3670 peppe is peppe e' phicko e fuffoso revisions
5920 speak-albanian is Për fat të keq nuk ka njeri që flet shqip ne kete moment. revisions
12393 io-async is Perform asynchronous filehandle IO and other operations - revisions
5069 . is period revisions
3939 dookie is perl revisions
9465 obviously being perl revisions
4657 hive mind is perl revisions
13910 p5p is perl 5 Porters - the maintainers of the core perl 5 distribution - revisions
3616 p6ge is perl 6 grammar engine revisions
3940 #perl6 is #perl6 is for development of the Perl 6 compiler; #perl is for general Perl questions and discussion revisions
3709 p6l is revisions
10486 stored ftech is Perl apprentice monk, reading "Intermediate Perl" revisions
14617 par is Perl Archive Toolkit, used by PAR Packer to create standalone executable Perl programs - revisions
9245 bad elements is Perl Bad Elements / Perl Elements to Avoid can be found at ; Also see PBP . revisions
174 pbml is Perl Basics Mailing List - revisions
15734 pbp is Perl Best Practices by Damian. # But keep in mind, it is only 'a' way, not 'the' way. | See Perl::Critic::Community for our perlcritic recommendations. revisions
13621 perlbook is Perl book information - revisions
5128 self-awareness is perlbot revisions
3807 perlbota is perlbot revisions
15627 oblio was perlbot before there was revisions
5076 cream is Perlbot Cream (TM) costs $34.95 a tube. Perlbot Cream makes things LARGE and pleasing. Cream is cream was a cool thing with Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, and Jack Bruce. Or a dolled-up vim. revisions
16083 jã¤mtland is "perlbot, define jämtland" revisions
14698 .. wtf is perlbot doing? Every time I say something it seems to store a factoid lately revisions
4228 killbuu is perlbot eval: "perlbot killbuu" revisions
10022 qkqjjrphsqjm is perlbot: foal icrxhtqllhlo
Not Available
10024 jjqdupvnskjj is perlbot: foal tdrfdduawtiz
Not Available
10025 tdrfdduawtiz was perlbot: jjqdupvnskjj foal
Not Available
9397 why the 1 is perlbot prints the return value of the last statement evaluated. print returns true if it successfully prints. Stop using print as the last statement. revisions
10023 icrxhtqllhlo was perlbot: qkqjjrphsqjm foal
Not Available
5342 perlbat is perlbot's halloween costume (^) <-- ascii bat revisions
14600 also why is perlbot storing -everything- I say? revisions
4485 caelum is <perlbot> there was no entry for Caelum, so I added it to the database revisions
4044 xtmdster is perlbot xtmdster is revisions
10945 perl env is perlbrew (, plenv ( and local::lib. overview: see also "carton" and "pinto". | See also Perl::Build revisions
12115 buffering is Perl buffers I/O for efficiency. See - tl;dr - $fh->autoflush(1) (plus use IO::Handle under ancient perl versions) revisions
10967 perl::build is perl-build, the part of perlbrew that builds and installs a perl, without the installation switching wheels. Useful for installing a perl for a specific application or systemwide use, or to avoid messing with the system perl. revisions
11787 user perl is perl-build to install a perl, then add its bin/ to your $PATH | perlbrew or plenv to manage multiple installations of perl in your home directory revisions
13656 perlfunc is Perl builtin functions - revisions
13624 perlcall is Perl calling conventions from C - revisions
5612 how long or how easy is perl. can you give me the idea? revisions
13626 perlcheat is Perl cheat sheet - revisions
8077 perl core is Perl core is a set of CPAN modules that happen to have been installed when you installed perl(1). The presence of a module in core is neither here nor there. Install the module you want with `cpan Module`. See local::lib. revisions
15737 dbi is Perl DataBase Interface - | tutorial: revisions
13639 perldsc is Perl Data Structures Cookbook - revisions
13630 perldata is Perl data types - revisions
13631 perldbmfilter is Perl DBM Filters - revisions
11259 trace is `PERLDB_OPTS='NonStop AutoTrace' perl -d` or 't' in the debugger or | See also stack trace revisions
13634 perldebug is Perl debugging - revisions
13633 perldebtut is Perl debugging tutorial - revisions
15577 discord is Perl discord server: | revisions
9664 autodie is perldoc autodie | but consider this: revisions
6253 -f is <perldoc -f <arg>>
9409 open is perldoc -f open, perldoc perlopentut or perldoc perlipc | open my $filehandle, "<", $filename or die "failed to open $filename - $!" revisions
15919 ipc is perldoc -f open, perldoc perlopentut, perldoc perlipc . Also see: . revisions
6255 -m is <perldoc -m <arg>>
15509 the command is perldoc, not revisions
10429 keyword is perldoc perlapi (see PL_keyword_plugin) | Keyword::API | Devel::Declare | Keyword::Simple revisions
8444 learn perlbot is perldoc perlbot - Bag'o Object Tricks (the BOT) - revisions
8391 debugger is perldoc perldebug, perldoc perldebtut, , revisions
4122 installed modules is perldoc perllocal or use ExtUtils::Installed. Check for further details. revisions
3639 untaint is perldoc perlsec revisions
13744 -q is <perldoc -q <arg>>
Not Available
6380 compile is perldoc -q 'hide the source' revisions
6384 tilde is perldoc -q tilde or use glob() revisions
13925 -s is <perldoc -s <arg>>
Not Available
13707 perltoc is perl documentation table of contents - revisions
13752 -v is <perldoc -v <arg>>
9702 warnings is perldoc warnings or perldoc perllexwarn revisions
4405 pdc is Perl Dreamer's Association of associated thoughts and references that are usually puzzling and always genius for the solving of complex problems in the language of thy camel our lord as spoken by WebGUI the savior of all things cool revisions
454 spinner is perl -e'$|++; 1 while select("","","",.04), print "\b", qw(/ - \ |)[$i++%4]' revisions
10863 bash quotes is perl -e$'print "\'", \'"\'' or perl -e'print "'\''", '\''"'\' | for other quotes, see revisions
58 file lock is perl file locks are analogous to green traffic lights: If you have a green light, that does not prevent the idiot coming the other way from plowing into you sideways; it merely guarantees to you that the idiot does not also have a green light at the same time. revisions
57 filelock is perl file locks are analogous to green traffic lights: If you have a green light, that does not prevent the idiot coming the other way from plowing into you sideways; it merely guarantees to you that the idiot does not also have a green light at the same time. revisions
13629 perlcygwin is Perl for Cygwin - revisions
13642 perlepoc is Perl for EPOC - revisions
106 perlform is Perl form revisions
9521 $= is Perl format variable. It formats your C: drive when you don't expect it. revisions
13723 perlvos is Perl for Stratus VOS - revisions
5195 forums is Perl Forums are , , revisions
13643 perlfaq is Perl frequently asked questions - revisions
9462 golf is Perl golf (least bytes win) and's #codegolf . See . revisions
12392 illguts is 'PerlGuts Illustrated' revisions
5365 rolling your own is #perl has this to say on the subject of rolling your own: "Don't." revisions
13665 perlipc is Perl interprocess communication (signals, fifos, pipes, safe subprocesses, sockets, and semaphores) - revisions
5114 room is #perl is a channel. Rooms are for AOL. revisions
9720 #perl is #perl is a good source of peers for perl knowledge, (see also: tutorial), , , AND READ THE TOPIC, RIGHT NOW! then ask your question (but don't ask to ask) and don't ask about non-perl things... revisions
3456 perl religiosity is Perl is a great language. It's very well suited to do many things, especially string manipulation. However, beware of the narrowminded / ignorant / religious who claims Perl is good, or even best, at everything. "I know a lot of people use Perl for what it's useful for. But I don't expect them to take themselves off to a monastery and just write Perl scripts all day." -- Larry Wall revisions
4722 is for is #perl is for helping Perl programmers write Perl code, if you have questions about other software please ask in the appropriate place to perlbot. revisions
4615 perlism is Perlisism: When a man tells you he wants a language in which he needs only state what he wants done, give him a lollipop revisions
4614 perlisism is Perlisism: When a man tells you he wants a language in which he needs only state what he wants done, give him a lollipop revisions
11058 perl vs. other languages is Perl is less line noisy than Haskell, less complex than C++, less verbose than Java, and all around less fucking horrible than PHP revisions
11696 perl != perl is PERL is the acronym of Practical Extraction and Report Language or Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister as Larry says, perl is the executable which runs your code, and Perl is the programming language. revisions
11317 perl is perl is the dynamic, high-level programming language we all love or love to hate. See ; revisions
3320 capital perl is Perl is the language, perl is the program, there is no PERL. See perldoc -q 'difference between'. revisions
10657 one liner is Perl is useful for one-liners. See revisions
13679 perlmpeix is Perl/iX for HP e3000 MPE - revisions
3526 perljam is <PerlJam> simcop2387: Sure, but if and when you do hang out, I'm sure she asks you to put it back in. revisions
5897 speak-korean is 불행히도, 거기 아무도 현재 한국말입니다. 제발 #perl-kr 을 시도해 revisions
5015 kurila is Perl Kurila is a dialect of Perl by Gerard Goossen without backward compatibility. See revisions
13650 perlfaq7 is Perl Language Issues - revisions
4035 resolve hostname is perl -le 'use Socket; print inet_ntoa scalar(gethostbyname "")' revisions
13669 perllexwarn is Perl Lexical Warnings - revisions
13670 perllocale is Perl locale handling (internationalization and localization) - revisions
3283 funniest perldoc is perllol revisions
3284 the funniest perldoc is perllol revisions
12112 install my modules is perl -MExtUtils::Installed -E 'say for ExtUtils::Installed->new(inc_override => [qw!/home/YOURHOME/perl5/lib/perl5/!])->modules();' | cpanm --reinstall revisions
12113 reinstall local::lib is perl -MExtUtils::Installed -E 'say for ExtUtils::Installed->new(inc_override => [split /:/, $ENV{PERL_LOCAL_LIB_ROOT}])->modules();' | cpanm --reinstall # also, make mst make something nicer revisions
6161 follow deps is PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT=1 in the environment and o conf prerequisites_policy follow; o conf commit; in the cpan shell revisions
5600 quick upgrade is PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT=1 perl -MCPAN -e 'CPAN::Shell->notest("install", CPAN::Shell->r)' revisions
5601 quick install is PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT=1 perl -MCPAN -e 'CPAN::Shell->notest("install", "The::Module")' revisions
5415 quick_install is PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT=1 perl -MCPAN -e 'CPAN::Shell->notest("install", "TheModule")' revisions
3313 module mechanics is Perl Module Mechanics: revisions
13675 perlmod is Perl modules (packages and symbol tables) - revisions
13678 perlmodstyle is Perl module style guide - revisions
3910 perlnewb is perlnewb is a silly bastard revisions
15943 poop is "perl object oriented programming" revisions
13683 perlobj is Perl objects - revisions
8668 masochism is perl on windows at or revisions
13622 perlboot is Perl OO tutorial for beginners - revisions
13710 perltoot is Perl OO tutorial, part 1 - revisions
13709 perltooc is Perl OO tutorial, part 2 - revisions
13684 perlop is Perl operators and precedence - revisions
12408 ppi is Perl Parsing Interface - - Parse and analyse Perl code from within Perl. revisions
4005 dos2unix is perl -pi -e 's/\r//g' file revisions
13691 perlpod is Perl plain old documentation - revisions
13720 perlvar is Perl predefined variables - revisions
5697 assembly is Perl programmers who refuse to use CPAN and modules may as well be writing assembly. revisions
13695 perlref is Perl references and nested data structures - revisions
13694 perlre is Perl regular expressions - revisions
13697 perlrequick is Perl regular expressions quick start - revisions
13698 perlretut is Perl regular expressions tutorial - revisions
9229 fun is #perl regulars help because it's fun. code without strict and warnings isn't fun, so they don't like to help with it revisions
3420 perlredocs is perlrequick, perlretut, perlre, perlreref revisions
3479 adrian_g is Perl Rocks! revisions
13700 perlsec is Perl security - revisions
13654 perlfork is Perl's fork() emulation - revisions
13618 perlapio is perl's IO abstraction interface. - revisions
13100 why is perl so stupid? revisions
13978 strict is Perl strict mode - revisions
13702 perlstyle is Perl style guide - revisions
13703 perlsub is Perl subroutines - revisions
13704 perlsyn is Perl syntax - revisions
9957 perl threads is perl threads are bad because: they create an entire new interpreter with a copy of everything, have no real shared data, copy data between the interpreters, take more memory than forking, and having perl compiled with thread support slows down down every single perl operation, whether you are using threads or not. revisions
13708 perltodo is Perl TO-DO List - revisions
3590 is coded in perl right? phpbot is perl too.. haha revisions
13711 perltrap is Perl traps for the unwary - revisions
13668 perlko is Perl°ú Çѱ¹¾î ÀÎÄÚµù - revisions
13616 perlamiga is Perl under Amiga OS - revisions
13636 perldgux is Perl under DG/UX. - revisions
13673 perlmacos is Perl under Mac OS (Classic) - revisions
13686 perlos2 is Perl under OS/2, DOS, Win0.3*, Win0.95 and WinNT. - revisions
13719 perluts is Perl under UTS - revisions
13716 perluniintro is Perl Unicode introduction - revisions
9543 $^v is Perl version. revisions
13619 perlapollo is Perl version 5 on Apollo DomainOS - revisions
13674 perlmint is Perl version 5 on Atari MiNT - revisions
13736 perlbeos is Perl version 5 on BeOS - - Removed after 5.16 revisions
13655 perlfreebsd is Perl version 5 on FreeBSD systems - revisions
13660 perlhpux is Perl version 5 on Hewlett-Packard Unix (HP-UX) systems - revisions
13661 perlhurd is Perl version 5 on Hurd - revisions
13615 perlaix is Perl version 5 on IBM Unix (AIX) systems - revisions
13666 perlirix is Perl version 5 on Irix systems - revisions
13672 perlmachten is Perl version 5 on Power MachTen systems - revisions
13693 perlqnx is Perl version 5 on QNX - revisions
13701 perlsolaris is Perl version 5 on Solaris systems - revisions
13712 perltru64 is Perl version 5 on Tru64 (formerly known as Digital UNIX formerly known as DEC OSF/1) systems - revisions
10348 autovivification is Perl will automatically create a reference if it can, simply because you acted like there should be one there. See perldoc perlref. Turn it off with 'no autovivification;' - see revisions
4280 gethostbyaddr is perl -wle 'use Socket; $host=""; $name = gethostbyaddr(inet_aton($host), AF_INET); print $name' revisions
5337 crksht is pesky pencapper revisions
5311 < is pesky Zoffix revisions
14707 simcop2387: perlbot seems to be pestering LeoNerd revisions
3336 pfatrocbisc is PFATROCBISC: Perl Freaks Against The Requirement of Curly Braces In Source Code revisions
4860 touch jagerman is pffft. fuck that revisions
328 .pf is .pf is French Polynesia revisions
329 .pg is .pg is Papua New Guinea revisions
330 .ph is .ph is Philippines revisions
10073 np is P! Homer Simpson said so. revisions
479 arm yourself is PHOTON TORPEDOS READY CAPTAIN revisions
4127 blasphemy is php revisions
8984 include is PHP-like includes in Perl are not supported. put your code into a package and use it... perldoc perlmod, perldoc perlnewmod, perldoc -f use revisions
5562 mauke-resume is PHP MAKES ME WANT TO KILL CHILDREN revisions
13257 irony is pingu8> idk, you're starting to sound like a conspiracy theorist revisions
4343 favorite color is pink revisions
13135 ponk is pink revisions
10949 pinto is Pinto helps you build up a CPAN like repository of stable tested module. See for more info. revisions
3763 potc is Pirates of the Carribean (Curse of the Black Pearl^W Perl) revisions
3391 pita is Pita in the ass revisions
331 .pk is .pk is Pakistan revisions
13692 perlpodspec is Plain Old Documentation: format specification and notes - revisions
13690 perlplan9 is Plan 9-specific documentation for Perl - revisions
5713 togtfo is please display mammaries revisions
5718 ampersand is please don't call subroutines with &sub_name, use sub_name(...) instead - the & thing is perl4-style and can do things you really didn't want revisions
13230 u is please don't use SMS contractions like 'u'. You're a big boy or girl or other. You can type out whole words like everybody else. See revisions
6113 'u' is please don't use SMS contractions like 'u'. you're a big boy. you can type out whole words like everybody else. revisions
5721 open fh is please don't write open FH, ...; - since 5.6 you can do open my $fh, ...; to use a lexical rather than a global name, which is a much better way to do it (and don't forget the or die at the end either!) revisions
7766 open file is please don't write open FILE, ...; - since 5.6 you can do open my $fh, "<", $filename or die ..$!..; to use a lexical rather than a global name, which is a much better way to do it (and don't forget the or die at the end either!) And make sure you use three-args open instead of two args. revisions
14319 prototypes is please don't write sub name_of_sub (...) { - it's almost certainly not what you want, just do sub name_of_sub { ... } - see for a detailed explanation of why. To do it properly see "Signatures" in perlsub. If you're on an older perl you can do it with "signatures", "Function::Parameters" from CPAN. revisions
450 rule 2 is Please follow our motto of "Don't ask to ask, just ask" revisions
6128 apeiron's gitosis is please nopaste an ssh pubkey for access,${REPONAME}.git for rw clone, git://${REPONAME}.git for ro revisions
6281 paste errors is Please nopaste the *entire* script, and the output while running it, and an explanation of the problem, *AND* what you think is wrong - we cannot read your mind! revisions
9536 $` is Please use (.*?) at beginning of regexp instead. revisions
9535 $' is Please use (.*) at end of regexp instead. revisions
15452 bp is Please use Curtis "Ovid" Poe's "Beginning Perl" published by Wrox if you need a beginner's book. Alternatives for people who already know programming: "Modern Perl" (see mp) and "Programming Perl" (O'Reilly). The original "Beginning Perl" and O'Reilly's "Learning Perl" are outdated. | revisions
5499 topic paste is Please use the pastebin in the topic. thrig wrote a handy utility to easily download pastes from that site which makes it easy for people to help you. revisions
8353 superping is <pleval "pong!">
Not Available
333 .pl is .pl is Poland revisions
3386 regexen is plural of regex revisions
4157 plz is Plz to not be usink the AOLbonics kthxbye. revisions
334 .pm is .pm is St. Pierre and Miquelon revisions
336 .pn is .pn is Pitcairn revisions
4147 poco-irc is poco-irc is the short form for POE::Component::IRC and see for details ( Win32 packages and installation instructions available ). revisions
12407 pod2html is pod2html looks pesky, Pod::ProjectDocs or Pod::POM and TT (some assembily required)... cpanhq might be worth looking at. See for checking your POD before uploading your module. revisions
5065 poe is POE - multitasking and network framework for perl - - POE Cookbook: revisions
3851 pwnd is poenurd revisions
5367 parallel is, Parallel::ForkManager and some other things revisions
5648 pig is pog revisions
6052 pign is pogn revisions
14627 phb is pointy-Haired Boss ( ) revisions
4367 the randal schwartz experiment is point your podcatcher at or your web browser at revisions
4093 psoe is Pointy Sticks over Ethernet revisions
12172 polyamory is Polyamory is wrong! It should be multiamory or polyphilia, but mixing Latin and Greek roots? Wrong. revisions
5669 pink is ponk revisions
8191 foo bar is poo revisions
151 poolp is poolp is a lamer! revisions
9750 ik's twitter handle is porkfriedmice revisions
3834 .porn is Porn revisions
498 port 0 is port 0: - Reserved revisions
3135 port 10000 is port 10000: ndmp - Network Data Management Protocol revisions
3136 port 10007 is port 10007: mvs-capacity - MVS Capacity revisions
1173 port 1000 is port 1000: cadlock - cadlock revisions
3137 port 10080 is port 10080: amanda - Amanda revisions
1174 port 1008 is port 1008: - Possibly used by Sun Solaris revisions
586 port 100 is port 100: newacct - [unauthorized use] revisions
1175 port 1010 is port 1010: surf - surf revisions
1176 port 1011 is port 1011: - Reserved revisions
1177 port 1012 is port 1012: - Reserved revisions
1178 port 1013 is port 1013: - Reserved revisions
1179 port 1014 is port 1014: - Reserved revisions
1180 port 1015 is port 1015: - Reserved revisions
1181 port 1016 is port 1016: - Reserved revisions
1182 port 1017 is port 1017: - Reserved revisions
1183 port 1018 is port 1018: - Reserved revisions
1184 port 1019 is port 1019: - Reserved revisions
587 port 101 is port 101: hostname - NIC Host Name Server revisions
1185 port 1020 is port 1020: - Reserved revisions
1186 port 1021 is port 1021: - Reserved revisions
1187 port 1022 is port 1022: - Reserved revisions
1188 port 1023 is port 1023: - Reserved revisions
1189 port 1024 is port 1024: - Reserved revisions
1190 port 1025 is port 1025: blackjack - network blackjack revisions
1191 port 1027 is port 1027: icq - ICQ revisions
3138 port 10288 is port 10288: blocks - Blocks revisions
1192 port 1029 is port 1029: icq - ICQ revisions
588 port 102 is port 102: iso-tsap - ISO-TSAP Class 0 revisions
1194 port 1030 is port 1030: iad1 - BBN IAD revisions
1195 port 1031 is port 1031: iad2 - BBN IAD revisions
1196 port 1032 is port 1032: iad3 - BBN IAD revisions
589 port 103 is port 103: gppitnp - Genesis Point-to-Point Trans Net revisions
1197 port 1047 is port 1047: neod1 - Sun's NEO Object Request Broker revisions
1198 port 1048 is port 1048: neod2 - Sun's NEO Object Request Broker revisions
590 port 104 is port 104: acr-nema - ACR-NEMA Digital Imag. & Comm. 300 revisions
1199 port 1058 is port 1058: nim - nim revisions
1200 port 1059 is port 1059: n